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331 Reunion Dinner 9

 Zhang Feng made her very own deduction immediately: Xie Ziyan was already extremely ill by the time she wrote her will. She wasn't in a clear state of mind to even write it. Therefore, someone dictated her will. Therefore, the will wouldn't be legally valid.

Settling the will was an easy task; but if her relationship with Grandfather Huo were spilled, would the army really not let the matter rest?

Grandfather Huo had already retired from the army, but he still maintained good relationships with the army, parliament and cabinet.

Huo Guanchen, grandfather Huo's second son, was also a General in the army. He was also the director of the political department. He would allow the army to run an investigation on his own father?

But one really cannot be sure...

Then there's Huo Shaoheng - he's the major general; would he allow his career progression to be affected by his grandfather's gossips?

Definitely impossible...

So... no matter what, they were merely threatening them, hoping that they'd back down, so that the Huo's would be able to get all the bargains.

How can she let them, then?

She only had grandfather Huo in her entire lifetime. She does love him, and she loved him her entire life. Even so, she still couldn't have the rights to share everything he has?

Let them try then!

Zhang Feng held on to grandfather Huo's arms, and wiped her tears with the back of her arm. "Old Huo, as long as we're able to be together officially, I don't really care about statuses. Even if I have to leave the army, I would gladly do so."

Grandfather Huo, however, hesitated.

He didn't care about Xie Ziyan's assets, but it's impossible to get him to not care about his status and ranking.

The price he have to pay to be together with Zhang Feng really seemed a little too much to pay.

Huo Guanchen saw the hesitance in grandfather Huo, and seized the opportunity: "Alright, Shaoheng. Alright, father. Why don't the both of you compromise a little? Father shall not remarry, and Shaoheng don't blow the matter up."

"Whether or not grandfather wants to remarry, as a grandson, I have no rights to interfere." Smiling, he continued: "But senior nurse Zhang retiring will be fixed. There won't be changes to that."

If Zhang Feng retired, and did not marry grandfather Huo, then she wouldn't have any more excuses left to remain in the Huo's.

"Shaoheng, you should think in your grandfather's shoes. He's getting on in age, both you and I are not home most of the time; he couldn't even find someone to talk to. Luckily, he had the Zhang's to accompany him." Huo Guanchen sighed, hoping to convince Huo Shaoheng.

However, Huo Shaoheng was persistent on not allowing the Zhang's to remain with the Huo's. He refused to budge. "Father, if grandfather wishes to look for company, or even remarry, I will have no issues totally. I've already said: we can look for someone else. It just cannot be her."

"Shaoheng, you're obviously going against my mother by saying that!" Zhang Baochen couldn't control himself any longer and spoke up.

"Yes that's right, I'm going against your mother." Huo Shaoheng answered simply. "A thief gets punished when he steals; not to mention harboring intentions for someone else's husband? She has to pay the price for what she did."

"What did she do now?! She's merely a lady! What..." Zhang Baochen shouted incoherently.

Huo Shaoheng's face darkened. "Shut up! Are you trying to say that she was forced? Is that what you're trying to say?"

If she wasn't going to admit that she seduced grandfather Huo, did grandfather Huo force himself on her 40 years ago?

Grandfather Huo's face changed. This wasn't any simple accusation. He turned to look at Zhang Feng and asked her coldly: "You told your son that I was the one who forced myself on you then?"

"My son" had turned into "Your son" all of a sudden. Grandfather Huo's mood had obviously been affected.

"No... No... Didn't... I didn't..." Zhang Feng felt extremely awkward, and stuttered miserably. In a moment of fury, she slapped her son and shouted: "What the hell were you talking about?! Your father and I were in love, that was why we had you back then!"

"Stop claiming credit." Huo Shaoheng took out a gold coin absentmindedly and began toying it around his fingers. He turned to ask grandfather Huo: "Grandfather, you were in love so early back then with senior nurse Zhang? I thought you said it only began after Grandma passed away."

Grandfather Huo looked at Huo Shaoheng angrily. All he felt was embarrassment.

"Fine! Shaoheng, you've grown up now! You even dare humiliate your grandfather! Fine then! I shall not continue to be a General anymore! Go! Let's go back! We're not going to spend the New Year here anymore!" grandfather Huo was unable to face the embarrassment. The only thing he could do right now was to leave this place immediately.

Huo Shaoheng decided to fall out completely as well: "Sure, you can leave; but they cannot return to the Huo's."

