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250 Where Did Mr. Huo Go?

 General Ji and Speaker Long had used a game of chess as an excuse, but was actually discussing how they would reopen the investigation on the accident. With Huo Shaoheng's firm stance and considering the resources, abilities, connections, and skills he had acquired over the years, they both agreed to allow him to lead the investigation team as the military representative. He would jointly lead with the people from the Ministry of Science and Technology, so that he would be assured and they would also feel secure. Huo Shaoheng was fully aware that it was because of his unyielding attitude and unignorable strengththat they agreed on a decision that benefited Song Jinning. He didn't show any emotions and only slightly inclined his head to answer respectfully, "Since you've said it, I will comply."

General Ji and Speaker Long gave him a look and complained internally, it was said that old people were cunning, but Huo Shaoheng wasn't even 30 yet. How could he be so reliable, was he just out of this world?! The two men didn't get to even answer, because Huo Shaoheng had changed the subject and pressed forward.

"However, I hope that you'll explain this clearly to them so we won't run into any issues of evasion. If they use me being Song Jinning's son as a reason to exit the investigation, how would you explain it to them?"

"Would you exit?"

"Of course not." Huo Shaoheng's lips curved, his expression relaxed.

"Then it's all fine." General Ji glared at him again, "You can solve this problem yourself. If a bit of gossip makes you exit the investigation to evade suspicion, then that's your problem, not mine."

Speaker Long shifted his gaze with a smile, "The Senate will maintain a neutral position on this issue." He saw Huo Shaoheng look at him and shamelessly said, "You just have to give us a final report on the results of the investigation." That was to say, they couldn't care less about whose fault it was, only the results mattered. Why did the accident occur? Why did the experiment fail?

Huo Shaoheng was also curious and he knew more about the international progress on the experiment due to his line of work. "In the last three years, the United States had made great strides with this experiment..." Huo Shaoheng quietly glanced at General Ji and Speaker Long, "And 16 years ago, our Huaxia Empire was the international leader in this experiment and was at least 100 hundreds ahead of all the other countries. But because Bai Jinyi delayed us for 16 years, we were actually caught up by other countries." To put it bluntly, he wouldn't let go of Bai Jinyi.

General Ji and Speaker Long grew stern. "Shaoheng, we've already let the police handle Bai Jinyi's involvement, don't go making trouble." Speaker Long warned her solemnly, "The Bai's are tricky to deal with, one thing can get the whole family involved. They are a big family and have many of connections through the marriages, so we don't want to you to go over your head. Do you understand?"

General Ji sat silently on the side and didn't give any input. He didn't always agree with Speaker Long, so his silence usually signalled his disagreement.

Huon Shaoheng nodded and said calmly, "Speaker Long, rest assured. What day and age are we in anyway? Even if I wished it, punishment is only for the criminal, not the whole family. It's no longer customary to behead the whole clan."

"Hahaha, I'm glad that you know." Speaker Long laughed, "You did very well with the last incident with Bai Yusheng."

"It was nothing." Huo Shaoheng declined the credit, "The last time we got Bai Yusheng was because the Bai's put justice over their own family, I can't take their credit."

"Oh... Haha.. You knew?" General Ji and Speaker Bai glanced awkwardly at each other, "It's good that you know."

"I know. Did you forget what I do for a living?" Huo Shaoheng stood up to put away the chess set for them, "It's already New Year's, I took today off and will go the military headquarters for a meeting tomorrow to confirm the members of the investigation team." Before they even noticed, Huo Shaoheng had taken the command--he will not allow anyone to lead him with this investigation because his concerned his mother. After finalizing the details, General Ji and Speaker Long finally said their goodbyes. Huo Shaoheng saw them to the door and passed by Gu Nianzhi's room when he came back. He opened the door to come in and place Gu Nianzhi's phone on the nightstand.

Gu Nianzhi opened her eyes groggily and saw a shadow stand at her bedside. She shook with fear and was about to scream when a large and warm hand muffled her. It was familiar masculine scent.

Gu Nianzhi's fear instantly subsided and she obediently relaxed her body. Exhaling, she opened her groggy eyes to see Huo Shaoheng. There was always a nightlight on in her room. Huo Shaoheng saw that she wasn't going to scream and removed his hand to tuck her in and was about to leave when she grabbed his sleeve. He turned to look quizzically at her, then at the the fingers gripping his sleeve. They glowed like jade under the dim yellow light and almost appeared half translucent and boneless.

Huo Shaoheng half struggled without much earnest, and Gu Nianzhi pulled him closer so he couldn't escape. "What?" He asked her in a low voice as he caressed her forehead to find she didn't have a fever.

Gu Nianzhi just woke up, so her brain was still sluggish and her body instinctively leaned towards the person she loved the most. She stuck an arm out from the blankets to hold his neck and mumbled sleepily, "...Stay with me."

Huo Shaoheng's body instantly grew taut, surging forward. He looked down and could only see her sleepy doe like eyes staring back at him and her arms tightly holding him. A smile tugged at his lips before disappearing. He sat on her bedside, then took her wrists, "Nianzhi, are you seducing me?"

"...Can't I?" Gu Nianzhi blinked, her long eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings and nearly grazed his face.

"This is seduction? --I think you're forcing yourself on me..." Huo Shaoheng raised his brows, grabbing Gu Nianzhi's wrists to remove her arms from his neck. His husky voice was irresistibly charming.

"Oh? You don't want me to force myself on you?" Gu Nianzhi was almost at the point of reckless abandon, she released her hands and laid on the down comforter with a smile in her eyes, "Then you can force yourself on me... I promise I won't resist..."

Huo Shaoheng, "..." His calm heartbeat suddenly skipped a beat. However he quickly flashed a smile, patting Gu Nianzhi's cheek and sitting on the edge of her bed, "Sleep now, I'll stay with you."

"You won't go?"

"I won't go."

"Until the morning?"

"Until the morning."

Fully satisfied, Gu Nianzhi snuggled down to Huo Shaoheng's leg and latched on his thigh as a pillow. Although his thigh was as hard as a rock and Gu Nianzhi suspected that she would mess up her neck in the night, she still hugged it tightly and fell asleep. This kind of thigh, she had to hug forever... Gu Nianzhi quickly fell asleep again.

Huo Shaoheng looked down to survey the girl latching onto his leg like a little octopus, laughing helplessly. He pulled the down comforter over to bundle her up and closed his eyes. Before he knew it, he fell asleep. Unlike sleeping in the wilderness and deep mountains during the mission in the past, this wasn't too uncomfortable. With her by his side, he didn't have to worry..


At six in the morning sharp, Huo Shaoheng woke up as usual. Gu Nianzhi was still in deep slumber, her skin rosy and the blanket kicked off the bed long ago. She still clutched onto his thigh.

Huo Shaoheng quietly looked at Gu Nianzhi's contorted neck from forcing her body in a posture to lay on his thigh. He was a little worried she would wake up with a crick in her neck, and just when he was hesitating, Gu Nianzhi's phone rang again.

Huo Shaoheng picked it up to see it was Zhao Liangze calling. Unlocking it with a frown, he didn't have a chance to speak before Zhao Liangze anxiously asked, "Nianzhi? Nianzhi? Are you up? When was the last time you saw Mr. Huo?Did you see him in the morning? I've been looking for him for a long time, but he's not in his room!"