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433 Own up myself

 The doors and windows to the bedroom were closed tight. The black laced curtains from the French windows were not let down. Only the thin lace curtains meant to block out sunlight was drawn, keeping part of the brightness out of the room.

He Zhichu looked at his phone and downed his red wine.

Setting his wine glass down, he keyed in commands in his phone.

He will not delete the program that invaded his phone. He will only tweak it slightly, letting it send what the person wanted to receive in the first place - only it was fake.

Who said that he had to let the person eavesdropping hear the real things?

They had the guts to eavesdrop, but don't have the brains to differentiate if the information were true or false?

A mocking smile crept up He Zhichu's lips as he edited the program in no time.

He spent some time fighting within himself to not check on the source of the program.

He did not have suitable equipment, so he wasn't sure if the other party would know that he knew that his phone was invaded.

He decided to feign ignorance.

After He Zhichu was done editing, he came up with a set of data and saved them, sending them to the other party in a timely manner, so that they could hear his 'daily happenings'. Of course, those were all fake.

He was already in a bad mood, but it became better after finding this new entertainment.

Checking through the edited program and making sure that it was all good, he kept his phone and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

He looked himself in the mirror as he was brushing his teeth, and saw an utterly emotionless face.

Was it due to her not being by his side, or was it because her heart and body will never belong to him anymore?

He couldn't even tell which option hurt more.

But from the program they sent to his phone, it seemed like they've detected something.

He Zhichu pursed his lips, and cleaned his hands on a white towel. It should be time now, he thought.

What would he do if Gu Nianzhi never remembered what happened that time?

He had to own up himself...


"Mr. Huo, professor He's daily activities were normal." Zhao Liangze had been reporting He Zhichu's daily activities to Huo Shaoheng for the past few days. "He's currently in Boston, Harvard University. Seems like the Law faculty had something that needed him to settle, but surprisingly, his assistant Wen Shouyi isn't in Harvard anymore."

Huo Shaoheng tapped his fingers on the desk and asked in a low voice: "Where did she go to, then? Did you manage to find her?"

"Our men are currently searching for her in South America." He hesitated before continuing: "But it's complicated there, the government behaved like puppets, not caring about anything. The people who were governing were the gangsters; they controlled the cities and even the villages."

In those countries in South America, the power and credibility government officials have were not even close to the millionaires or area gangsters. Actually, it was slightly rude to have called them gangsters, as it was not even clear as to who were the good and who were the bad.

If there were no good people in the first place, how could you say that they were gangsters?

"Yes, continue to follow up, never in any situation should you give up." Huo Shaoheng said firmly. "Even if you have to look under South America, find her."


After General Ji passed Huo Shaoheng's words to the Army's Supreme Council, they held a special meeting to discuss the suggestion. After an intense discussion, they felt that his suggestion was doable.

Therefore, they came to a consensus quickly and allowed total autonomy to the head of the Special Forces when it comes to decisions within the department. Since Huo Shaoheng is the head of the Special Forces now, he will have total autonomy.

The autonomy will be revoked once he isn't the head of the Special Forces anymore.

And the Army's Supreme Council had the power to appoint the position of the Head of Special Forces.

They wouldn't have to be worried that that the Special Forces would be an independent department that couldn't be controlled by anyone then.

Regarding promoting Huo Shaoheng to the position the Vice Secretary of the Army's Supreme Council had taken effect almost immediately. He was also the head of the Special Forces at the same time, but the Army's Supreme Council decided to remain silent on this.

They did not disagree, nor did they agree.

Let people think what they want. This organization shouldn't be made known to the public anyway, it was just that they added another official position to Huo Shaoheng, and this position allowed him to be able to face the public.

However, he still chose to remain low profile. He rejected appearing on televesion shows, magazines, newspapers and online.

Regarding his appointment, it just took up a tiny space the size of a tofu in the Army's Internal Reference.


Deputy Chief of Staff Xu had been feeling moody ever since he was put under house arrest. He liked reading through his newspapers word by word when he had nothing to do, and there were times he even reads his newspapers twice.

This day, he saw that Huo Shaoheng had been promoted. However, no matter how he looked through the papers, there were no news about him related to the Special Forces in any way.

Deputy chief of staff Xu went pale.

This Huo Shaoheng is indeed capable...

The only person Mrs. Xu was worried about while under house arrest was Xu Piaohong.

"Xu, do you think we're able to visit out daughter? We have no idea how she is being locked up in the station. We've treated her like a princess since she was born; now she has to go through with such treatment, I'm worried that she might not be able to take it..." Mrs. Xu began crying, wanting Deputy Chief of staff Xu to think of a way to allow them to pay Xu Piaohong a visit.

Deputy Chief of staff Xu was also worried about his daughter.

A group of soldiers from the Guards department came to their place that day, holding a warrant of arrest signed by the General. With that, they brought Xu Piaohong away with no other explanation.

His wife and himself wanted to give chase, but they were stopped. They were told that they would not be able to go anywhere until the case was resolved.

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu was furious at that time. He raised his voice at the guards, reminding them of his position and workload, and asked if they'll be responsible if he was to miss his datelines.

However, shortly after, they received news that he was to be immobilized.

Both Deputy Chief of Staff Xu and his wife admitted defeat, and did not dare to be rude to the guards again.

Since they've already decided to immobilize him, Deputy Chief of Staff Xu didn't care about how he'd be affected anymore. He raised an appeal to the people who put him under home arrest to allow him a visit to his daughter. He also said that he would bring this matter to the military court if they do not grant him the visit.

There was a time limit for house arrests. Once the limit was over, they'd have to hand the matter over to the military court.

