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349 Letter of Authorization

 "You're telling me about Ziyan's trust fund?!" Grandfather Huo was even more shocked. "I have told you before, that I have transferred all the proceeds of the funds to Shaoheng, haven't I?"

"...But according to the will, the proceeds should have been belonged to you. Shaoheng had been such a filial grandson, he wouldn't reject you if only you requested." Zhang Feng said gently, looking at him with gentle and adoring eyes. "Moreover, Sister Xie and you were so loving while she was alive; she wouldn't mind a small amount like this."

"A small amount?! More than 1 billion is just a small amount to you?! What're you thinking about?! A billion in Zimbabwe dollars?" Grandfather Huo's brows furrowed. "Zhang Feng, did you become mad because of the lock up?"

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly as she shook her head. She softened her tone further and continued: "Old Huo, I know a billion is not a small amount to you and I. I might only have this amount in this lifetime. However, Sister Xie is different. Her assets are countless. This amount is just the proceeds for a year from the trust funds, isn't it? Think about it. It has been so many years. How much must that amount have been? Can't you just take your share and help me pay the army? Please?"

"...You'll only have that amount in this lifetime..." Grandfather Huo was shocked. He closed his eyes and sighed disappointedly. "16 years ago, your maternal family of 5 to 6 pax stayed in a 2-bedroom apartment of a maximum of 50 square metres. Today, you're telling me a billion is a small amount, and you'll only have that amount in your life time..."

Zhang Feng felt uneasy. The corners of her eyes twitched, and mumbled softly: "I said all those from Sister Xie's point of view, and not mine. If I were to be as rich as her, I would've taken them out without considerations. You're her husband. Whatever she has belongs to you. Why are you still so polite and not use a single cent? If Sister Xie got to know about this, how sad will she be...."

Even though grandfather Huo's heart faltered for the past 16 years, he did not lose his sanity.

He glared at Zhang Feng, smacked the table and stood up. "That's enough! How many times do you want me to say it! The trust funds are set up using Ziyan's dowries, I'm already embarrassed enough that she gave me a portion of the proceeds, how could you... how could you... how could you even have the face to harbor intentions towards it!?!"

Not expecting grandfather Huo to still not give in, tears rolled down Zhang Feng's cheeks. "Old Huo, don't I have any other options left now? I know I shouldn't have asked for it, but I don't have the money. You don't want be to be jailed, do you?!"

"Use your own money to pay off if you don't want jail terms. It's not like you can't afford it anyway. You're more well to do than I am, and you have the audacity to get me to take Ziyan's dowries?" grandfather Huo said coldly. "Whether or not you want to figure a way out of the jail term, or you want to dig your own grave, decide. On your own!"

Grandfather Huo left the Investigation department in a huff. Getting into his car, he left for home.

Zhan Baochen didn't dare to leave with him. He returned to speak to Zhang Feng after grandfather Huo left.

"Mother, how was it? Did he agree?" Zhang Baochen asked carefully, as Zhang Feng didn't look very happy. It seemed like the talk didn't go as expected.

Zhang Feng lowered her head, and contemplated for a while. Finally, she made a decision. She asked him to go closer to her, and whispered: "...Contact the Official more frequently. If he agrees to loan me the amount to repay the debt, then forget it, continue keeping mum. If not, threaten him to divulge your family line."

"What?!" Zhang Baochen was stunned. "Isn't that a bad idea?"

Judging by his age, anyone would've known that grandfather Huo was already having an affair with his mother even when his wife was still around. How else would it be that his illegitimate son was already over 40 years old when his wife only passed on for less than 20 years...?

"Did I ask you to really divulge? Why are you so stupid." Zhang Feng finally couldn't hold back and scolded her son. "Threaten. What I meant was to threaten. Old Huo treasures his reputation way more than anything else; including romantic relationships."

"Oh... Okay..." Zhang Baochen was deep in thought. "What if he doesn't agree?"

"He will agree." Zhang Feng nodded confidently. "Trust me. As long as you threaten to divulge your family line, he'll give you however much you want."

"However much?" Zhang Baochen didn't exactly agree. "Even though Official has a high rank, his salary wasn't exactly high. He wouldn't have much spare on hand."

"He doesn't have, but his wife's trust funds do." Zhang Feng lowered her voice to guide her son again.

Zhang Baochen was slightly embarrassed upon hearing this. He whispered: "That's isn't the Official's money. Can we want it?"

"Of course we can! That money belongs to old Huo's wife. Which also belongs to him. That was the rule during marriage."

"So don't be scared. Just stay where you are, and observe what's going on. If the Official is going around asking for help, then don't mention this at all. If he still is unable to get me out eventually, then look for him and threaten to divulge your family line to the media." Zhang Feng had already planned everything for her son. "Remember?"

"...Why the hassle? Why don't you just sell all the properties under your name, and surrender all your savings? Those amounts would be almost enough, wouldn't they? Why would you want to cheat people's money?" Zhang Baochen frowned. "As for Official... As long as you're out, do you think he will leave you in the lurch? Why would you want so much money anyway?"

