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248 Happy New Year

 Huo Shaoheng maintained his original position and knelt on one knee in front of Gu Nianzhi. His large hand cradled the back of her neck to move her closer to him. They were so close to each other, just the span of one finger apart. He could look down to see her soft and pretty lips. Huo Shaoheng's throat bobbed, but he remained still and didn't kiss her.

Gu Nianzhi watched him with her large eyes, letting go of the small panda pillow she was holding and kneeling forward. She straightened up in his embrace and encircled his neck, then boldly licked her lips, "...You won't wet my lips? Then I guess I'll just do it myself..." Her small, pink tongue darted out from her lips to lick upwards, and was just about to lick down when Huo Shaoheng removed his hand from the back of her neck to grip her chin. His thumb so happened to graze past her lips before Gu Nianzhi could take back her tongue. The sensation was incredibly soft. Like a current was traveling down to where her tongue touched, the feeling quickly flowed through his body to make him tingle and go numb. Huo Shaoheng moved his hand away like he had been shocked and replaced his hand behind her neck to hug her. He lowered his head to only kiss her forehead, "Goodnight."

Letting go of her neck, he was just about to get up when Gu Nianzhi refused. He had already kissed her forehead, why not go a bit lower? She hugged his neck and pulled down as she leaned in to press her lips against his. Gu Nianzhi's heart seemed to skip a beat, then thudded hard like a thousand fireworks were bursting in her mind. Her heart was thumping more than before. She held his neck and kissed with focus and tenderness, her lips moved against his soft and solid lips, tongue trembling to feel his skin.

Huo Shaoheng had incredible patience and restraint, he remained still even in this situation. Although he didn't push her away, he also didn't kiss her back. He wore long boots and knelt on one leg, his strapping body was like a mountain and very alluring. His arms reached out as he embraced her soft and delicate body to kiss his girl desperately, while his large hands rubbed her neck and stroked her back. Her heart beat so hard that his hand seemed to feel the her pulse through her back. A lone dim yellow night light glowed on the wall, casting a warmth into the room.

Huo Shaoheng looked down to see the light on Gu Nianzhi's cheek, her skin appeared like half translucent petals, so close he could touch...

Gu Nianzhi was deeply absorbed into the kiss, opening her eyes in her intoxication to see Huo Shaoheng's dark eyes quietly watching her. He wasn't lost in the passion like her. She grew unhappy and her pearly teeth were unwilling to be left out. She nibbled at his lips, first to test out, then sinking down gently and finallybiting down hard when he didn't notice. Her teeth sank into his lips, the hardness wrapped in softness--then quickly pulling away. Gu Nianzhi peered closely to see two tiny bite marks on his lips.

Huo Shaoheng gripped her chin again to move her away, "...No biting."

"Yes! Yes!" Gu Nianzhi was shy and embarrassed about being pushed away by her beloved during a passionate kiss. She also was capricious and arrogant, unwilling to lose the pleasure on her lips. She pounced over like a kitten.

Huo Shaoheng used one hand to hold both her arms behind her back and went he used a bit of force, Gu Nianzhi instinctively leaned back and pushed out her chest. With one movement, her chest jiggled under the black T-shirt. Huo Shaoheng closed his eyes and picked up the duck down comforter on the bed to wrap her from head to toe. He carried her and threw her down to the bed, "...Go sleep."

"I can't sleep." Gu Nianzhi struggled in attempt to crawl out from the comforter.

"Be good, I'll stay here with you." Huo Shaoheng pushed down on the comforter bundling up her body.

"Really?" Gu Nianzhi looked at him, "You'll sleep with me?"

Huo Shaoheng, "..." Why did that sound so weird? "I'll stay here with you, I'll go once you fall asleep." Huo Shaoheng stealthily avoided Gu Nianzhi's trap and reminded her, "General Ji and Speaker Long are still downstairs."

Gu Nianzhi heard the two important men's names and lost some of her bravado. "Fine..." She stopped struggling, "Then you have to stay with me.. Until the New Year's bell rings..."

Since she was rescued by Huo Shaoheng when she was 12 years old until now at the age of 18, they always spent New Year's Eve together.

Huo Shaoheng nodded, looking at his watch and a trace of smile in his eyes, "There's still... one minute, and the New Year's bell will ring."

"Huh?! --No way! How can time past so quickly?!" Gu Nianzhi wailed as she covered her face. Shameful! How shameful! She had pulled out all the stops and only managed to make Huo Shaoheng to only stay a minute more! If Little Temptress found out about her limited abilities, she would laugh her head off!

Huo Shaoheng saw Gu Nianzhi's embarrassed look and gave a small smile. He took her phone out from under the pillow and opened a streaming site to find a live broadcast of the New Year's bell. "Get up, let's listen to it together." He turned around to sit against the bed and picked up Gu Nianzhi with the comforter to hug her. Gu Nianzhi watched the phone with him to see the New Year's bell ring. On the screen, a skyscraper had been decorated with colorful lights and a giant balloon hung from the very top of it. At the last minute, music began playing from the video and the crowd cheered as the balloon began dropping with the chanted countdown.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!"

"Happy New Year!"

"New Year is here!"

"Happy New Year everyone!"

On the video, the crowd watching the live countdown shouted and cheered loudly. People hugged their families and friends, and lovers began kissing when the countdown began, only stopping when it ended. This meant that their kiss would last the whole year...

Gu Nianzhi looked enviously at the joyful crowd and couldn't help sighing, "...Huo Shao, look at them..."

Huo Shaoheng suddenly looked down to block her mouth with his lips and locked the phone, throwing it to the ground. He hugged her with the blankets and all, kissing deeply, sucking and breathing hin her--making Gu Nianzhi's earlier tantrum seem like nothing. Gu Nianzhi was no match for him and was so excited she almost forgot to breathe.

Huo Shaoheng kissed her fiercely a few more times, bruising her lips before finally releasing her. His voice was restraint and raspy, "...Happy New Year."

"Happy... Happy New Year..." Gu Nianzhi's eyes were blank and dizzy from the kiss. Her brain lacked oxygen and she finally delved into the soft comforter and passed out completely...

Huo Shaoheng stood beside her bed and quietly left after making sure she was sound asleep. Before he went, he picked up her phone from the ground and took it with him. When he got to the hallway outside and closed the door, the phone rang again. Just past midnight, Huo Shaoheng had glanced at the phone to see Gu Nianzhi had received a text from "Professor He," when she happened to turn to speak to him, he had locked the phone so she didn't see. Now that it was ringing again, he looked down to see it was He Zhichu calling again. Huo Shaoheng thought about it and finally took the call.

"Nianzhi, Happy New Year." He Zhichu's cool voice sounded from the speakers, but there was faint elatedness that couldn't be ignored. It had too difficult to finally get ahold of Gu Nianzhi.

"Professor He, Happy New Year. Nianzhi is asleep, was there something urgent?" Huo Shaoheng's deep voice traveled to He Zhichu's ears.

He Zhichu's face fell as he threw the phone on the ground without another word. The poor thing cracked into pieces and was completely destroyed.