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278 No Fish Can Survive If the Water Is Too Clean

 Prime Minister's four contacts in the Special Ops did clerical work and didn't dare commit any serious mistakes. However they had did some things behind the scenes for the Prime Minister's interests. These were innocuous enough for the Specials Ops, but critical for the Prime Minister success. The most recent incident was when the Prime Minister was re-elected two years ago, it was thanks to these contacts that he was able to know about the scandalous past of his opposition. The Prime Minister remained steadfast during the campaign, and waited until the very day before the election to covertly publicize the opposition's dark history in form of rumors. With the pressure of public opinion, the situation quickly changed and Prime Minister Dou easily won the re-election. The Prime Minister of the Huaxia Empire served four year terms and can be re-elected three times. He was currently serving his second term and still wanted to be re-elected once more. Without the help of the four men in the Special Ops, his position would become very passive. Thinking about this, Prime Minister Dou couldn't stand it anymore, immediately hanging up the phone and telling his First Secretary, "Prepare the car, I want to go to the Special Ops base." It was the first time the Prime Minister had visited the Special Ops base since it was established in the Imperial capital. Because it wasn't for official business, Prime Minister Dou didn't bring his usual entourage. He took an inconspicuous car and visited Huo Shaoheng's official residence with only his several secretaries and bodyguards.


Yin Shixiong came to the living room of Huo Shaoheng's official residence and spoke to General Ji and Speaker Long waiting there, "Please wait, I'll ask Mr. Huo to come out now." He then continued, "Lately a lot of people have been calling to plead for their cases, and Mr. Huo has been so busy with Special Ops business that he didn't pick up any of those calls. He's been in his office the whole time and didn't see any visitors."

"Haha, he's so busy? Then are we impeding on Shaoheng's time?" Speaker Long laughed, "Should we come back to see him in a few days?"

Yin Shixiong immediately replied, "That's not necessary, who would be able to ask General Ji and Senator Long to plead their case anyway? Besides, Mr. Huo specifically told me that if you were to visit, he is to informed at once. --Please wait momentarily." He turned to leave.

When he exited the living room, Zhao Liangze who had been waiting at the door gave him thumbs up, "Big Xong, you're amazing. That was a watertight response, not only did you defend Mr. Huo but also buttered up those two! That was too amazing!"

Yin Shixiong adjusted his collar smugly, while his face remained humble, "No, no, Lieutenant Colonel Zhao is being too kind."

"Oh won't you shut up! You puffed right up with one compliment!" Zhao Liangze laughed as he playfully kicked Yin Shixiong.

Yin Shixiong ran forward a few steps to quickly leave the official residence building, then headed towards where Huo Shaoheng's office was located.


"Mr. Huo, General Ji and Speaker Long are here."

Huo Shaoheng closed his computer and rose, "Only them?"

"Yes, all the others were blocked off by me and Little Ze."

Although Huo Shaoheng refused to meet with most people, he couldn't ignore General Ji and Speaker Long, "Have Little Ze bring them to my reception room on the second floor, I'll be there shortly."

Yin Shixiong returned to the official residence alone, "General Ji, Speaker Long, Mr. Huo has asked if you could please wait in the reception room on the second floor. Director Bai should come too." That area had tighter security so it would be easier to have a conversation. When they arrived to the second floor hallway, Zhao Liangze opened the door to let General Ji and Speaker Long inside.

Bai Yueran looked around at the door to the suite and pointed to the row of rooms across the hallway, asking curiously, "People live in those rooms too?" One of the rooms in the middle was actually Gu Nianzhi's. Zhao Liangze only smiled and didn't answer as he moved aside to let the guests in, "We're here, Director Bai should come in too."

Seeing that Zhao Liangze wasn't going to say anything about it, Bai Yueran didn't ask any further and followed them inside. Zhao Liangze closed the door for them and guarded outside alone. Huo Shaoheng arrived soon after and opened the door to go in.

As soon as he entered, General Ji asked with concern, "Shaoheng, were you being too rash this time?"

Speaker Long also sighed, "Shaoheng, you nearly offended everybody this time..."

Before Huo Shaoheng could say anything, Bai Yueran beat him to it, "General Ji, Speaker Long, no need to worry. Offending everybody really means no one was offended. People are worried about inequality more than anything, so you don't have to worry."

