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218 Collapsed

 "You see, Professor He, Gu Nianzhi doesn't come from a simple background." Wen Shouyi stood before He Zhichu's desk and pointed at the photos. "According to results of our investigation, this man is called Huo Shaoheng. He's the youngest Major General in the Huaxia Imperial Army and the acting agent of the newly established 6th Military Region; he is also Gu Nianzhi's guardian." She finished the sentence and laughed sardonically. "This young lady is pretty lucky. She always knows people in high places no matter where she is."

He Zhichu picked up the photo taken on Christmas Eve and gave it a flick, coldly analyzing it. He felt conflicted; he should be happy knowing that Gu Nianzhi had lived a good life for the last six years. But it was so good that it had exceeded his expectations and made it hard to stand. Of course, the worst part was seeing the unconcealed love and reliance in Gu Nianzhi's eyes directed at...

Huo Shaoheng, He Zhichu thought bitterly.

Wen Shouyi snuck a glance at He Zhichu. His back was to the light and his features appeared even more pronounced. His entire body exuded a chilling aura that would have prevented anyone else from approaching. "Why are you only showing these to me today?" He Zhichu was silent for a long time, then slowly looked up. His cold stare made Wen Shouyi's sweat.

Resisting her discomfort, Wen Shouyi said with a smile, "I just received the information about Huo Shaoheng. This man rarely appears in public and I paid lots of money to get this internal information from the Huaxia Imperial Army. I only found out his name, rank and responsibilities, but nothing more." She wouldn't present information to He Zhichu without fully preparing all the materials. Huo Shaoheng had such a powerful background that it wasn't possible for Wen Shouyi to be able to hire someone to even take photos.

He Zhichu waved his hand. "Leave, I need to think about this."

Wen Shouyi slightly inclined her head at him and retreated from the room, closing the door gently. She stood with her back against the door for a while, her mood better than ever. This time she had grown more in her garden than she had sowed. Originally, they had sent someone to follow Gu Nianzhi, but had never thought that such an important character would appear. Many of the photos had been taken with a telephoto lens as well as a professional camera lens for tracking. Several of the photos were as beautiful as postcards and very impressive.


He Zhichu sat alone in his study and stared blankly at the photos for a long time. His finger glided over Gu Nianzhi's pretty little face; the pain of his overwhelming love for her shaded his eyes. After a long time, he picked up his phone to call Gu Nianzhi. However, it rang for a long time and no one picked up. After listening to a few rings, the line connected to her voicemail. He Zhichu thought about it and decided to leave her a message, "Nianzhi? It's Professor He...the semester is about to start, so when will you have time to come by campus? Let's get you acquainted with everyone."


Huo Shaoheng was in the official residence of the 6th Military Region's headquarters, while Gu Nianzhi laid unconscious on the surgical chair in operating room A. After extracting the blood marrow from Gu Nianzhi, Ye Zitan had immediately sent it over to Chen lie to inject intravenously into Song Jinning. Because Song Jinning had been ill for a long period of time, the genetic defects in her brain cells were very serious and required a larger volume of high concentration blood marrow. However, this type of extraction and injection couldn't be completed in one procedure, but had to be carried out multiple times in small batches. Outside the operating room, Huo Shaoheng was worried about both women. He made the preparations and awaited Yin Shixiong's notification.


Bai Changhui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Imperial Administration Secretariat, sat in a car that was speeding down the road. He was chastising his younger sister, Bai Jinyi.

"Jinyi, what on earth have you been doing? How could you have just let Huo Shaoheng take her away? You've been together with Huo Guanchen for so many years already, but you still don't even have a proper title. Don't put all your eggs into one basket."

Bai Jinyi was very anxious and didn't bother to curb her temper for her brother. "This is not the time to be talking about this; the key is Song Jinning. Lately there's been issues with her condition, and I'm worried..."

"What are you worried about? Haven't you been treating her all these years? Why hasn't she recovered yet?" Bai Changhui frowned. "If she really can't recover, then just give up. How is your research coming along?"

"There's still a problem. I can't replicate the original experimental data." Bai Jjinyi grew even more annoyed. She couldn't accept the fact that she had been conducting a fruitless experiment for 16 years.

"Can Song Jinning be the only solution?" Bai Chanhui shut his eyes briefly, leaning against the seat of the car and muttered, "If only Second Brother had participated as the military representative back then; it's a pity that Huo Guanyuan-"

"If it was really Second Brother...He wouldn't have ended up on that path. He's already dead, so what's the point of talking about it now?" Bai Jinyi interrupted him with her outburst.

The brother they were talking about was Bai Yusheng. He had committed treason and been secretly executed abroad by Huo Shaoheng, who had been sent by the military.

"You don't want to say it? It was supposed to have been Second Brother, but you made me go convince them and let the eldest son of the Huo family, Huo Guanyuan, go. I had thought you had feelings for him and spent all that effort to help him get inside the lab as the military representative!" Bai Changhui reminisced about that year and got very emotional.

"Huo Guanyuan had already been a Colonel Commandant 16 years ago, while Huo Guanchen had only been a mere Captain. It was light and day." Bai Jinyi smiled sadly. "And I had been just a post-doctorate student. How could I have been worthy of Huo Guanyuan?"

The truth was, she had loved Huo Guanyuan at first sight, but unfortunately he'd had someone else in his heart and had completely ignored her.

Bai Jinyi remembered that sharp taste of unrequited love and was suddenly irritated. She took out a pack of cigarettes from her purse.

Bai Changhui grabbed it from her to throw out the window and shouted, "How old are you anyway?! You're still smoking?! Do you want to die by smoking yourself to death?!"

"Of course I don't want to die. I won't rest until I finish this experiment." Bai Jinyi grither teeth. Song Jining must not fall into other people's hands. As the siblings spoke, the police car in front of them had opened a path and they were now 500 meters from the entrance of the 6th Military Region headquarters.

Bai Changhui had been suddenly dragged here by Bai Jinyi. He also couldn't find his military contacts to mobilize troops, and had finally asked his old subordinate at the police headquarters to lend him 100 tactical police officers. In their minds, the newly established 6th Military Region was nothing important. Because its predecessor was the Special Operations Forces of the Imperial Central Military, it was, in other words, only an agency specialized against foreign special forces spies. To the political strategists in the upper echelon of the Empire, the 6th Military Region's combat powers were inherently deficient and held no comparison to the other Five Major Military Regions. Thus, Bai Chanhui had been confident only bringing 100 tactical police officers to trespass into the 6th Military Region. To soldiers, strength could only be attained through combat, and could not be built from resources. Because Huo Shaheng also firmly believed in this principle, he was able to quickly adapt to any situation and in this case, would hit three birds with one stone. He would be able to treat his mother, weaken the Bai family, and also establish the 6th Military's reputation in the capital.


"Secretary Bai, look at this sign ahead!" Bai Changhui's driver stopped in front of the "Restricted Military Area" sign. They didn't have a permit and had no idea how to enter. Bai Changhu surveyed the surroundings and waved his hand and said, "Drive in; I'll cover for us if there are any issues." His driver had no choice but to forcibly enter the "Restricted Military Area."

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

As soon as the vehicle crossed the line, the sounds of gunshots were heard. The four wheels of the vehicle flattened at the same time, and the car immediately collapsed!