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408 Show Your Sincerity

 To Dou Aiyan, only General Ji and Speaker Long's recommendation letters could trump the ones she submitted. Huo Shaoheng glanced at Gu Nianzhi and didn't bother replying to Dou Aiyan at all. He only said to Gu Nianzhi before walking away, "Get in the car."

Gu Nianzhi quickly followed him and left Dou Aiyan standing awkwardly in front of the masters law students female dormitory. "Who does she think she is!" Dou Aiyan stamped her feet as she watched the Mercedes SUV speed away. She was more irritated than ever and picked up the phone to call her father. "Daddy, it didn't work! Gu Nianzhi refused to give her place to me and Major General Huo ignored me!"

Prime Minister Dou looked at the person still sitting in his office and grimaced. "How embarrassing. I've spoiled you too much, my daughter." He sighed. "I spoiled both my daughters too much. I don't even know what to do anymore." His term in office was almost up and he needed to prepare for his second election, but the upper echelons of the Huaxia Empire were unhappy with him because of the incident with his daughter, Dou Qingyan. Although he hadn't been forced to step down right away, nor had he been barred from joining in the election, he truly didn't think he had a chance of re-election under the present circumstances. Elections were not only time consuming but extremely labor intensive. Prime Minister Dou has started from scratch and used his own skills to climb step by step to the top position in the government. Without the appointment and support of the elites in society, he would never have become the Prime Minister.

"Miss Yamaguchi Aiko, can you really help me get re-elected?" Although her previous idea hadn't worked on Gu Nianzhi, Prime Minister Dou had no complaints and still treated her like a distinguished guest.

Yamaguchi Aiko sat on the sofa across from Prime Minister Dou's desk. She wore a janitor's uniform and her hair was dark, short, and sleek with a fringe that was parted on her forehead. Her narrow eyes were tinged faintly with blue eyeliner, and her pale and full face, with lightly stained lips and thin brows, was reminiscent of ladies from ancient Huaxia. However, she still had the obvious and alluring characteristics of a Japanese woman. She replied easily, "Prime Minister Dou, we Japanese people will do everything for our friends. Please do not doubt us." She spoke with a strong Japanese accent but had an authentic command of Huaxia grammar and tones.

Prime Minister Dou was very uncomfortable. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead and he kept using a handkerchief to wipe it off as he rambled, "Well that's not the case here, I've sacrificed so much, but you can leave unscathed if this fails. On the other hand, our entire family will be done for!" Not only would he lose the title as Prime Minister, but he would also risk being killed.

Yamaguchi Aiko giggled shrilly. Her chin seemed to grow even more pointed as she laughed and the sharp jawline and her flashing teeth gave her the frightful appearance of a ravenous devil .

Prime Minister Dou got the chills from looking at her. "Miss Yamaguchi, please say something. This is very serious and we can't work together if you're so...carefree." He looked around, dogged by the paranoia that the impervious Secret Service would appear any second. He shuddered to think what would happen if they found out he was working with the Japanese. However, he'd had no choice-the Huaxia elites no longer supported him so he needed to rely on foreign powers to get re-elected. Prime Minister Doi didn't have any intention of betraying his nation; he only wanted to use the Japanese conglomerates without harming national interests. Moreover, foreign interference in elections was common in many countries. He certainly wasn't the first, nor would be the last person, to dip his fingers in. At the thought of this, Prime Minister Dou began to calm down slightly.

Yamaguchi Aiko was still giggling but then her expression darkened suddenly. She stood up from the sofa. "Prime Minister Dou, I'll repeat what I said. The basis of our cooperation is mutual trust, as well as common goals and interests. If that can't be guaranteed, than we have nothing more to discuss. Goodbye!"

"Miss Yamaguchi!" Prime Minister Dou grew anxious and scrambled up from behind his desk to stop her. "Please wait! Can't we discuss some more?"

Yamaguchi Aiko stopped walking and turned around to look at Prime Minister Dou. She stated seriously, "I came here because I was asked by the Yamaguchi-gumi, in conjunction with ten Japanese conglomerates, to find a suitable candidate to support as the next Huaxia Prime Minister. Please look," she revealed a document that had been carefully folded, from ok of her pocket, "we've already raised this amount just in campaign funds. As long as you agree, then half of this money will be immediately deposited into your campaign bank account and I will personally represent the Japanese conglomerates to help your campaign team gain international support."

Prime Minister Dou's heart thundered as he looked at the incredible amount Yamaguchi Aiko showed him. His eardrums echoed with the sound of his pulse and for a moment, he couldn't see or hear anything-only the long string of numbers that danced around in his head.

Accept it... Accept it! What are you waiting for? As long as you're re-elected, you can enjoy the benefits when you retire and get the highest level of protection and treatment domestically for the rest of your life, what are you hesitating for?

