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315 Come sit here by yourself

 Huo Shaoheng seemed to know what was on her mind. When the car entered the expressway and the surroundings looked normal, he enlightened her calmly: "Even though I am in civilian clothing, our car exited from the Special Forces. There're too many eyes on this place, we had to be careful."

So he was trying to confuse the enemy, Gu Nianzhi finally understood.

She let out a soft sigh, and looked at Huo Shaoheng's side profile.

He just wasn't a normal man, so why should she use the standard of a normal man on him?

Finally, she calmed down. Placing her hand on his arm, she asked softly: "Am I disturbing your driving, Huo Shao?"

Huo Shaoheng looked at her from the corner of his eyes: "Nope, I can drive with one hand."

"Then what about the other hand?"

"To hug you." Huo Shaoheng raised his perfect brows at her, looking so alluring.

Gu Nianzhi did not expect the Huo Shaoheng who was always so stern to have a suggestion like this.

She really, really wanted to be in his arms right there and then.

Once again, Huo Shaoheng managed to see through her. Holding the steering wheel with his left hand, he held his right arm to her: "Want to come here?"

On his lap?

While he's driving?

She was about to be overwhelmed with bliss...

It'd be a lie if she said she wasn't tempted, but she was a model student in the law faculty. She gulped and stammered: "T...t...this... wouldn't it be against traffic rules?"

It was fine if they got caught, but the point was whether it would be safe.

It was once in a blue moon that Huo Shaoheng had the mood, but since Gu Nianzhi was hesitant, he retracted his arm and smiled, "You don't want to? Then forget it..."

Since when did I say I that don't want?!

Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng dreamily. He did not look at her -- not even with the corner of his eyes. He was driving calmly and serenely, with what looked like a smile on his lips. It almost seemed like the suggestion from him just now was merely Gu Nianzhi's imagination.

"...It's not that I don't want..." Gu Nianzhi stammered, "But if I were to do that, it would be disrupting your drive... How dangerous..."

"You're doubting my ability in driving?" Huo Shaoheng finally glanced at her, paused to look at her inviting red lips before returning his attention to the road.

On the 30th day of the first month of the year, the roads were practically empty on Di Capital's expressway.

Their car felt like the only vehicle on the road, even after driving for ages.

Looking at the empty Huan Cheng road, it did not look real; it looked like it came out from a painting.

All of the roads were wide; they looked endless.

Gu Nianzhi looked out of the window, thinking, why not?

The roads were rather empty anyway; they wouldn't be a hazard even if they were to drive across the road.

The foreigners from Di Capital have all returned to their hometown for the New Year, the Huan Cheng road that was always congested looked like an empty pasture. Did it mean that she could let loose a little, and be wild for just once?

Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng again. Those perfect feature and intimidating aura... This was nothing but a monster that reads minds. Especially hers. She was willing to do anything for him, as long as he wanted it.

He looked alluring to her all the time...

Gu Nianzhi's heart began beating furiously again.

He was flirting with her as well, no?

So should be flirt back?

But she couldn't bring herself to it... They were in the car!

Gu Nianzhi thought coyly. She still could not resist the temptation eventually. Holding on to the lock on her seat belt, she asked softly: " really wouldn't disrupt your driving?"

Huo Shaoheng placed his foot onto the breaks. The car slowed down in no time.

Resting his arm on the black steering wheel, he turned and gave Gu Nianzhi a smile. It was like a spell -- she felt herself getting lost in his eyes.

Her useless fingers unfastened her seat belt.

Huo Shaoheng shifted his seat a little behind.

Thankfully, the seats were spacious for this SUV. Even though Huo Shaoheng was tall, there was enough space for the both of them to be in one seat.

It wasn't too narrow, but not exactly spacious.

The two persons who sat together on one seat could only remain as still as possible. There was no more space for them to shift about.

Gu Nianzhi held on to Huo Shaoheng's arms, crawled over carefully and sat on his lap.

All of a sudden, she could not figure where to place her hands.

Leaning on her shoulder, Huo Shaoheng's deep voice whispered into her ears: "...Do you want to drive?"