Upon receiving his appeal, they had a discussion and agreed to his request.

It had already been a week since Xu Piaohong was arrested when she saw her parents again.

"Mum! Dad! Save me! I don't want to be jailed!" Xu Piaohong was crying a river, and looked extremely haggard.

There were no expensive beauty and skincare products in the station. Her skin was dry and oily, and looked less beautiful than before.

Mrs. Xu looked at her daughter with empathy, and said chokingly: "Don't be afraid, Piaohong, Mommy will get you the best lawyer. They wouldn't be able to charge you as guilty."

Even though Deputy Chief of Staff Xu's heart also went to his daughter, he knew that she was indeed guilty, and already left a bad mark in her career. It's consequences was still ongoing, and no one knew if there would be any serious repercussions.

It'd be better to go to trial earlier for matters like this.

"Piaohong, wait for abit longer. Your case should be going for trial very soon." Deputy Chief of Staff consoled her. "When the time comes, perhaps after a couple of years in jail, you'd be..."

"What?! I really have to go to jail?! I don't want to! How could I face people if I were to go to jail?!" Xu Piaohong bawled her head off, and insisted that she wouldn't want to continue living if her parents didn't manage to save her from being sentenced to jail.

She was making a scene in the visiting room in the station.

Mrs. Xu cried along with her. Deputy Chief of Staff Xu could not control the both of them. He could only stand helplessly by the side, and allowed both mother and daughter to vent their frustrations.

The officer who was standing guard however, was not having any of this.

Walking in, she warned Xu Piaohong. "Number 26! Be quiet! You'd be violating the rule if you continue to be like that, and have to be subjected to punishments!"

"I don't care! Punishments your ass! I'm going to be sentenced to jail; why would I care about punishments?!" After holding it in for a week, Xu Piaohong honestly could not hold it in any longer. Flailing her arms, she charged at the female officer.

The officer quickly took a taser out from her belt and shouted: "Attacking the police! That's a serious offence! Number 26, think before you act!"

It was too late when Xu Piaohong finally came to her senses. One of her flailing arms went into contact with the taser, and her arm felt numb all over.

The numbness travelled to her body, and within seconds, Xu Piaohong lost her balance and fell to the floor, unable to get up for a long while.

Mrs. Xu wanted to charge over when she saw Xu Piaohong being like that, and was warned by the officer. "Don't come any closer! You'll have to be punished if you do as well!"

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu quickly held on to his wife, and brought her out of the visiting room.

They began looking for lawyers for Xu Piaohong the moment they got home.

Upon knowing the causes of the case, most of the law firms did not wish to take it on. The one who agreed to take the case on finally, was still JD law firm, by a newly graduated lawyer, Jin Wanyi.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They had to wait for a month for the case to be opened in court. Therefore, during this time, Jin Wanyi began visiting the Special Forces department, hoping to have a meet up with Yin Shixiong.


Gu Nianzhi did not know that Huo Shaoheng's Special Forces had already locked He Zhichu as one of the key persons to be kept under surveillance. She also did not know that Huo Shaoheng had already begun to listen in on He Zhichu's daily activities through his phone. She only knows that her phone is always open to Huo Shaoheng if he wants to look it through.

Phonecalls that could get through to her were filtered. Not everyone could call her whenever they wanted.

She focused on 'recuperating' in her room for an entire fortnight, and felt like she was turning mouldy.

Thankfully, the moment the second week passed, Chen Lie sent a 'doctor's note' over, indicating that she had already 'fully recovered' and could return to school.

Gu Nianzhi thanked Chen Lie gratefully: "Thank you so much Brother Chen, I was so worried that I would have to be locked up for another fortnight!"

"Remember, never let the cat out of the bag." Chen Lie reminded her softly. "It's another fortnight to Xu Piaohong's hearing. Her representative lawyer is currently trying to look for leads all over the place. She seems rather enthusiastic about this. Don't fall for her tricks."

Gu Nianzhi smiled and nodded: "Got it. I study law as well. If the lawyer ever tries to get something out of me, she'd need to put in a hell lot of effort."

Gu Nianzhi packed her things to return to school on Sunday evening.

Huo Shaoheng hadn't visited her for the past fortnight. He went somewhere on a work trip for a week, before returning to the Army's Supreme Council to do the handover of position of the Vice Secretary. His schedule was beyond packed.

Gu Nianzhi only sent him a text before turning in every day. Huo Shaoheng would only reply when he had the time to.

Gu Nianzhi stared at her phone the entire day. She'd be happy for the whole day whenever Huo Shaoheng sends her a reply.

However, if there were nothing from him that day, she'd be all moody and sad.

Gu Nianzhi felt that she was going mad soon to place all her source of emotions onto one single person.

She wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and return to school. She hoped that she wouldn't be so dependent that way.

It was obvious that he did not like his girlfriend to be overly dependent.

Carrying her bag and a small suitcase, she walked out from the mansion. She was waiting for Yin Shixiong to drive her to school.

But Yin Shixiong was nowhere to be seen.

After waiting for a long while, she Gu Nianzhi had no choice but to give him a call.

Yin Shixiong only picked up after a while of ringing. Yin Shixiong said hastely: "Nianzhi? I'm at tha main gate. Can you come out on your own?"

Gu Nianzhi thought she heard quarelling in the background. Hesitating, she asked: "Brother Xiong, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about it. Someone insisted on entering, so I was trying to stop her." Yin Shixiong turned to the person, Jin Wanyi, who kept pestering him to grant her access to the place and said: "Lawyer Jin, I'm busy. I have to send someone out. I'm going now. Others wouldn't have tempers as good as mine. Don't blame me for not giving you a warning when you get arrested."