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358 Go See Her

 Grandfather Huo returned home and locked himself in the bedroom. Thankfully, with Huo Guanchen's presence, Grandfather Huo hadn't been forced to move out but he

still couldn't bear to see his old friends again. Huo Jialan had paid special attention to the care for Grandfather Huo in the last few days-staying with him the for hours at a time and sitting in silence with him while she read or did work on her phone. After all, Grandfather Huo was a senior who feared being alone the most. He could sense how much Huo Jialan cared for him.

Huo Jialan urged, "Grandfather, do you want to go see Grandmother this year?"

Before Xie Ziyan had passed away, she had wanted to visit her own family. She'd left a will stating she would be buried in Europe. The Xie's had been buried there for several generations; it was also where had Xie Ziyan grown up. She had met Huo Xyuenong while studying abroad in the Huaxia Empire. Due to Huo Xuenon's status in the military, and the fact that the Xie's hadn't approved of Xie Ziyan's marriage to him, she had rarely visited home. But, just before she passed away, she had suddenly requested to be buried with her family. Grandfather Huo had been unhappy about it at the time, but Xie Ziyan has remained persistent and had even called the family she'd rarely had contact with. Afterwards, Xie Ziyan's youngest brother had flown in to the Huaxia Empire to bring her body to Europe for burial. Grandfather Huo had been upset by this for a long time afterwards, but had eventually understood why Xie Ziyan had made such a peculiar request prior to her death. He also remembered Zhang Feng saying that Xie Ziyan had never seen herself as a Huo, staying true to her blood even after their marriage. Facing what had happened all these years later, Grandfather Huo felt that his heart was now being shred apart most viciously. He couldn't sit still when Huo Jialan mentioned her Grandmother.

Sending for Huo Guanchen, he said to the younger man, "I want to go to Europe to see your mother; help me arrange the trip for going abroad." He hadn't visited in the last few years; it was about time he made amends.

Huo Guanchen also wanted his father to have some time away. Although this type of incident wasn't rare in their social circle, Grandfather Huo had been the only one to get into such a huge mess, even losing his rank. He couldn't bear losing face. Huo Guanchen agreed immediately and Grandfather Huo asked him to prepare a visa for Huo Jialan as well so that she could accompany him. Huo Guanchen thought it was a good idea, since his father was elderly and needed someone to care for him. They used to have Zhang Feng but now it was Huo Jialan. Even though she wasn't his real granddaughter, he could trust her because he had raised her.

By the time Huo Shaoheng got wind of the trip, Grandfather Huo and Huo Jialan had already boarded their flight. Since Huo Jialan was away, the civil litigation could only be delayed. Huo Shaoheng wasn't in a rush-she couldn't escape forever. The rightful punishment would be served no matter if she hid herself away in another corner of the world.


It was already the eighth day of the lunar calendar, and the first day of university in the Imperial Capital. Gu Nianzhi had finished packing two days before- her bedding, mattresses and daily necessities were all set to go. She wore the Hermès bucket bag Huo Shaoheng had gifted her for Lunar New Year and wheeled out the cherry blossom pink suitcase she had used during her days in C University as she walked out of the official residence. Fan Jian was waiting with a seven seater black SUV. Several orderlies made multiple trips to move all Gu of Nianzhi's things into the car.

Fan Jian turned around and chuckled then said, "You sure have a lot of stuff; are you moving?"

"I'm living in the dorm, so technically that counts as moving." Gu Nianzhi clapped her palms as she scanned her eyes around.

Fan Jian smiled and pat the steering wheel as he whispered, "The Chief seems to have a few meetings today so he won't be coming."

Gu Nianzhi flushed before she opened the rear passenger door and slid into the seat. She gave a small cough and tried playing it cool."I know, I wasn't hoping that he'd come," she said.

As soon as she finished her sentence, the car door opened again and Huo Shaoheng's tall figure appeared. He cocked his head at Gu NianzhI. "You weren't hoping who would come?"

Fan Jian watched the exchange with interest.

"Huo Shao! Didn't you have a meeting?!" Gu Nianzhi was blinking her eyes hard to make sure she was seeing clearly.

"Yes, but it had been delayed." Huo Shaoheng stepper inside and stretched his legs. "This car is too small; try to change to a bigger model next time."

The front passenger door opened and Yin Shixiong moved in to the seat. He said to Fan Jian, "Let's go."

Fan Jian stepped on the accelerator and drove onto the street. Gu Nianzhi was attending B University, located west of the Fourth Ring Road. This was in the opposite direction of the Special Operations Forces headquarters. The car eased onto the highway ramp and merged with the traffic. After the holiday celebration, the roads of the Imperial Capital were busy once again.

Gu Nianzhi leaned back against her seat and smiled happily. The car was very warm and she hid her giggles while she watched Huo Shaoheng, who wore a casual wool outfit that was apparently too warm, as he kept yanking at his collar to cool down. From Gu Nianzhi's position, she could glimpse Huo Shaoheng's beautiful collarbone. She had never realized that a man's collarbone could be so alluring. Swallowing hard, she glanced again and her compulsiveness got the best of her. Spurred by her irritation, she leaned over and reached out her arms and straighten his collar.

He reflexively took her hands and asked, "What are you doing?"

Gu Nianzhi froze, "Helping you fix your that not ok?"

Huo Shaoheng gently let go of her hands. He arched his neck over to Gu Nianzhi and said, "Then, please straighten it."

Fan Jian and Yin Shixiong were stunned as they watched from the front of the car.

Gu Nianzhi was ecstatic; she reached over to flatten Huo Shaoheng's crooked shirt collar and flipped it out against his jacket. He looked so seductive in uniform that she just wanted to launch herself at him. Gu Nianzhi pat his shoulder with satisfaction and said, "There, it's all set now."

Huo Shaoheng, however, felt even hotter than he had before and said to Fan Jian, "Turn down the heat."

Fan Jian obeyed and adjusted the car's temperature. Gu Nianzhi shivered now because it was too cold. She had removed her long down jacket when she'd gotten into the car; she wore a loose fit sweetheart neckline cashmere sweater, a knee-length A-line wool skirt, and over-the- knee boots. Although it was a comfortable outfit, she wasn't warm at all. She could see sweat beading on Huo Shaoheng's forehead so she didn't complain about the cold. Instead, she huddled closer to Huo Shaoheng because he was like a big furnace. She would be warmed by just sitting next to him.

Huo Shaoheng checked the emails on his phone to try and solve some issues that had arisen from the delayed meeting. A small smile appeared on his lips when Gu Nianzhi moved closer to him. However, she sneezed quietly soon after, which caused him to worry.