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244 Purge

 The net that had been prepared for ten years had finally been cast today. The ruckus in the living room ceased and even the people's breathing could be clearly heard. Someone exhaled sharply, while other panted or breathed through their noses heavily. There were people who forgot to even breathe in their shock and finally remembered they had been holding their breath, taking in huge gasps. Everyone remained motionless like wax figures and all eyes were on Huo Shaoheng, who had just entered. His back was straight and firm and his side profile was strong and powerful. His sculpted features were accentuated under the lights of the crystal chandelier, his stoic face had a splendour that even outshone the lights above him.

Gu Nianzhi used all her control to not appear smitten by him in public, but her pride for him overflowed in her heart. Unlike the shocked others in the room, Gu Nianzhi was not surprised by Huo Shaoheng's appearance. Although she didn't know his plan beforehand, it still made her feel very proud. With Huo Shao's meticulousness and ability, she knew that having her cause a ruckus wasn't the only trick up his sleeve. There must be another trump card!

"...You used cryogenics to preserve Luo Xuexin's body ten years ago?! --That's impossible!" Bai Jinyi couldn't believe it, her eyes were as big as a saucers or a cow's, "Then who was cremated?!"

Huo Shaoheng completely ignored Bai Jinyi and pretended she didn't exist. He didn't answer her question.

Huo Jialan finally gathered her wits and was both shocked and joyed. She ran over to Huo Shaoheng and looked up at him, "Elder Cousin, did you really use cryogenics to preserve my mother's body?! Where is she? Where is she? I want to see her!"

Not just anyone can swap out a body at the Huo family funeral and use cryogenic preservation. Back then, Huo Shaiheng was just 18 and hadn't enlisted yet. He was just a normal student n the military academy, so how did he do it?! "Aunt's body has been transferred to the police, she'll be sent back to burial naturally after the case ends." Huo Shaoheng's voice was very calm and emotionless.

Huo Jianlan clenched his fists and didn't dare ask anymore before silently slinking away.

Huo Guanchen was also very surprised. He had kept silent since Song Jinning arrived and finally asked sternly, "Shaoheng, what do you mean by this?"

"I mean what I said." Huo Shaoheng replied confidently, then turned to the police officers, "Take her away for questioning at the station."

"Yes, Chief!" Huo Shaoheng's orderlies and the police he had brought all answered in unison. One officer ignored Bai Jinyi's surprise and resistance and cuffed her hands. He then put a paper bag that only revealed her eyes over her head and pushed her out.

Bai Changhui saw his younger sister get arrested before his eyes and panicked. He was about to run over to Huo Shaoheng and argue when Bai Yuran grabbed his arm, "Third Uncle, don't be so rash."

"But...!" Bai Changhui frantically pointed in the direction of the door, "You Aunt isn't young, how can she survive in there?"

"She's just being taken to the station to assist in the investigation. Third Uncle can't possibly be worried that the police station will extort confession by torture?" Bai Yueran smiled, "We don't know what's going with Aunt, so we should have a lawyer advise us. Also, her fiance General Huo is here too, don't worry over nothing."

Huo Guanchen's eyes dimmed as he quickly glanced at Song Jinning. More bitterness seeped through his heart as he saw her speaking casually to Huo Shaoheng.

Bai Jiancheng appeared very apologetic as he spoke to Grandfather Huo, "Today was just one thing after another and has been very confusing. Please excuse us for now, and we will personally come apologize to Grandfather Huo after the New Year."

"Director Bai is too humble. The Bai family is a large one and involved in so many things, it's normal to have a few bad eggs in the mix." Grandfather Huo sighed with a stony face, "I believe that the police will give our family justice."

Bai Jiancheng was the Minister of the Imperial Administration, so he was considered the most powerful member in the cabinet of the Prime Minister. Today the Prime Minister wasn't at the Huo manor and Bai Jiancheng was practically representing the entire cabinet, as well as the Prime Minister. Joined by the military representative, General Ji and Speaker Long, who represented the Senate, these were the three most powerful men within the guests present.

"That's certain. Grandfather Huo has no need to worry, with a grandson like Mr. Huo, there's no reason for the Huo family to worry about anything." Bai Jiancheng praised Huo Shaoheng like his earlier plot to arrest Bai Jinyi had nothing to do with him.

