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370 Takings Sides

 Miao Yunxiao looked nervously at Gu Nianzhi, her whole body shaking, "Are you serious? You want to go to court for a tiny thing like this? You're bringing shame to the school, the faculty won't support you!"

"Why would I joke about something like that?" Gu Nianzhi shook her head, "Right, I have to talk to the tutor about this, but why does it matter whether the faculty supports me or not? This is between you and me--I'm pressing charges against you, is the faculty also managing litigation between students?"

Miao Yunxiao gripped the door handle hard so she didn't stumble as she sat down. Gu Nianzhi's serious expression made it clear she was capable of taking this to the next level, but it wasn't as if she did anything wrong? It was Miao Yunxiao's fault for having so many faults in her logic..."Classmate... Classmate Gu, I'm begging you, this was my fault and I won't even do it again. Let's be good classmates and good roommates from now?" Miao Yunxiao was in a weaker position now and could only acquiesce.

Gu Nianzhi shook her head with a laugh, "No."

"Don't be unreasonable here!" Miao Yunxiao saw that Gu Nianzhi wasn't about to back down no matter how much she begged her and was losing her patience. The angrier the person, the braver they became. "Gu Nianzhi, you have to be reasonable, today we met for the first time and we are in the same faculty and class. Do you really have to force me to a corner like this?" Miao Yunxiao's expression darkened, "If you insist on me moving out, fine. We'll call the tutor here to make a judgement."

"Call the tutor? Ok." Gu Nianzhi casually sat down on the soda and dragged the garbage can over to herself as she propped her hand up, "Do you have her number? Call her right now."

"...It's already late now, how about tomorrow?" Miao Yunxiao tried to delay things. Her logic and intuition told her not to mess with Gu Nianzhi again until she figured out who that man supporting her was. Gu Nianzhi was so determined either because she had a powerful person backing her or she's a fool with no fear for anyone. Neither person who be easy to deal with and it would only spell trouble for Miao Yunxiao. She frowned and thought she had the worst luck. Things had been so great with her living alone in a large unit with two beds and a living room, but then a roommate randomly showed up. She was hard to get along with and one little mistake created all this trouble.

Gu Nianzhi watched Miao Yunxiao carefully to not miss a single expression on her face. "Is it late?" Gu Nianzhi looked at her watch, "It's not even five yet."

"...But the tutor has her own business, we can't always be bothering her." Miao Yunxiao glossed it over.

"I thought the tutor's job was to manage students, so this is her responsibility. How can you say her own job is bothering her?" Gu Nianzhi smiled and picked up her phone, "Fine, I'll look up her number myself."

"Fine, fine. I'll call her." Miao Yunxiao knew she had no choice and could only give in. she went back to her room to get her phone and called their tutor, Gui Suyao. "Miss Gui, this is Yunxiao. We have a little problem in our dorm, can you come here for a bit?" Miao Yunxiao asked gingerly.

Gui Suyao, the tutor of First Year Post-Grad Class 1 of the Faculty of Law was preparing for the meeting in the faculty office tonight. She was the tutor of Class 1, so she must attend the student meeting that night. She was also a Law doctoral student who was admitted last year. After a lot of effort and using her family connections, she finally became an official doctoral student of Professor He Zhichu from the Harvard Law School. He Zhichu was also holding a meeting with his students tonight, so she didn't want to miss it. Originally, He Zhichu only had four doctoral students at B University--three men and one woman, Gui Suyao. But now he had recruited another female masters student and there were now three men and two women.

Gui Suyao was rather curious so she went to the faculty to look up Gu Nianzhi's personal file. She read through it carefully several times and couldn't figure out what was so great about her. Within the thousand students who had applied to be He Zhichu's masters student, only one was chosen--the commoner background Gu Nianzhi whose parents were dead. Also, Gu Nianzhi didn't even complete her undergrad at B University. The world of law professionals in the Huaxia Empire valued school ranking and peer connections more than anything else. The B University Faculty of Law was where all the elite legal professionals started out from. All other law schools were considered inferior to B University, including C University. Postgrad students who completed their undergrad at B University looked down on students who came from other schools. Gu Nianzhi's selection by He Zhichu was a shock for many people.

Gui Suyao printed all the information she had for Class 1's meeting and planned to send it by email to them. That way she wouldn't be late to He Zhichu's meeting even if she had to leave later. She was busy working when Miao Yunxiao called and didn't want to take the call, but Miao Yunxiao was relentless. Gui Suyao saw all the calls from her and finally picked up. "Yunxiao, what happened?" Gui Suyao frowned, "Did you fight with your roommate?"

