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 "Why has General Ji come?" Huo Shaoheng mused. "Ask him the reason for his visit and then invite him to the highest security conference room in the base headquarters."

"Roger!" Zhao Liangze's eyes lit up, instantly understanding Huo Shaoheng's intention. Regardless of whether or not the Xu's really came with General Ji or had just happened to meet at the entrance and were brought inside by General Ji-they would be separated as long as General Ji was invited to the highest security conference room at the base headquarters. That way, the Xu's couldn't point fingers at General Ji and be accused of disrespecting him.

Zhao Liangze personally went to the entrance of the base and respectfully greeted General Ji. "Hello, Chief. Mr. Huo said that just a call would have sufficed. Why did you go through the trouble of coming all the way here? He's busy right now and can't answer the phone this moment, but he has asked me to invite you to Conference Room No. 1. This way, please." He gestured politely with his hand.

General Ji knew that Conference Room No. 1 was the highest security meeting room-less than five people in the entire Empire had access to it. Inside was the most extensive security clearance protocols; many people had to stop at 500 meters away from the building where the conference room was located. Even personnel from the Special Operations Division were not exempt. General Ji was very shocked. "I just came to see Nianzhi. I heard that she was seriously injured. Is it not necessary?" Of course, the fact that Huo Shaoheng gave him such a respectable welcome made him feel very good, regardless of the reason.

Zhao Liangze was prepared and answered sternly, "Chief, our Mr. Huo has always done things by the book, and you must know that? Since you are visiting our base, then it must be at the highest security level. No one can argue or say otherwise." His eyes drifted to Deputy Chief of Staff Xu and his wife standing behind General Ji. The pair stood smiling behind the General and followed his heels so closely that even his own personal secretaries and guards had been pushed behind. Frowning, Zhao Liangze kept quiet and moved aside to usher General Ji back into the car to drive into the base. General Ji nodded and walked back to where his car was parked. The personal secretary standing by the car immediately opened the door for him to get in. General Ji's three vehicles quickly drove into the base to head towards the conference room building.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu quickly explained to his wife, "Let's get in the car too and follow them in right away." He had also taken his own car but because he was a lower rank than General Ji and Huo Shaoheng, he only had one driver. The driver was also not specifically his subordinate but had been temporarily assigned from a different department.

Zhao Liangze raised his brows and folded his hands behind his back as he stood at the entrance to the base. He said to the Xu's, "Please show your permit, otherwise you may not enter."

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu flushed red and had no choice but to get out of the car. "We're just here to see Miss Gu and apologize to her. May I ask if you are Major General Huo's personal secretary, Zhao Liangze?"

Zhao Liangze smiled tightly at him. "I am Zhao Liangze. Please show your permit and stop wasting everyone's time."

"We're just here to visit the patient." Mrs. Xu appeared very shocked. "Does this require a permit too?"

"Of course. Please, I'm very busy and have no more time to spare." Zhao Liangze glanced at his watch, "Deputy Chief of Staff Xu. your wife seems to not quite understand the regulations of the Special Operations Forces, please explain them to her. Goodbye." He turned away and got onto the small military trolley to drive towards the conference room building.

"Hey! Where are you going?! I've never seen such a thing! Why can't we go in! Who do you think you are? We're just here to visit the patient! I don't believe that they can't let us in! There's no justice here!" Deputy Chief of Staff Xu's wife was completely angered by Zhao Liangze's dismissiveness.

"Shut up!" Deputy Chief of Staff Xu pulled his wife's hand and muffled her mouth, "This is the Special Operations Forces Base! Is this somewhere you can barge into?!"

"So what if I barge in?! I'm just here to visit her! I don't believe that someone would die from this! The dramatic tramp!" Mrs. Xu was beyond enraged. She had always associated with the wives of military officers with ranks lower than her husband's. Lately, thanks to her daughter, Xu Piaohong, even General Ji's wife had grown close to her recently and was exceptionally polite to her. She couldn't stand rudeness and disrespect from others. Pushing Deputy Chief of Staff Xu away, she puffed out her chest and walked towards the entrance. Shots sounded and two bullets were fired not too far from Mrs. Xu's feet. A bodiless voice stated calmly, "Walk any closer and you will be escorted off the premises."

Mrs. Xu was silent for a whole minute, then covered her head and screamed shrilly. She was originally a soprano and had never been so scared her whole life. Her voice was grating on the ears.

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu was so humiliated; his face was beet red. Quickly dragging her into their car, he ordered the driver, "Drive away now!" The driver was a soldier and his contemptuous look couldn't be disguised. He looked into the rearview mirror then made a U-turn to leave.

On the ride back, Mrs. Xu clutched her husband's collar and trembled as she asked shakily, "Were those real bullets?! How dare they?! I'm your wife! You are the Deputy Chief of Staff! How dare they?!"

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu could hear the driver's snickers and had no choice but to explain to his wife, "They were the Special Ops. They have a high security clearance and normal people really can't enter. I was planning on following General Ji so we could go in together so they wouldn't dare stop us...but I didn't expect Huo Shaoheng to be so smart and separate us right away."

"You're saying that Major General Huo did it deliberately?!" Mrs. Xu complained. "Well they still can't open fire like that! That doesn't make sense at all. If he is such a barbarian, I don't want our daughter to marry him. Old Xu, you need to have a good talk with General Ji. With Huo Shaoheng like this, our daughter-"

"Shut up!" Deputy Chief of Staff Xu's face was almost purple as he scolded his wife. "You think you're daughter is so desirable? That everyone fights over her? Don't mention this again! You still think she has even a chance to marry someone like Major Huo at this point?!"

"What do you mean? Didn't we come to apologize already? Also this was the military's decision, how can it change?" Mrs. Xu was very confused. "Whether he accepts is his problem, not ours."

"Enough! When has the military ever said anything officially?! Stop gloating over nothing now!" Deputy Chief of Staff Xu couldn't stand it anymore. "This ends here! We won't get involved anymore. We're going home." Deputy Chief of Staff Xu crossed his arms and shut his eyes without speaking again. Although he was usually very doting towards his wife and daughter, he still made the major decisions. As soon as he put up a stern look, his wife didn't dare speak again. She only mumbled, "How can they not let us go visit her? There must be some trickery to this."

Deputy Chief of Staff Xu didn't want to deal with her and quietly thought that he would wait for General Ji to return then get information from him. They didn't speak to each other again on the way back.

When they returned home, Xu Piaohong heard them and rushed downstairs. She asked anxiously, "Did you see Gu Nianzhi? Was she faking injury?!"

"Who knows if she's faking or not? We didn't even get to see her." Mrs. Xu snorted. "I think you'd better ignore her from now on and wait a few days to see what happens."

Xu Piaohong sighed with relief and pat her chest. "Good, good. I knew she was faking!"


At the same time, General Ji had just sat down for a sip of tea in the most secure conference room at the Special Ops headquarters base when Huo Shaoheng entered. He saluted General Ji, "Hello, Chief!"

"Here, have a seat." General Ji pointed to the chair across from him. "I wanted to talk you about some things, just so that you are prepared."

Huo Shaoheng sat down quietly and looked fixedly at the older man. "Does this have to do with Xu Piaohong leaking military secrets?"

"Yes." General Ji sighed, "Shaoheng, I'm sorry. Today the Supreme Military Council will be holding a meeting to discuss this incident and I will be going through a review."

"General Ji, this wasn't your fault." Huo Shaoheng replied calmly as he took out a report. "This is a compilation of all the reactions to the incident from intelligence agencies around the world. From all the results, my identity has been exposed. I can no longer continue as the Chief of the Special Operations Forces."