Gu Nianzhi had her license. She got it from the people from the Special Forces. However, she did not exactly drive before.

This was because she had been underage then; she didn't even have a chance to go shopping on her own. She could only call for a ride, or she'd have a driver send her to everywhere. There just wasn't any chance for her to drive on her own.

Then she turned 18. It was actually on her mind to pester Huo Shaoheng to get her a car when she was to return to school in 2 to 3 months.

Now it was her chance to have a feel of the steering wheel. She held on to it even though she wanted to be more polite about it: "Will it be ok? You really don't have to do that..."

Huo Shaoheng had long legs. So he was controlling the break and accelerator. All Gu Nianzhi had to do was to control the steering wheel.

But this was Di Capital's expressway on the 30th day of the first lunar month. There were little turns she had to make (the roads were almost empty, remember?). It was basically an easy task.

It didn't take long for her to get bored of it. She shifted uncomfortably on Huo Shaoheng's lap.

Huo Shaoheng's thigh muscles were too firm; Gu Nianzhi couldn't help but felt that her seat was way more comfy...

Just when she was contemplating if she should return to her seat, it occurred to her the area she was shifting herself on.

Gu Nianzhi: "..."

The moment she realized what it was, her wandering mind went blank.

She froze, and didn't dare to move, not even one bit, on his lap.

Of course Huo Shaoheng noticed his physical reactions.

He was exasperated as well.

He graduated from his erotic resistance training with a perfect score. Due to this, the training officers as well had been using him as an example for many batches of trainees after him. Who knew that all his efforts would have gone down the drain the moment he met Gu Nianzhi...

If his training officer heard about this, he's bound to poke fun at him...

Gu Nianzhi's body couldn't take it anymore. She was trembling, as she was stiff since just now. Huo Shaoheng asked softly: "Aren't you tired?"

How could she not be tired?

She was dead beat!

Beads of perspiration dripped off Gu Nianzhi's forehead. All along, she thought about how to flirt with Huo Shaoheng, wanting to take advantage of him. She even stole kisses a couple of times. Goodness, she even wanted to 'gift' herself to him last night! Now... When his 'little brother' was all ready, she realized all she wanted to do was to run away...

When faced with the real situation, she realized that she truly wasn't his match. He was too experienced.

"You... You... Can't you... Shrink it...?" Gu Nianzhi felt so awkward. She stammered, giving suggestions, as her legs couldn't support her anymore. "There's no way... How can I sit like that...? It's raised... Too high."

"Can't shrink it. How can you sit? Come here and sit by yourself." Huo Shaoheng teased. She looked so awkward and shy; he couldn't help but to tease her. He would've lost control if not for the fact that he still had some self-control left, and that her face was so flushed.

Gu Nianzhi was trembling even more now. She was almost unable to hold the steering wheel anymore.

Chuckling, Huo Shaoheng's arms went round Gu Nianzhi and held the steering wheel. His manly scent engulfed Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi felt warm and fuzzy again. She moved her hands off the steering wheel and gripped onto his arm. "Let me down!"

"Thought you were asking if I liked you last night? Look at me now, do you think I like you?" Huo Shaoheng lowered his voice and whispered to Gu Nianzhi. His deep voice affected her immensely.

Her legs finally gave way. She sat down... On him.

Huo Shaoheng shifted himself quickly, in order to prevent her from 'breaking' the 'raise'.

Gu Nianzhi noticed his movement, and it all became clear to her. With newfound courage, she smiled and looked at him. Kissing his forehead, she asked: "Thought you were so good? Why, are you the one who's scared now?"

Huo Shaoheng narrowed his eyes, looking at the Gu Nianzhi who was so mischievous. He moved one arm from the steering wheel, and hugged her around her chest.

With his arm around her chest, Gu Nianzhi froze again. She never moved anymore.

Her heart was beating so quickly; it felt as if it almost jumped out from her throat.

She was melting... That fuzzy feeling returned yet again. She held on to the arm around her chest lightly, and begged for forgiveness: "Huo Shao... It's broad daylight. Let's not let others see us like that? It's not good for your image..."