"Miss Gui, you just read my mind. I really did have an argument with my roommate." Miao Yunxiao paused and looked at Gu Nianzhi sitting on the sofa, "The new student who moved in today, Gu Nianzhi had a misunderstanding with me. Can Miss Gui please come over to sort it out for us?"

Gui Suyao's interest piqued as soon as she heard that name. She wanted to meet Gu Nianzhi and see what kind of girl had impressed He Zhichu. She saw the one inch headshot on Gu Nianzhi's profile, and although she was a very picky person who had seen many beautiful women before, she had to admit this was a rare beauty. But that was it. Postgrad law students couldn't use their looks to graduate--it required brains, effort and ability. Gui Suyao hurriedly sent out an email about the night's meeting to Class 1 and said to Miao Yunxiao over the phone, "Ok, I'll come over right now. I'll be there in 10 minutes."

10 minutes later, Gui Suyao knocked on the door of Miao Yunxiao and Gu Nianzhi's dorm room.

Miao Yunxiao opened the door and sighed with apparent relief, "Miss Gui, you're so punctual."

Gui Suyao smiled, "Punctuality is a virtue of God, I've always made full use of my time and always race against the clock."

Miao Yunxiao led Gui Suyao inside. Gu Nianzhi stood up from the sofa and Miao Yunxiao made the introductions, "Miss Gui, this is Gu Nianzhi. Gu Nianzhi, this is our tutor, Miss Gui."

Gui Suyao assessed Gu Nianzhi and saw that she wore a very simple cashmere sweater with pants. Her face was bare but her fair skin was so luminous it seemed to glow from within. A pair of doe like eyes with slightly sunken sockets made her eye creases appear big and deep--they seemed to be like bottomless pits that were at once quiet yet unpredictable. This girl was not a simple person... Just like Miao Yunxiao, Gui Suyao had already labelled Gu Nianzhi in her mind.

"Hello Miss Gui, I'm Gu Nianzhi." Gu Nianzhi took out her hand graciously.

Gui Suyao shook her hand with a smile, "It's nice to meet you, Classmate Gu is even prettier in person than on the photo in the profile."

Gu Nianzhi felt awkward. So it was this young female tutor, who took her file from the archives room and allowed everyone else to see it. She felt her privacy was seriously violated and it was like someone had ripped off her clothes in public. "Miss Gui, we called you over today to discuss Classmate Gui moving dorm rooms." Gu Nianzhi suppressed her distaste and tried to politely explained what happened earlier. Miao Yunxiao listened in silence, her face flushed bright red.

Gui Suyao finished listening to Gu Nianzi's narrative and looked at Miao Yunxiao with amazement, "Yunxiao, is that true? You can't just keep quiet."

"She said it all, what else can I say?" Miao Yunxiao turned her head away, eyes red.

"If I didn't explain something correctly you can add to it or make corrections." Gu Nianzhi thought Miao Yunxiao was like an actress, she was just boasting about her family earlier and now she was pretending to be a victim...

Gui Suyao patted Miao Yunxiao's back, "It's ok, you're all classmates in the same class, isn't it fate that you ended up roommates? I say that it's not that big of deal, how about you both compromise and we can forget about this? OK?"

Miao Yunxiao looked down and nodded slightly, "I'll listen to whatever Miss Gui says."

"That's right." Gui Suyao was very satisfied with Miao Yunxiao's attitude and turned to Gu Nianzhi, "Gu Nianzhi, can you take a step back too? Yunxiao already apologized to you and you didn't suffer any losses anyway. Can you let this go?"

Gu Nianzhi raised her brow and pointed to the garbage can next to the sofa, "No losses? Miss Gui, it's only my first day of school and I lost all that skincare and makeup. How can you say it was not a loss?"

Gui Suyao looked at her with a smile, "You just said that you threw all that into the trash yourself, how can you blame it on Yunxiao?"

Gu Nianzhi saw that this tutor was obviously taking side and didn't want to be polite anymore, "Miss Gui, I'm afraid you're mixing up the causal relationship."

"I'm mixing up the causal relationship? Are you saying I have no logic?" Gui Suyao smirked, "Classmate Gu, you're really young and fearless--you're not afraid of saying or doing anything at all."

"No, I always look for the reason in everything." Gu Nianzhi stood up, "Since Miss Gui sees it that way, I'll just have to call the police and have them check for fingerprints."

"Check for fingerprints?" Gui Suyao grew stern, "Gu Nianzhi, it was not right of Yunxiao to go into your room when you were away, but it's not enough to warrant calling the police? You said so yourself that you were the one who threw all the stuff out."