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403 Envy and Hate 1

 Prime Minister Dou was still holding his landline as He Zhichu's voice seemed to still be echoing in his ears. However he froze when his youngest daughter mentioned, "Professor He" and asked, "What did you say? What Professor He? What reference letters?"

"The famous lawyer from America! He has his own private jet that can fly across the oceans, the Lawyer He Zhichu who brought my sister back here! He's also a law professor at B University!" Dou Aiyan recited He Zhichu's identity in one breath--it was a long and impressive resume.

Realization dawned on Prime Minister Dou, "He's hiring a teaching assistant? Doesn't the school assign one to him?"

"Most professors have theirs assigned, but Professor He is completely different? Would the university dare refuse if he wants to choose his own?" Dou Aiyan pouted and twirled around to sit cross legged on the sofa in the corner of Prime Minister Dou's study. She propped her chin up with one hand, a pure naivety on her fair and youthful face. Prime Minister Dou was already successful by the time she wasa born, so she was truly raised in wealth and doting care. Thus she was more bold, carefree and capricious than her older sister. There has never been anything she desired but couldn't get.

Prime Minister Dou considered it and didn't think it was a big deal--he had a personal connection with He Zhichu anyway so it was ideal if they could even link their families one day..."I see, but have you ever worked as a teaching assistant? You're just in your first year of university, can you be a teaching assistant for post-grad masters students?" Prime Minister Dou looked at his daughter, "Do you meet all the qualifications?"

"How would I not qualify?" Dou Aiyan took her phone out with a glare to open the Faculty of Law app and the popular recruitment post pushed to her notifications, "Dad, look. It's very simple, I just need to submit three reference letters after applying, go through the first round of selections, pass the qualifying exam, challenge the top three performing students in an interview and become the only one admitted."

"It's that complicated?" Prime Minister Dou frowned, "This is even more complex than hiring for my Prime Minister's office."

"Dad, how can you say that? How can the staff at your office begin to compare with becoming Professor He's teaching assistant?" Dou Aiyan shook her head with dissatisfaction, her hair flying around like waves, "Do you know all your staff? No, right? There's only a few who know their leader, but with Professor He's teaching assistant it's totally different. There's only one position and I can see him everyday..." She couldn't help expressing a dreamy look on her face as she stroked her cheek to murmur, "I'd be willing to shorten my life by ten years if I can be with Professor He everyday..."

Prime Minister Dou watched his daughter's lovestruck look with a smile as he shook his head, "Aiyan, do you think you're chasing your idol here? Professor He is not an idol, he's the most successful businessman and lawyer--this isn't someone a girl barely 20 like you can handle. If you're just wanting to become his teaching assistant so you can see him, I think you'd better give up."

"Dad-!" Dou Aiyan jumped up from the sofa to stamp her feet and drawled coyly, "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care! I want it, I want it!"

Prime Minister was helpless when it came to his daughter and loved her the most. Without careful consideration he knew this wasn't a big problem, he might just have to talk to He Zhichu about it at the very most. He couldn't very well help his niece but refuse his own daughter? Prime Minister Dou finally nodded, "Ok, then if Professor He really hires you as a teaching assistant, you must work hard for him,. You can't be lazy, play tricks or act coy, do you hear me?"

Dou Aiyan jumped up happily right away and lunged over to hg her father. She kissed his cheek with a loud smack, "Dad's the best! I like Dad the most!"

Watching Dou Aiyan dash out cheerfully, Prime Minister Dou smiled kindly and picked up his phone to ask his staff to help his daughter write a reference letter, then also asked the Ministry of Education and the dean of B University for the other two. Soon after, He Zhichu received an email along with the scanned reference letters.


Gu Nianzhi had been contemplating where to get her reference letters ever since she applied. Apart from Huo Shaoheng, the only people she knew were her her classmates from undergraduate studies. The easiest solution was to have Huo Shaoheng provide three reference letters, but his position meant he couldn't do such things so he could only ask others to write them for her. That meant she would have it easy, but it gave Huo Shaoheng more work. So she crossed a line through the first requirement and thought of a second plan. That only left her university roommates, which happened to be three people. Gu Nianzhi unlocked her phone to call Little Temptress first.