Oh my dear senior official... Is this really okay?

Huo Shaoheng lowered his voice: "No worries, we're in the car. No one would see."

Even with a pair of binoculars, no one could see through the dark brown windows of the car.

Moreover, it's his off day today. They cannot expect him to be always on standby, can they?

Gu Nianzhi did not know how to respond. All of a sudden, Huo Shaoheng's lips met hers.

She was practically leaning against the steering wheel. Huo Shaoheng began showering kisses on her earlobes, nape of her neck and cheeks from the back.

He hugged her even more tightly from the back, pressing himself against her, and panted into her ears.

Gu Nianzhi only felt that her temperature was rising steadily, but she did not understand what was going on. He was the only one in her eyes at this moment, and he was right behind her. The only distance between them was their clothing. Oh, how she wished that the clothes could disappear.

She wasn't stiff anymore. Returning his hug, she was about to return his kiss. All of a sudden, though, Huo Shaoheng stopped everything he was doing. "Get back to your seat, quickly."

The emergency alarm in Gu Nianzhi's mind went off. Even though she was still dazed from her recent experience, she managed to slip away from Huo Shaoheng onto her seat. Just when she was done putting on her seat belt, she heard the siren of a police car from behind.

Gu Nianzhi opened the mirror on the passenger's seat, checking her makeup.

Thankfully, only her hair was a slightly messy. All she had to do was to redo her ponytail.

Huo Shaoheng already managed to stop his car by the road by the time she was done with her hair.

Yin Shixiong, who was trailing their car from a distance, saw what went on and got a shock.

The hell?!

Someone actually had the guts to stop the car of their Senior Official?

He had to find out where this hero came from.

The number plate clearly showed that the car was from the army even though it was Huo Shaoheng's personal ride...

Usually, vehicles with number plates from the army could do whatever they wanted on the roads in the country, much less Di Capital. Moreover, they did not break any traffic rules...

He glanced at the vehicle number and sent it to Zhao Liangze.

Zhao Liangze was on standby in the Special Forces unit.

The moment he received the car number plate from Yin Shixiong, he did a search on it.


Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng happily, and blamed him: "...See! It's all your fault. Now the police are really coming to get us."

Huo Shaoheng ignored her. He was paying attention to the information Zhao Liangze was providing him with on the police officer from his wireless earpiece.

"Mr. Huo, the policewoman in the police car is a trainee police. Her name is Xu Piaohong. Her father is the Deputy Chief of the military tactical operations department, Xu Guiqi, ranked as Colonel."

Almost immediately, there was a knock on the window. It was none other than the heroic Xu Piaohong. "License please."

Huo Shaoheng wound down the window.

Gu Nianzhi: "... Oh, it's Auntie Police."

Xu Piaohong looked at Gu Nianzhi, "Your idenfication card please."

Gu Nianzhi felt guilty about doing "badt things" in the car just now. Feeling embarrassed, she handed over her Identification card without protest. If not, she wouldn't have been so corporative.

The only person she would listen to, without questions, is Huo Shaoheng. If any other people spoke to her, she selectively decides if she would listen to them.

Xu Piaohong took a look, "Just turned 18?"

Gu Nianzhi could not understand what her age has got to do with this. She did not drive, and did not break any traffic rules. This policewoman spoke to her like she was interrogating a criminal. Gu Nianzhi wasn't happy about that. At all.

Huo Shaoheng did not speak. He just sat on his driver's seat in silence.

Xu Piaohong waited for what seems like eternity. She got upset when she realized Gu Nianzhi wasn't going to give her a response. "I am asking you a question! What was going on with your car just now?"

Now, Gu Nianzhi was pissed. However, she managed to control her emotions. Straightening her face, she glared at xu Piaohong: "Please return my identification card to me."

"Why should I?" Xu Piaohong felt important the moment she donned the police uniform. It felt way better to command others in this uniform as compared to using her dad's title.

