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288 Goddess Tier Character

 Dou Aiyan was furious as she followed Gu Nianzhi. The two young girls at her side were her friends, who also attended B University but weren't in the Faculty of Law. Their fathers were subordinates of Prime Minister Dou--their families were close friends and the girls had a good relationship with Dou Aiyan at school. Dou Aiyan typically got along well with all the other students and never put up airs because she was the daughter of the Prime Minister. However she was angered by the shameless Gu Nianzhi.

"Aiyan, who is she? Don't get mad, that kind of person it's not worth getting angry over." The girl in the light blue cashmere coat whispered, "Are you familiar with her?"

"Who would be familiar with someone like that?" Dou Aiyan rolled her eyes, "She's an orphan girl and grew up under Major General Huo's care. Does she really think she's the daughter of the general? He didn't even adopt her alright?!"

"Oh? Never heard of heard of her..." The two girls looked at each other with slight surprise. They also went to the Dou's banquet that night, but we too busy socializing with friends to notice anything else. Afterwards Dou Aiyan's sister got into trouble and their attention was on the photos. Speaking of Major General Huo, the two girls' interest was piqued, "Is that the man in your sister's photos? Oh my God? He's great!"

"Not only he is handsome, but beautiful too! Do you know how hard it is to find good looking men nowadays, seeing a handsome one is enough to make me pray in gratitude. And someone so beautiful I could lose my breath... hehe, I'd give up ten years of my life if I can be with him..."

Listening to her two friends gush, Dou Aiyan frowned, "You both think Major General Huo is good looking?"

"Not only good looking! He's handsome and beautiful and cool it's amazing!" The girl in the pink cashmere coat was even more infatuated, she clasped her hands and stars practically glittered in her eyes, "Last time I saw him in the photos and I almost wanted to scream! Too bad I didn't see him in person when he came to your banquet, what a shame!"

"Yeah, yeah! Me too.. I regretted it so much, if I had known earlier I wouldn't have wasted my time with those other losers and lost the chance to see Major General Huo in person!"

Dou Aiyan recalled meeting Huo Shaoheng for the first time that evening and shook her head with a smile, "I still think Professor He is better looking..." Blush tinged her face as she spoke. Her two friends were still gushing over Huo Shaoheng and didn't notice it as they walked mindlessly behind Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi already noticed long before that the Prime Minister's youngest daughter was still following her, but she didn't care. Firstly, it broad daylight on the campus of B University, so it was unlikely anything would happen. Secondly, there were always bodyguards sent by Huo Shaoheng protecting her from the shadows whenever she was out. She didn't quite notice before, but she had learned there are many people secretly protecting her since the incident with the kidnappers at the Dufeng Mountain Resort during the C University graduation trip. Of course, she had become more cautious since then because her rashness could result in someone else sacrificing their lives. Thirdly, Dou Aiyan also certainly had her own secret bodyguards as the Prime Minister's beloved daughter. So Gu Nianzhi strolled along leisurely and took in the sights of the campus. It was a large place and the students usually had to ride their bikes to travel between classrooms, libraries and the cafeteria. Without a bike, a person could run until they lost their breath and still not make it to class on time from another class. Because the academic buildings were so spread out on campus and the students didn't all the same classes, everyone went to the assigned classrooms on the schedules for the classes they chose. Some students even drove to campus. Gu Nianzhi opened the school map on her phone and found a path that was relatively close to building He Zhichu resided in, then made her way to it.

Dou Aiyan and her friends were still daydreaming instead of talking about their usual chitchat, so they didn't notice that Gu Nianzhi slipped away. By the time they realized it, there were several roads in front of them but she was nowhere to be seen. "How'd she disappear in a blink of an eye?" Dou Aiyan stamped her feet, "How'd she run so fast?!"

"Forget about it." Her two friends soothed her, "Ignore her, she's not our kind of people. Aiyan, didn't you say you were going to speak with Professor Wen? How about we walk you there?"

"Fine, let's go together." Dou Aiyan had made plans with Wen Shouyi to ask her about some textbook questions since she had no class today. Her friends also wanted to get acquainted with the famous Lawyer He--it's didn't hurt for people like them to have good relationships with lawyers. But by sheer bad luck, they rediscovered Gu Nianzhi standing in front of the Wen Shouyi's building by the time they got there. Gu Nianzhi wore a black half-length leather jacket, it was slim cut and her thin waist was accentuated by a belt. She also had on a pale yellow high neck hooded sweater that covered her neck, and her long hair was tied back in a single ponytail. She appeared professional and fresh faced, and the knee length mid heel leather boots were form fitting to accentuate her beautifully shaped calves. Gu Nianzhi stood in front of the building, appearing in a daze with the phone to her ear. She hung up without speaking a while after.

"Hey? Why is she here?" Dou Aiyan muttered to herself as she glanced suspiciously in Gu Nianzhi's direction. She knew Gu Nianzhi had the support of Major General Huo, so she didn't want to make her pay right away. A gentleman would bid his time for revenge... Once Major General Huo got married, it would be much easier to deal with Gu Nianzhi...

Her friends also peered curiously beside her, "...Who is she looking for?" Just as the three girls were wondering what was going on, a gentle voice sounded from behind, "Aiyan? You're early." It was Wen Shouyi.

She had just driven a Mercedes Benz over and parked in the spot right in front of the professors' building. This location was especially valuable because aside from the handicapped, only privileged vehicles could use it. People like Dou Aiyan and her friends didn't judge people's statuses from superficial things like clothes and jewelry, but other displays of soft power. For example, where can you park? Do you eat specially imported food or what's from the grocery store? When the national opera house holds a performance that the head of state would attend, can you get a few tickets and are those box seats or normal seats? With Wen Shouyi parking in that spot, it meant that she had a special place at B University. Dou Aiyan immediately arranged her face into a sweet smile as she walked to Wen Shouyi, who just got out of her car, "Professor Wen, is it not good that I'm early?"

"Of course it's not good." Wen Shouyi patted her cheek with a smile, "You wouldn't be able to see me if you're early. I just went out for a meeting and you would've been waiting a long time if it didn't end earlier than expected."

"Oh." Dou Aiyan rubbed her nose in embarrassment, "That's' my fault, I won't do it again."

Wen Shouyi smiled at her warmly, "That's ok, I didn't make it clear to you either."

Dou Aiyan's friends saw how amicable Wen Shouyi was and couldn't help gushing, "Aiyan, this is the Professor Wen you always talk about? She's young, pretty and successful, what a goddess tier character!" Not only young and pretty, but she also drove a fancy car and parked in a special spot!

Unexpectedly, Wen Shouyi shooked her head modestly, "You're too kind, this is all thanks to Professor He. I'm his teaching assistant so I get these perks because of him."

Dou Aiyan became shy as soon as she heard He Zhichu's name. She fluffed her hair and pretended to ask calmly, "Oh, Professor He is here too?"

Wen Shouyi glanced at her with a smile, taking her Hermes Kelly bag out of the car and pouting her lips, "Let's go, we'll see."

The four women walked up and Wen Shouyi then saw Gu Nianzhi standing in front of the building entrance. Gu Nianzhi wasn't on the phone anymore, she put one hand in the pocket of her leather jacket and the other held the strap of her backpack. She looked at the professors' building in a daze.