Bai Chanhui felt he wasn't as smooth as his older brother and couldn't put up a smiling face and apologize in this situation. He angrily turned away and took his wife and children home first. Bai Jiancheng then went on to apologize for his behaviour of his younger brother's family and finally left with his wife. His only child, Bai Yueran trailed behind and spoke to Huo Shaoheng before going, "Huo Shao, I'm very sorry about what happened to your family. However I believe in your integrity and ability, I'm sure you will solve the case and not misjudge an innocent person, nor let a bad person go. --We are both soldiers, it's our duty to protect the nation and its civilians legal rights."

Huo Shaoheng nodded, "Director Bai can rest assure, maintaining judicial justice is the responsibility of the legal department and police. The military certainly won't get involved."

Bai Yueran finally felt ok leaving after receiving his promise. Once she departed, most the guests also followed. The Huo family hosting a New Year reception was originally supposed to be an engagement ceremony, but it turned into old and new loves bickering, then the groom-to-be's son stepped in to get the bride-to-be arrested. It had certainly been an eye opener. Everyone left in groups of twos and threes, whispering and giggling in each other's ears. However, they met with Huo shaoheng's armed orderlies and personal secretaries when they arrived at the door. Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze both stood at the entrance in full gear, smiling at the leaving guests, "Please delete all photos and videos related to the Huo family from your phone." In this day and age it was much too convenient to use cameras on smartphones. A few of these rich and important people also liked to take private photos of others and share on social media for attention. It was necessary to notify them that they were forbidden from retaining any photos or videos.

"Oh, of course not. How could we?"" The guests chuckled as they covertly deleted the photos and videos on their phones. Since the Huo's had made it clear, they would be in big trouble if they didn't obey. With Huo Shaoheng's strong appearance today, the upper echelons of the Huaxia society had to reevaluate the strength of the Huo family, as well as Huo Shaoheng as a person. Due to his line of work, Huo Shaoheng had always stayed inconspicuous while in the Empire and never made appearances. He had more fame overseas than domestically. This time, he didn't remain a silent shadow and stood out to display his existence and ability to the world. This had been requested by General Ji. Huo Shaoheng couldn't remain the head of the Special Ops forever, he had farther places to go.

Zhao Liangze watched the guests file out past him with a smile and stopped a guest or two occasionally. He appeared amicable as he asked, "...Your phone please?" THhe guest stopped by him still had photos and videos on his phone. With a computer genius like Zhao Liangze, the guests were unable to hide anything from him. Besides, the Specials Ops had already been monitoring the cellphone numbers of the guests, so if they chose not to delete it themselves, Zhao Liangze could go through their phones at anytime to teach them a lesson.


Soon after, only members of the Huo family, as well as a few close friends remained. General Ji and Speaker Long both stayed and flanked Grandfather Huo as they observed Song Jinning. Song Jinning wasn't familiar with either of them and could only vaguely recall. 16 years had passed, so General Ji and Speaker Long had aged considerably, so they didn't match up with the capable middle-aged men in her mind.

Huo Shaoheng introduced them to her, "This is General Ji of the Supreme Military Council, and this is Speaker Long of the Senate." He paused before continuing, "Grandfather's lab was established under their great support. The failed experiment had been directly authorized by the Supreme Military Council."

"Our group in the Senate had all voted in support." Speaker Long smiled as he looked at Song Jinning, "Do you still remember me?"

Song Jinning shook her head helplessly, "I just woke up..." Gu Nianzhi's heart jolted before cutting in, "Mrs. Song just woke and is still very weak. Today was a mess and I was scared the whole time that she wouldn't be able to take it."

Song Jinning immediately understood that Gu Nianzhi was reminding her not to mention anything about losing her memories because it may affect the investigation. In order to not give the Bai family an excuse, Song Jinning had decided to keep silent about her own condition. She didn't bring it up and rubbed her temples, "Today was indeed tiring, I want to go rest."

Huo Shaoheng moved aside, "Then let's go back now."

"Where are you going?" Grandfather Huo's father darkened as he angrily asked Huo Shaoheng, "This is your home and tonight is New Year's Eve. Where are you going?" Perhaps he was too furious and choked up, he began coughing badly.

Huo Jialan immediately rushed over to pat his pat and said, "Elder Cousin, don't leave tonight. It's almost New Year, how can you leave Grandfather all alone like this?"

The Zhang family, who had been huddled in the corner of the living room finally walked up. "Uncle Zhang, Aunt Zhang, please take Grandfather upstairs." Huo Jialan resumed her gracefulness and began skillfully taking care of the household. She said to Grandfather Huo, "Grandfather, please don't worry. I won't let Elder Cousin leave."

"Stay right here." Huo Shaoheng walked up in a steady pace, interrupting her and waving his hand backwards, "Someone, lock Huo Jialan up."