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415 The Best Reality Show

 Walking out of the Supermarket, they saw a red Ferrari speeding out from the car park, heading directly towards the viaduct.

Xu Piaohong was shocked by the sound of the supercar, and felt her policewoman instincts kick in again. She wanted to give chase, but yelled instead, "You're speeding! These people think they can abuse the traffic regulations just because they're well to do. They're lucky that I'm not on duty right no. I would have definitely shown them what I can do!"

Mrs. Xu looked at her daughter and said gratifyingly, "Yes, that's right. That's what General Ji saw in you: your sense of righteousness. You've got to remember this-Major General Huo is too rigid and headstrong as a person. You're not meant to be so soft spoken. You'll be at his mercy forever the moment you behave timidly in front of him. Would you like to live like that?"

Xu Piaohong blushed at her mother's words but when she thought of how coldly Huo Shaoheng treated her just before, she pouted and said proudly, "Who said I was going to marry him? Even if he wanted to, I wouldn't be willing. Mom, please ask Auntie Ji if things in the organization can be changed once fixed?"

"What on earth are you doing, saying childish things like that!" Mrs. Xu almost snorted in contempt. "Since the organization is going to match make Major General Huo and you, it's already confirmed. Your father and my match had been made by the organization as well. They said they wanted to let us get to know each other initially, but what they really wanted was for us to get married. How would we dare to oppose their wishes, then or now?"

Mrs. Xu's family was from the county army in the arts and literature department. At that point in time, Deputy Chief of Staff Xu was only a company commander. However, luck seemed to always be on his side, and he had managed to perform exceptionally well during a major parade and various competitions. That had gotten him noticed by an old General. He had then been selected to enter the military school for further pursual of his studies had received his masters' degree in the end. Having a legitimate Master's degree at that time was a rare feat. That was one of the main reasons why Deputy Chief of Staff Xu had risen meteorically in the army.

"Is that so? But he doesn't care about me. How can I marry someone like that? I have to think about it carefully." Even though Xu Piaohong sounded unhappy, a smile was making its way across her face. She could almost imagine the stern Huo Shaoheng lowering himself, looking at her gently, and treating her with love. After all, he had seen the look in his eyes earlier. She knew he was capable of it; he was just being difficult.


Inside the Ferrari, Huo Shaoheng tied Gu Nianzhi firmly into the passenger seat with the seat belt.

She held onto the handle on the roof of the car and looked at Huo Shaoheng as he was driving. She was scared stiff. She was thankful that Ferrari cars had amazing specs. Had it been another car, they would have been a pile of metal right now, with the way Huo Shaoheng was driving.

Gu Nianzhi turned to look at Huo Shaoheng, who was fully focused on driving. Looking at his deeply furrowed brow, she said in a trembling voice: "Huo Shao, please drive slower. I'm okay..."

Even though her back and ankle both ached, her pain seemed to lessen looking at how Huo Shaoheng was driving so urgently. However, Huo Shaoheng ignored her. He held the steering tightly with both hands while talking to Zhao Liangze on his earpiece.

"Little Ze, get all the police cars within the vicinity to clear the roads for me."

Zhao Liangze had already seen what had transpired at the Supermarket. Thankfully, Huo Shaoheng had been with her. So, he knew that Gu Nianzhi would be fine.

It's just... her ankle is still sprained, Zhao Liangze fret.

"Which road would you like to take? I'll get the police cars from the nearest stations," Zhao Liangze asked immediately.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the GPS system in his car, and his brows furrowed further. "The nearest hospital is in town. That's not ideal."

Not only was it not ideal. The doctors were mediocre.

Huo Shaoheng made a decision in that very moment. He turned the steering wheel quickly and the red Ferrari screeched on the road. The drift made deep rubber marks on the road.

Gu Nianzhi didn't dare to look outside the windows anymore. The speed was scaring her too much. She chose to close her eyes. "Huo Shao, slow down please!"

It wasn't an emergency, though she was injured. Was there a need to drive this quickly?

Huo Shaoheng made an emergency U-turn, entered the viaduct, and sped towards the Special Forces headquarters. "Tell Chen Lie to get ready. It would be best if he could get some elite orthopedists as well."

"Yes, Chief!" Zhao Liangze answered loudly.

There were doctors at the the army's medical headquarters and their equipment was the best. The doctors were highly qualified and experienced even though there weren't many of them.

Upon receiving news from Zhao Liangze that Gu Nianzhi had sprained her ankle, and that her back was likely injured as well, Chen Lie immediately said, "I'll get two orthopedists to go for the diagnosis and treatment along with me."

"Thank you Doctor Chen. Mr. Huo will be here soon." Zhao Liangze hung up and went to check on the social media websites he was tasked to keep a lookout for.