"Hmm? Nianzhi, what do I owe the honor of your call today?" Little Temptress' voice sounded especially alluring over the phone, and there also seemed to be the faint sound of music in the background.

Gu Nianzhi laughed, "Little Temptress, you're really enjoying life over there. What little tune are you listening to?"

"What little tune? Hmph! Those are classic guzheng songs, 'Tall Mountains, Flowing Water' and 'Sunny Spring and White Snow,' got it? Guzheng!" Little Temptress jumped to her feet on the other end of the line, making Gu Nianzhi fall onto the bed and hold her stomach laughing. After joking around with each other for a while, Gu Nianzhi finally spoke about the reference letters.

Little Temptress agreed right away but asked curiously, "Why do you want your classmates to write reference letters for you? Don't people typically asked elders or esteemed people in society? What about your guardian?"

Gu Nianzhi replied earnestly, "I only know you guys so of course I'd ask you to write the reference letters for me. As for my guardian, he probably won't help me with such a thing." It wasn't that Huo Shaoheng didn't care about her, but because he didn't leave traces in the outside world due to the nature of his job. If his handwriting fell into the hands of others, the consequences would be dire. Gu Nianzhi understood, and even if Huo Shaoheng agreed to help he was only asking someone else to do it. If that's the case, she might as well find help herself.

Little Temptress' eyes were wet with tears when Gu Nianzi finished explaining. She forced herself to stay calm and nodded gravely, "No problem, Nianzhi. Do you want me to ask Green Tea Fang and Lady Cao fo you?"

"That's ok, it's only sincere if I ask them myself." Gu Nianzhi chatted with Little Temptress some more before hanging up and calling the other two roommates. The two other girls also agreed right away and also asked if she wanted them to have elites from society to help write the letters. Green Tea Fang said she had a distant relative who was a partner in a major law form in C City. Although he wasn't as famous as He Zhichu, he was also considered part of the legal elite within the Huaxia Empire. Gu Nianzhi thought about it but still decided not to accept, "Green Tea Fang, you don't need to trouble yourself with that. I think reference letters are only meaningful when they're written by people who know you. Although society elites are impressive, the letter would be awkward to read if they don't actually know me."

Green Tea Fang was amused by her and started to giggle, "Nianzhi, you're still sharp tongued as ever. Fine, we'll wait for your good news and see what kind of teaching assistant Professor He recruits. You have to try your best!"

Gu Nianzhi agreed earnestly before ending the call. The three reference letters were settled so at she didn't need to worry for now. As for the exam that followed the first round of elimination, Gu Nianzhi was never concerned about its difficulty. From a certain perspective, exams were fair to everyone as long as nobody cheated.. Carrying a glass of milk out of her room, Gu Nianzhi planned to watch a bit of TV on the couch when Ma Qiqi threw the door open and said gloomily, "Nianzhi, I'm afraid we're out of luck this time."

"What is it?" Gu Nianzhi's heart trembled , she just took care of her reference letters and didn't even send them out yet. How could they be out of luck?

"I heard there's a young female undergraduate student in our Faculty who got reference letters from the Prime Minister, Minister of Education and also our dean." Ma Qiqi waved her arms fiercely, "Tell me, who could compete against a background like that?"

"Is that so..." Gu Nianzhi laughed. She slumped her head against the sofa to consider it it, then consoled Ma Qiqi, "Qiqi, I don't think Professor He is that kind of a person. You don't need to feel so pessimistic."

"It's not that I'm pessimistic, it just means that girl has the determination to win no matter what!" Ma Qiqi explained to Gu Nianzhi with exasperation, "This is what what happened when the competition that has a better background, is smarter, prettier and works harder than you! --A person like this was born to be envied and hated by others, right?"