"Me cheating others' money?! Who am I doing this for?!" Zhang Feng blew her top. She felt herself on the verge of going mad because of her son. "I'm already an old woman, why would I want so much money if not for you? You heartless brat!"

Zhang Feng was so guilty he couldn't bring himself to raise his head.

"I'm wrong, mother. Sorry." He apologized sincerely, and promised to do as she says.

Zhang Feng nodded with relief. "You're finally enlightened. Let me tell you, money isn't everything in this world, but it's essential. Remember this. What mother is doing is all for you and your children's sakes. Don't give money away just like that."

Zhang Baochen thought darkly: "I don't even have money anymore, what would I take to give away?"

After accompanying Zhang Feng for a while more, he left the Investigation department for home.

Upon reaching home, he was shocked to find Grandfather Huo sitting in his home, and talking to his grandchildren Zhang Wenjie and Zhang Wenna.

The two of them grew up alongside Grandfather Huo. They were closer to him than Huo Shaoheng.

"Official, have you eaten?" Zhang Baochen tried to strike a conversation.

Grandfather Huo looked at him and said: "Not yet. Waiting for you."

"Waiting for... Me?" Zhang Baochen was shocked. "Why?"

"Go to the Huo's with me. We have to get Shaoheng to help your mother." Even though grandfather Huo was in rage when he left the investigation department, he gave it a thought and still decided to ask Shaoheng for his opinion on this matter.

"Shaoheng?" Zhang Baochen trembled. "He wouldn't want to see us."

"Stop being a coward." Grandfather Huo really detests a man behaving like that. "He's your nephew. Just let him know if you have a problem. How would he know that you require his help if you don't even ask?"

"But..." Zhang Baochen scratched his head. "I just have a feeling that Shaoheng wouldn't agree."

"How would you know if you don't even ask?" grandfather Huo was getting upset again. He stood up and told Zhan Baochen firmly: "Go. Go with me."

Zhang Baochen quickly went up hold grandfather hold by the arm, and left the house with him.

On the way back to the Huo's, grandfather Huo managed to get Huo Shaoheng over with just a phone call.

Upon entering the house, Huo Shaoheng was already waiting for them.

"Grandfather, you were looking for me?" Huo Shaoheng asked gently. He was still in his uniform.

Grandfather Huo looked at him and frowned. "It's the New Year. Why are you wearing this?"

"I'm already working." Huo Shaoheng massaged his temples. "Please let me know the reason you were looking for me; I still have a meeting with America later in the evening."

Grandfather Huo glanced at Zhang Baochen: "Talk. Weren't you doing fine in the car just now?"

Huo Shaoheng looked over at him with his deeply set eyes. He was silent, but exudes an immensely intimidating aura, which scared Zhang Baochen to death. He didn't even dare to look at Huo Shaoheng in the yes anymore.

"Quick! Talk!" Grandfather Huo got angry. "What's the stuttering about? Are you a woman?"

Zhang Baochen was forced to a corner before mumbling: "Shaoheng, can you think of a way to let my mother out?"

"The investigation department was the one who took her. I do not have that much power." Of course, Huo Shaoheng rejected the request flatly. He merely sugarcoated it a little.

"...There're really no other ways?" Zhang Baochen covered his face, holding back tears.

Huo Shaoheng looked at this 'third uncle' of his, and could not understand why a clever, scheming and cunning Zhang Feng will have such a useless son like Zhang Baochen.

"Yes Shaoheng, can't you think of something?" Grandfather Huo soothed Zhang Baochen's back, looking just like a loving father.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the father-son duo coldly, crossed his arms, and began casually: "Well, technically, there is a way."

"What is it? Say it!" grandfather Huo and Zhang Baochen asked in unison.

"The total amount of Zhang Feng's real estate properties and savings in her bank accounts added up to a total of slightly over a billion. Get her to surrender everything and her sentence will be halved." Huo Shaoheng did not complete the sentence.

That would be, she would be able to escape a death sentence, but she wouldn't be able to escape s living one.

However, if she doesn't want to surrender... Well, to put it bluntly, she'd have been better off dead.

Grandfather Huo and Zhang Baochen exchanged looks.

That was the exact problem. Zhang Feng would never agree to surrender all her wealth.

"This... That's a lot of money. I'm afraid my mother would not be able to get such an amount within a short period of time. Official, can you... Loan me some?" Zhang Baochen thought about it but still couldn't bring himself to demand for money from others, so he used the word 'loan'.

Grandfather Huo shook his head. "I don't have that much money. Why not try asking Shaoheng?"

"Not possible that she can't get the amount." Huo Shaoheng sat on the sofa, crossed his legs, pretending he did not hear the conversation between the father-and-son duo. He smiled and suggested: "Why not this - convince your mother to do up an authorization form. The form will indicate that you are the legal authorized person to handle all her assets. I will get someone to auction the properties for you. We shall see how much we can get from the sales of the properties. We'll figure something out if the amount is not enough. How about that?"

Zhang Baochen felt that the idea was decent. He looked at Grandfather Huo: "Official, why not we just do this...?"

Grandfather Huo looked at Huo Shaoheng solemnly, and waved his hand at Zhang Baochen. "Go get the letter of authorization. I have more things to discuss with Shaoheng."