"Cannot return...? It's the New Year, where would you expect them to go? Shaoheng, don't be so extreme as a person! Are you trying to push them to their limits?!" Grandfather Huo felt his blood pressure rising.

"Pushing them to their limits? How?" Huo Shaoheng asked, not batting an eyelid. His gaze travelled to Zhang Feng and Zhang Baochen, and continued: "Sanhuan Chaoyang's Chunhui building, block B, units 214, 216 and 218; all of them Duplex suites. 200 square metres each. All of them bought under Mdm Zhang Feng's name. Sihuan Zhichun Precinct, Baolong Court, Block C, units 1043, 1054, 1089 and 2067; all 4 of them are 4 bedrooms with 2 living rooms units, each 150 square metres, all bought under Zhang Baochen's name. Others, Grandfather, I shall not name. I shall only name these 7 properties in Di Capital."

Fear were writtened all over the faces of the Zhang's.

They did not expect Huo Shaoheng to list their properties clearly one by one!

"Not bad, this way, we wouldn't have to worry that they'll end up on the streets," Gu Nianzhi laughed lightly, and continued: "but according to the property prices in Di Capital now, you're all billionaires now. I really take my hats off you; the returns of being a nurse is amazing; I don't think I can ever afford a house like that even after being a lawyer my entire life."

Huo Shaoheng nodded in agreement, and carassed Gu Nianzhi's hair. "You still have got a long way to go. How can you compare your money growing plans with them?"

"Huo Shao, since being a nurse has such high returns, can you go and be one too?" Gu nianzhi smiled at Huo Shaoheng. "What's the monthly salary?"

Zhao Liangze laughed. "A normal nurse would be earning a couple of thousand a month? But a senior nurse might be earning a 5-digit income. Even so, the 7 properties are worth at least a 7-digit each; think about it: How many lifetimes of senior nurse must she be to be able own all these properties..."

"Don't you dare accuse others!" Zhang Baochen panicked. "Property prices werent that high in the past! How couldn't we afford it then?"

Qian Shihui said quickly as well: "My family has the money; they were the ones who bought the properties!"

"Your family paid the money for the houses to be bought under your Husband and Mother-In-Law's names? Oh my, by any chance, is your family laundering money?" Gu Nianzhi mocked Qian Shihui, and not even look her in the eye on purpose.

"Who are you calling laundering money? Don't accuse others of what your entire family is doing!" Qian Shihui almost wanted to have a catfight with Gu Nianzhi.

She had despised Gu Nianzhi all along, and now she got ridiculed by her?!

She could put up with Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze, but why should she put up with Gu Nianzhi?!

"That was just a casual remark, why are you so agitated? Did I just manage to hit a sensitive spot by accident? Oh dear~ Did I uncover the truth unknowingly again?" Gu Nianzhi covered her mouth and began laughing; her Bvlgari watch reflected the lights beautifully, blinding Qian Shihui.

"I've already said. Those were bought in the past! Zhang Baochen glared at Qian Shihui, as a request to get her to keep her mouth shut. "The property prices then were about a thousand or 2 per square metre; who asked you guys not to get a property earlier on?"

Huo Shaoheng raised his head and looked at Zhang Baochen, "Bought last time? For a thousand or 2 per square metre, how many years ago must that be?"

"...About 20 years ago." Zhao Liangze gave it some thoughts. "Or maybe earlier?"

"Then that's strange; Chunhui building in Chaoyang finished its construction 3 years ago, and Zhichun Precinct's Baolong Court last year. Please tell me, the properties you bought in the past; where were they? They weren't demolished."

Zhang Baochen admitted defeat. His face turned purple, and he couldn't make a sound.

Being caught lying in front of everyone - no wonder he felt so awkward.

Zhang Feng saw red when she heard that.

As long as Grandfather Huo followed them, would they still worry that they wouldn't be able to return to the Huo's?

"Fine then, Old Huo shall come and stay with me." Zhang Feng tried to hold grandfather Huo. "Let's bring our reunion dinner to Chaoyang."

Grandfather Huo left the mansion with Zhang Feng without saying a word.

Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui immediately followed suit.


"Huo Shao, are we supposed to let them off like that?" Gu Nianzhi still felt unjust after the Zhang's left. "That's so easy on them!"

"Of course, it wouldn't be so simple." Huo Shaoheng smiled, "my eventual goal would be to let Zhang Feng spend the rest of her life in prison."