"No... don't do it! Japan and the Huaxia Empire have a negative history and the Yamaguchi-gumi is an internationally known mafia group. Even though they have stopped their illegal activities now, they still have a dark history and could go renegade at any moment. Cooperating with them is dancing with the devil. Don't do it..."

The two voices argued and struggled with each other in Prime Minister Dou's mind.

Yamaguchi Aiko looked on gleefully and quietly observed Prime Minister's internal struggle. Finally, the voice that longed for fame and fortune won the upper hand. Prime Miniser Dou grit his teeth and looked up at Yamaguchi Aiko. "Ok, I'll work with your people. But, you have to show your sincerity first. Other than half the campaign funds, what else do you have?"

A satisfied smile flashed as she took out a photo. "What else do we have? What about sharing revenge for a murdered sister?"

Prime Minister Dou took the photo with suspicion. It showed a young woman with thick, medium length dark hair. She had a full fringe and large black framed glasses covered half her face, but he could still see a lovely face that was very similar to Yamaguchi Aiko's.

"This is my sister, Yamaguchi Youko." Yamaguchi Youko spat out, "She died by Huo Shaoheng's hands because of Gu Nianzhi. I have a personal reason for working with you, I want both Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng dead! You are the Prime Minister of the Huaxia Empire. If you don't agree to these terms we cannot work together. I'll have to find another suitable partner."

The corners of Prime Minister Dou's lips twitched, "Is that true? Your sister really died?"

"You can go ask your Special Operations Forces if you don't believe me." Yamaguchi Aiko put the photo back into her pocket. She wasn't worried that he would investigate, since Yamaguchi Youko's "fatal car accident" had been published on the newspaper before. "That's all I have to say for today. I'll give you one more day, but we can't delay any longer than that. If you still don't agree then I'll disappear for good and you'll never see me again."

Prime Minister Dou watched Yamaguchi Aiko leave his study and felt it was as if he was seeing his promising future go down the drain, "Miss Yamaguchi!" He finally called after her. "I'll cooperate with you!"

Yamaguchi Aiko smiled. "Are you sure? You can only succeed; you are not allowed to fail once you join with us!"

"I want to be successful!" Prime Minister Dou made up his mind to use his own wit and intellect to first familiarize himself with the group, then figure out their weaknesses and regain control. That way, he could use them to achieve re-election while not being threatened by them.

Yamaguchi Aiko seemed to read his mind and laughed. "Right, your daughter Dou Qingyan is in jail right? This is our second display of sincerity for you. Your oldest daughter was switched out from her jail cell a few days ago and secretly sent to Japan." Yamaguchi Aiko took out a few photos of Dou Qingyan in an expensive kimono. She was smiling happily and eating pastries under a cherry blossom tree with a group of girls also in kimono. In another, Dou Qingyan held a tambourine and was in the midst of dancing.

Prime Minister Dou hadn't seen his oldest daughter so joyful in a long time, but he was not a complete fool. He sighed. "I'll believe you when you send my daughter to my people in the United States. Otherwise, you're basically using my daughter as leverage."

"Prime Minister Dou is truly gauging a gentleman's heart with his own pettiness." Yamaguchi Aiko shook her head. "Fine, I'll promise you: your daughter will arrive in the United States and meet with your own people in three days."

Prime Minister Dou finally sighed in relief as he watched Yamaguchi Aiko push her janitor's cart away. This was a dangerous move, but this was the only way he could turn things around in such a messy situation.


Gu Nianzhi sat in Huo Shaoheng's SUV as they drove to her apartment. Huo Shaoheng drove calmly as usual and looked ahead. He did not appear different from usual at all, but Gu Nianzhi keenly sensed that he was displeased. "Huo Shao, what is it? What's bothering you? You can just tell me."

Huo Shaoheng glanced at her before replying dryly, "I'm not bothered." In fact though, he was a bit perturbed. With his training and ability, he had long been able to conceal all his emotions. Neither normal people nor the likes of General Ji and Speaker Long could detect his true emotions or change in mood. He hadn't expected Gu Nianzhi to notice all his mood changes. He looked at her again but didn't say a word. They drove in silence to the underground parking lot of the apartment. Huo Shaoheng shut off the engine and took out the car key before turning to Gu Nianzhi and saying, "Tell me what happened? Did you really use your roommates' recommendation letters?"

"Yes! I was shocked too!" Gu Nianzhi quickly took out her phone to open her inbox. "See, this was the application and recommendation letters I sent. Look at the attachment. It has the letters from Little Temptress, Green Tea Fang, and Lady Cao!"

Huo Shaoheng took the phone and read it, then looked at the shortlist He Zhichu posted. It all made sense to him. He looked at Gu Nianzhi's ecstatic face with a gloomy expression and pressed her into the seat to kiss her passionately.