Gu Nianzhi was really pissed now. "What is your name? What about your police identification number? I'm going to lodge a complaint"

"Complaint? Why? What's the basis you're going to lodge the complaint?" Xu Piaohong panicked. She thought about her actions, and realized that it was a little harsh. She bit her lip, glared at Gu Nianzhi and returned her identification card unwillingly. She turned her attention to Huo Shaoheng, "Sir, your license please."

Huo Shaoheng did not look at her as well. He took his wallet from his pocket, retrieved his driver's license, and waved it in front of Xu Piaohong.

Xu Piaohong wanted to take it from him, but he wouldn't let her. Calmly, he asked: "May I ask which traffic rule I violated please?"

Xu Piaohong was speechless.

Strictly speaking, he did not violate any traffic regulations.

However, Xu Piaohong noticed that their speed was inconsistent. Even though they did not violate any traffic regulations now, they would be a hazard if there were other cars around.

Even if there were barely any traffic, she felt that she had the responsibility to educate such drivers.

This was because usually drivers who drive at inconsistent speeds, were drivers who were drink driving.

However, after stopping their car, Xu Piaohong felt that only the lady looked like she just drank. She looked so flushed and in a daze. The man looked alert though, it was obvious that he had not been drinking.

That was the reason why Gu Nianzhi was the first to be checked, followed by Huo Shaoheng. She did not expect that the both of them would be this uncoorperative. She was beginning to get upset.

"I said you've violated traffic regulations. It means you have. As to which one you violated, go think about it on your own. Tell me when you've understood." Xu Piaohong did not have a high position, but she had a lot of pride.

She knew she was working hard and not bullying others, and thus felt more proud of herself.

Even though Gu Nianzhi did not know the identity of the policewoman, she knew they had met an inexperienced police, and one who did not have much brains. All she had were passion, and nothing else.

Even though Gu Nianzhi was unhappy with her attitude, she understood that the policewoman was merely doing her job. She did not want to make things difficult for the policewoman. So she asked, "Are you new on the job, Auntie Police?"

"So what if I really am? Xu Piaohong was wary. "You guys want to make things difficult just because I am new?"

"I would've called your superior directly if I were to make things difficult for you please!" Gu Nianzhi thought.

"Learn your regulations by heart if you're new, and not come out here and make people stop their cars out of nowhere. If a law enforcer does not even know her things, how can she expect the citizens to listen to her? Do you agree, Auntie Police?" Gu Nianzhi told Xu Piaohong pleasantly. "Alright, we're rushing for time. We'll be making our move if there's nothing else, Auntie Police."

It was true that it was the responsibility of the law enforcer if she was unable to let her citizens know the reason she stopped their vehicle.

Xu Piaohong was totally uncomfortable with being called "Auntie Police" by Gu Nianzhi, she snapped: "I am only 4 years older than you. Not old enough to be your Aunt yet."

Gu Nianzhi was speechless.

Huo Shaoheng's patience ran out. Glancing at Xu Piaohong, he went, "we'll be going if there's nothing else. We're rushing for time."

Xu Piaohong just graduated from the Institute of Police. She hadn't been promoted to be an official police officer yet. Even though it was just a matter of time due to her family background, she was, in fact, still a trainee officer as of now.

She wasn't allowed to, by right, stop anyone or to do any police duties due to her position. Only an official police officer was allowed to do that.

However, it's the 30th day of the first lunar month today, and almost everyone from the station had gone home for the New Year.

She just felt like taking the car out for a spin initially, but when she saw a vehicle going at an inconsistent speed on the expressway, she couldn't control her sense of justice and turned on the siren.

The two people in the car don't seem to give a hoot about her though.

"You can drive like that just because you're rushing for time?" Xu Piaohong was extremely angry. "When you were speeding just now, I suspect that you were induced with alcohol. Now I'll have to do a breath test on the both of you."

Gu Nianzhi shrugged, "You should've told us earlier. Test if you want then, make it quick. Please don't further delay our time."

Xu Piaohong looked at the calm and composed Huo Shaoheng, then the flushed Gu Nianzhi, tightened her jaw and took her breathalyzer.

Knocking on the window, she handed it to Gu Nianzhi, "You, blow into this."