Zhao Liangze was floored. Even though it had only been five minutes, the news had already spread like wildfire!

The person who had taken the video secretly really had posted it onto his social media account.

Coincidentally, as he had been standing behind Huo Shaoheng, only Xu Piaohong and her mother's faces could be seen. People could only see the backs of Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi.

This video was titled "Time for Medicine: Ms. Desperate getting rejected by the Major General of the Capital at the Supermarket".

Xu Piaohong's voice was bright and clear. She had inherited her mother's vocal chords. Her Di Capital accent could be heard clearly in the video.

Shortly after the person had posted the video onto his account, it had been reposted by one of the most popular and verified reality show accounts of the capital, with an additional comment of "Best reality show ever!"

This person was one of the most popular influencers in Di Capital. The moment he had reposted it, everyone who followed him from Di Capital saw the video. It didn't take long for people to point out who Xu Piaohong and her mother were. It also wasn't hard for people recognize that Xu Piaohong herself, since many people had seen her when she was on duty as trainee police.

This video, which had attracted so much attention, was definitely recorded as a case under the relevant department.

It was initially a routine check. However, upon looking at the contents, they realized that it had to do with the Special Forces and that the person involved looked like Huo Shaoheng.

Huo Shaoheng wasn't a normal person by any standard. Even though General Ji had worked hard to let Huo Shaoheng be on the frontline at last instead of remaining in the shadows, the convenience of building his foundation of taking over bigger roles, could only work if his identity remained a secret. His face, up until then, was still only known by a few from the army.

No members of the public had ever seen him before in his real role. It had never been meant to be called out upon in public like that.

Perhaps most people would upon this as a joke, but to the people who knew, it was now a matter that disturbed the government's security. This also meant that Xu Piaohong had unintentionally revealed confidential information, and top-secret ones at that!

The CIA from America and the British army had spent five to six years of their futile efforts to figure out who the head of Special Forces from Di Capital was. The Huaxia Empire had kept this a secret with great ease. However, due to the video, there was a dangerous glimmer of hope.

Indeed, In no time at all, spies from different countries had headed to the vicinity of Sanhuan's wholesale supermarket. They intended to use the supermarket as a middle point, and conduct a thorough search within a five mile radius. They were set on finding this person this time.


Zhao Liangze monitored the activities online and cooperated with the Secret Services department. They had managed to get ahold of some leads of the people that were eager to act on the search.

As for Huo Shaoheng, who was now very much in danger, he had just arrived at the hospital block of the army in the Ferrari. Chen Lie was already waiting for them with two orthopedic doctors and a male nurse with a bed at the main entrance.

Chen Lie ran over the moment he saw the car.

Huo Shaoheng stepper out of the car and went to the other side to open Gu Nianzhi's door.

Chen Lie saw that Gu Nianzhi was tied firmly to the seat with seatbelt. Her legs were also tied up with bandages. They were held well together, but she most likely felt horrible.

She looked at Chen Lie exasperatedly with teary eyes.

Chen Lie was struck with a hilarious realization: She wasn't in pain; she just felt awkward!

However, Huo Shaoheng was only concerned about her injuries. He bent down to loosen her seat belt while asking Chen Lie, "Should we put her in a full body cast before sending her up?"

Chen Lie looked at Gu Nianzhi and knew that it wasn't a serious injury, but seeing Huo Shaoheng like this, even he would think that Gu Nianzhi had just gotten shot by a gun and was about to die.

"Mr. Huo, how could you drive so quickly? Did you think you were driving a fighting jet instead?" Chen Lie nagged at Huo Shaoheng. "They said that the police cars that were supposed to clear the roads for you couldn't even catch up! To be honest, these beds here are meant for the casualties of the traffic accident!"

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Huo Shaoheng ignored Chen Lie's sarcasm. He helped Gu Nianzhi up and then asked, "Are you all set? Should she go for an X-ray or a CT scan?"

"X-ray or CT?! Why don't I do an autopsy then!" Chen Lie's mouth twitched, and waved to the male nurses. "Come and bring her up."


The video from the Supermarket was shared for about an hour, before it was banned. It was deleted from the entire web; even the person who posted it couldn't find a copy of it.

However, the people who needed to see it, saw it.

He Zhichu was actually not active on social media. But Dou Aiyan had sent him a link all of a sudden and had asked him to see if there were any familiar faces.

Since he had nothing to do during the weekends, he clicked on the link. He saw Gu Nianzhi lowering her head behind Huo Shaoheng.

Even though her face couldn't be seen, and her clothes were not ones he was used to seeing her in, He Zhichu was able to recognize her even if it was just a view of her back.