"That's true." General Ji froze for a second, then laughed, "Yueran is so thoughtful."

Huo Shaoheng spoke in a low voice as in sat on the single seater sofa in the reception room "This isn't really a problem about inequality, I do things with only the goal in mind. As long as it's not illegal, I don't really think about anything else. This was the best way to handle the situation and even if it offended people, I'd still go ahead."

Bai Yueran was completely convinced, "Huo Shao is truly amazing, your breadth of mind is unparalleled."

"That's good Yueran, no need for you to keep flattering him." General Ji chuckled, "You have to help Shaoheng with the legal matters once the situation concludes. He did this for the overall benefit of the Special Ops."

Bai Yueran nodded, "Please be assured that I will help Mr. Huo as best I can. I can even guarantee that even the entire Bai family will do the same."

The three people laughed together. General Ji and Speaker Long glanced at each other, then continued to question Huo Shaoheng, "Aside from putting the guests in isolation at the Special Ops base, did you do anything else?"

Huo Shaoheng nodded calmly, "Of course there were other preparations. I had ordered breaking of network interfaces before going to the Prime Minister's official residence, as well as locking down on all sea, land and air passages so people can only enter, but not be able to leave. Also, I had issued a Code Orange to notify any of Special Ops members related to incident to come home immediately."

"Excellent!" General Ji clapped his hands loudly, "I knew Shaoheng was capable and thought on his feet. He was able to find a suitable solution immediately."

"All our people have boarded their flights?" Bai Yueran was happy to hear it and quickly asked. She was also a member of the Special Ops and was concerned about the safety of her fellow soldiers.

Huo Shaoheng smiled at her, "Little Ze has confirmed that they've all boarded. Many should already be at the Imperial capital airport by now."

Speaker Long broke into a smile as well, "We can be assured now that the situation at least is under control." As soon as he finished speaking, he shared a look with General Ji. Just as Speaker Long was able to continue speaking, Huo Shaoheng made a gesture, "Please wait, I have a call coming in." He connected the call and asked, "Little Ze, what's the matter?"

Zhao Liangze spoke, "Mr. Huo, the Prime Minister is here to visit."

Huo Shaoheng rose from his seat, glancing at General Ji and Speaker Long. The two men looked at each other and said in surprise, "He actually came in person?" Huo Shaoheng remained silent. Speaker Long said hastily, "Well, we actually wanted to plead Dou Qingyan's case."

General Ji coughed before continuing with embarrassment, "You see, although this incident appears serious, at least no major losses were caused by it. We can even say that we came out unscathed. Qingyan was just being foolish, she had not intention of betraying national interests. Prime Minister Dou had asked us repeatedly to plead her case, he says Qingyan was mentally unstable to begin with. Mental patients don't have to bear legal responsibility, can you see if you can... pardon her?"

Bai Yueran frowned and shook her head, "General Ji, Speaker Long, that's not right. Just because there have been no major losses due to this, doesn't mean that Dou Qingyan can be let off? --Mr. Huo, this is your business, our legal department will fully support you regardless of what decision you make."

Speaker Long sighed, "Pity all the parents in the world. Even someone as lofty as Prime Minister Dou, who never even got involved in the military has personally come here today to plead you for his daughter."

"Shaoheng, let me urge you. No fish can survive if the water is too clean, someone who is too austere has no friends. Standing out too much is not conductive to work." General Ji patted Huo Shaoheng's shoulder, "Of course, I also agree with Yueran. I'll support you no matter what you decide to do!"

Huo Shaoheng looked down, the corners of his mouth twitching as he spoke to Zhao Liangze, "Please let Prime Minister Dou inside."

Soon after, Prime Minister Dou arrived at the door to the suite on the second floor of Huo Shaoheng's official residence. Zhao Liangze opened the door to let him in. "Oh, Old Ji and Old Long, you're all here!" Prime Minister Dou appeared ashamed, "This was all my daughter's fault that I had to ask you both to plead on her behalf. I bow to you, thank you for helping us." He bowed in the direction of General Ji and Speaker Long.

Huo Shaoheng remained expressionless and had his hands folded behind his back. Just as he was about to speak, Zhao Liangze's voice sounded in the headset again, "Mr. Huo, I have bad news! Something happened! Our two soldiers returning from North Ireland were secretly executed on the airplane!"