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204 Youre So Hard

 Gu Nianzhi couldn't help getting excited when she felt Huo Shaoheng's hot breath lingering around her neck. Shakily reaching out with her arm, she gently reached under his arms to encircle his broad back. This position enabled her to nestle her entire body into his his warm embrace.

Huo Shaoheng didn't make a sound as his heavy panting gradually ceased. He remained motionless as he leaned forward to rest his head on Gu Nianzhi's shoulder. One centimeter closer and he would be able to touch her soft and slender neck, but he stopped himself.

Gu Nianzhi hugged Huo Shaoheng with satisfaction. He was so tall and muscular that he could cover her entire body with his, but she still couldn't help stretching out her arms to feel and touch the only man in her heart, to the fullest extent. Huo Shaoheng braced his hands against the wall in attempt to keep his distance from Gu Nianzhi's body.

However, Gu Nianzhi was completely immersed in the ecstasy of lust for her loved one and didn't even notice Huo Shaoheng silently moving away from her. She acted on instinct and gently brushed her soft lips against his earlobes. Her petal like lips felt luscious against one of the most sensitive places on the human body. Huo Shaoheng was caught off guard as an overwhelming numbness began spreading from his earlobes, nearly destroying his newly erected defences.

"Nianzhi..." Huo Shaoheng called her, his voice raspy and strained. Gu Nianzhi's heart throbbed and she didn't hesitate to part her red lips to suck on Huo Shaoheng's earlobe. A low growl sounded deep inside his throat and his member felt so swollen it could explode in an instant. The hands braced against the wall curled into fists as he used all his self-control and restraint that had been cultivated from years of military training to prevent himself from taking a step he wouldn't be able to take back.

Gu Nianzhi didn't seem to understand the devastating effect of her action on Huo Shaoheng-or perhaps she knew and didn't care. At a time like this, she only wanted to do what she wanted to do, with the person she loved. She wanted him to be happy and make herself happy too. She wanted to experience this joy and light the fire he had set on her body-she wanted to ignite the same passion in him too.

She had to let him know that she was all grown up.

Gu Nianzhi began sucking on Huo Shaoheng's earlobe with more intensity and Huo Shaoheng had to take several deep breaths before he could take her jaw and force her to let go of his ear. Gu Nianzhi impatiently turned her head away to avoid his fingers. Huo Shaoheng took the chance to stand up straight and rescue his ears from her. However, he hadn't expected her to latch on again. She stood on the tips of her toes and inclined her head, eyes shut and red lips puckered as she leaned towards Huo Shaoheng's face. But Huo Shaoheng was too tall and she could only reach his chin on her tiptoes.

"Lower you head, Shaoheng," Gu Nianzhi begged tenderly, so Huo Shaoheng sighed and bent over to deliver his lips to her.

Gu Nianzhi giggled and caressed her fingers on his lips for a long time before gently pressing her lips to his and speaking right to them. Her voice was muffled. "You're such a hard person, but your lips are pretty soft."

Huo Shaoheng didn't want to acknowledge her mindless whispering and stealthily moved his, indeed, hard body part away by taking another step back. Gu Nianzhi carefully kissed him twice before gently pressing her lips tightly against Huo Shaoheng's. Taking cue from him, she extended her pink, soft tongue to circle around his lips. Huo Shaoheng kept his eyes closed, arms weak as he hugged Gu Nianzhi. Helpless against her playful kisses, he took control and gently pecked her lips, then up to her delicate nose and finally feathered his lips against her forehead. It was a restrained action and seemed like a goodnight kiss.

Gu Nianzhi's hammering heart slowed down with his soft kisses. She looked up to watch Huo Shaoheng's impassive face, her eyes full of hope.

Huo Shaoheng released her from his arms and managed in a raspy voice, "Go shower; don't sleep too late."

"Huh?" Gu Nianzhi hadn't expected him to make her go to bed early after such a passionate makeout session.

Huo Shaoheng ignored her and turned and left the main bedroom to go shower in the other bathroom. In the Imperial capital, the cold water was icy during the winter even with central air conditioning. However, Huo Shaoheng had no choice but to take a cold shower to calm his scorching body. After he finished, he wore his black T-shirt and pajama pants to sit on the window sill of the bay window in the bedroom. Opening the window a crack, he lit a cigarette and silently smoked. Just now, he had actually lost control to his urges and now felt more vigilant than ever. Perhaps he had underestimated Gu Nianzhi's influence on him. His thick eyelashes were like fans over his eyes, as he looked down, a cigarette between his fingers as he gently blew out a white ring of smoke. Casting his eyes up at the dark night sky and falling snow, his heart had already hardened once again.


Gu Nianzhi had showered and changed into the black T-shirt from Huo Shaoheng. The long sleep shirt covered half her thigh and her exposed skin appeared even more fair against the dark fabric. She sat in front of the dressing table with a head of wet hair for a while, before taking out the hairdryer to dry it halfway and then going to bed. She glanced at the clock to see it was only eight in the evening-she wasn't sleepy at all and couldn't even think of sleeping. Stroking her almost swollen lips, Gu Nianzhi reminisced about the earlier kiss. Her heart was nervous and couldn't calm down. Sometimes she felt unbelievably lucky and unbelievably happy, while other times she thought the happiness came too suddenly. It made her dizzy and afraid to believe it to be true. But no matter whether or not she believed it, Huo Shaoheng had truly kissed her. It hadn't been a dream. Thinking about the passionate kiss, Gu Nianzhi's heart grew hot. She moved aside the blankets to get off the beside and walked around the room in circles before deciding to look for Huo Shaoheng. When Gu Nianzhi arrived at the his bedroom door, she knocked gently. No light was shining from the crack under the door, so she wasn't sure if he was even inside. No one answered from inside the room. She knocked for a long time, but got no response. She made up her mind and pushed it gently-surprisingly it wasn't locked.

The room was very dark, but not enough that she was blinded. She pushed opened the door to find Huo Shaoheng sitting on the window sill of the bay window across from where she stood. He held a cigarette, his long legs resting on the window sill. One leg was bent and the other lay straight as he lazily leaned against a large pillow.

Gu Nianzhi opened her mouth and wanted to call him "Shaoheng," but suddenly felt abashed when the words were at the tip of her tongue. It was a normal name, but Gu Nianzhi saw it as a little secret between lovers because of their earlier actions. She didn't want to share this with anyone else, nor did she want to say this name in front of others. She collected her wits and slowly walked over. "Huo Shao, you couldn't sleep either?"

Huo Shaoheng was like a statue as he held his cigarette and watched Gu Nianzhi approach slowly. Turning his head, he stubbed the cigarette in the ashtray and closed the window. He dryly remarked, "You're finished showering?"

"Yeah." Gu Nianzhi walked to the window sill of the bay window and sat diagonally on the other side to face him. Too afraid to look up, she dragged a large pillow to her chest and mustered the courage to ask, "Huo Shao, I...I had spoken the words from my heart earlier. Do you have anything you want to say to me?"