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160 Return It Back To Her

 "Attractive couple?" Huo Shaoeng didn't turn around. "Who?"

"Of course I'm talking about them!" Chen Lie giggled as he pointed to He Zhichu and Gu Niangzhi on the laptop monitor, boldly continuing, "See, a handsome man and a beautiful woman, don't they like look like a stunning pair?"

Huo Shaoheng shifted his gaze and looked at Chen Lie disdainfully. "Stunning pair? What silly things are going on inside your head?"

"Isn't it true though?!" Chen Lie was giddy and mentally mocked Huo Shaoheng. You wanted to fake it, and now you can't fake it anymore. You're really upset, aren't you?

"Of course not." Huo Shaoheng promptly denied. He then pointed a finger at He Zhichu. "He is Nianzhi's professor. Don't you know the laws in American schools? The teacher will be fired if he gets romantically involved with a student. If the student is a minor, the teacher goes to jail. I'll gladly help He Zhichu along if he wants to destroy his reputation."

Chen Lie gaped at Huo Shaoheng-the man's barefaced threats shocked him.

"You're also the most well known doctor in the Empire, and even known as the 'God of Medicine' within the military. How can you be so ignorant?" Not forgetting to insult Chen Lie, Huo Shaoheng hit him where it hurt and directly attacked his professional abilities.

Chen Lie hated having his qualifications questioned more than anything. He was so angry he nearly cursed, but was tongue tied and speechless for a long time. After a while, he attempted to salvage his dignity.

"Why are you so mad? I was just making a joke. Moreover, Professor He is a law professional, so how would he allow anyone to give reason to blackmail him?"

Huo Shaoheng turned away to continue watching the video, and then took out a flash drive and copied the file to it. "Stop with your flowery speech. Do you think you can fool me?"

"What I am fooling you about?" Chen Lie was annoyed to realize that he was the furious one. When had Mr. Huo gotten such a sharp tongue? Before, he would beat someone up for messing with him and had never resorted to bickering. Refusing to back down, Chen Lie grumbled, "Yeah right! A gentleman desires a fair lady! You may not be interested, but you can't forbid others from being interested! Don't be so overbearing!"

"How am I forbidding anything? If that's the case, how would Mei Xiawen be milling around Nianzhi?" Huo Shaoheng's hand paused while he resumed his composure. He copied all the remaining footage and permanently deleted them off Chen Lie's laptop.

"Mei Xiawen?" Chen Lie paused. "Who's that?"

Huo Shaoheng remained silent and took out the flash drive to leave the room.

"Oh! I remember now! He's Nianzhi's Class Rep! So, Mr.Huo knows his name!" Chen Lie laugher. "He's young and handsome; he makes a good pair with Nianzhi too! She promised to be his girlfriend in six months, once she comes back." Chen Lie grinned and taunted Huo Shaoheng. "It sounds like Gu Nianzhi has to thank 'Your Highness' for letting her get a boyfriend, correct?"

The only reply Chen Lie got was Huo Shaoheng walking away and slamming the door.


The Huxia Imperial Military's charity foundation for fallen soldiers, "Today's Heart," was quickly established. All legal procedures were prepared and a professional administrative team had been formed by the elite members of the 6th Military Region. Gu Yanran was surprised when she got news of the 90 million dollar donation

"Someone had already made a donation? An anonymous donor? Is this true?" Gu Yanran looked at the letter Deputy Director Feng of the Huaxia Imperial Secret Service had sent, her brows knit tightly together as she murmured, "This can't be. The conditions were too harsh, how could anyone agree to them? Did someone really donate that money? Or was this a publicity stunt?" She had originally intended to take control of the charity fund, name it after Huo Shaoheng, and do things for him behind scenes. Because she would have been the one paying, she would certainly have had the power. No one was foolish enough to spend money without a motive. Had the 90 million US dollars really been donated without reason, and anonymously too? This kind of tactic was common in the world of business-just like an antiques auction. People would bid against each other and the highest bid would win.

Gu Yanran couldn't believe that someone would donate all that money to the military without an ulterior motive. Her own total assets were several billion US dollars, and much of that was in the form of real estate, stocks, and bonds. With her liquidity, it would take one month to put together 90 million US dollars. Gu Yanran contemplated it and called her American lawyer. "Jennifer, can you have someone find out the information about the new charity fund established by the Huaxia Imperial Military? Did someone really make the donation?"

Jennifer was an intelligent and capable lawyer. As soon as she heard this, she exclaimed, "Impossible! This can't be right! I'll contact our branch in the Huaxia Empire and see if they have any news."

Setting down the phone, Gu Yanran leaned on the beige and dark gold brocade chaise longue and watched the rain fall gently outside the window. Large droplets hit the banana leaves outside the French windows, rinsing their vibrant green hue. Summer is about to end in C City? Gu Yanran mused. It is almost September, so the weather will turn colder soon.

Gu Yanran looked down at the letter, as though she would be able to make out any deception from the flimsy paper. Soon after, Jennifer returned her call. "Yan, I can't help you with this. The 6th Military Region controls the formation of this charity fund, and our people don't have access to them."

"The 6th Military Region?" Gu Yanran clutched her phone and abruptly said, "I understand. Thanks Jennifer."

If she recalled correctly, the man she was interested in, Major General Huo, was in charge of the 6th Military Region. A small smile formed on her lips as she curled her slender fingers around an ivory toothpick to spear a sliver of golden cantaloupe, and brought it to her red lips. If that's the game Major General Huo wanted to play, then that's exactly what she would do too.

"Prepare 10 million US dollars in cash and deposit it to the account number from Deputy Director Feng." Gu Yanran ate the cantaloupe as she gave the order. There were always four or five senior secretaries at her side, since she had countless decisions to make a day. Every moment involved millions of US dollars in business. "Also, tell Deputy Director Feng we will transfer the remaining 40 million dollars in installments." Gu Yanran stopped eating the cantaloupe after two pieces and rose to give the remaining slices to her secretaries. "These are quite good. They were flown in yesterday from a specialty orchard. The quality is even better than the local ones grown here."

The secretaries sat and shared the fruit as Gu Yanran continued her requests. "Book some plane tickets, I'm going back to Barbadoes. I've been here for too long. It's time to return."


Several days after Gu Yanran left, Deputy Director Feng received the news that Gu Yanran had only donated 10 million US dollars despite promising 50 million. The remaining funds would be deposited in installments. Deputy Director Feng was immensely displeased. He had done as she had asked, and Imperial soldiers had even been sacrificed for her. Now that things were settled, she actually had the gall to state such ridiculous conditions.

Deputy Director Feng complained to Huo Shaoheng over the phone and he dryly replied, "Return the 10 million US dollars back to her. The blueprints will be considered as part of her fees, so that we won't have anything to do with her again." He paused before warning Deputy Director Feng, "Old Feng, you are not to call the shots with anything to do with this woman again. Don't contact her, understand?"