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156 Who Did You Come For?

 "Extradition?!" Judge Judy nearly shrieked. She hadn't expected this to happen and looked helplessly at an individual sitting in the gallery. The man who had been responsible for coordinating the case between the US Military and CIA, who had contacted her and made a secret deal... Lieutenant Colonel Peter. His jaw dropped at the unprecedented announcement and his eyes went wide with rage. He cursed himself for completely forgetting about this possibility. When Xin Xinggao had contacted them, one of her conditions had been obtaining a green card and permanent residency in the United States. The procedure to obtain a green card was complicated, so although they had agreed to her terms, it would have taken a good deal of time. Gu Nianzhi had assaulted Xin Xinggao before the process was completed. Unable to swallow her pride, Xin Xinggao had used the support of the US Military and CIA to make an example of Gu Nianzhi and frighten other Huaxia Imperial exchange students from giving her trouble. She had been adamant on suing Gu Nianzhi and sending her to American prison. Xin Xinggao has regarded herself as an American citizen and had assumed that the American judicial system would help her and protect her from harm at the hands of the Huaxia exchange students. Whatever harm came to Gu Nianzhi in America's prison system as a Huaxia exchange student had been of little concern to Xin Xinggao.

However, as soon as the diplomat of the Consulate General of the Huaxia had Empire appeared, Xin Xinggao's bravado had shrunken down like Sun Wukong1 by his Golden Fillet. Though she sat at the plaintiff's stand with a blank expression, Xin Xinggao's legs turned to jelly and her hands began shaking violently on the wheelchair armrests. She was terrified. She wasn't even a permanent resident, so she was still a Huaxia Imperial citizen-American laws offered limited protection for her.

"Yes, extradition." The diplomat waved the documents in his hand. "My nation has signed an extradition agreement with the United States. According to the agreement, this criminal case is entirely within the scope of extradition."

The diplomat stressed the word "criminal case" with a mocking tone and half smiled at the red faced Judge Judy. According to the extradition agreement, parties in political cases were excluded, while parties in criminal cases were fully eligible for extradition. In the case of Xin Xinggao VS Gu Nianzhi, it was obviously political, but in order to teach Gu Nianzhi a lesson, it had been reported as a criminal case. They had unwittingly given the Huaxia Empire an upper hand.

But to extradite Xin Xinggao?! Are you kidding me?! Lieutenant Colonel Peter would be the first to slap her on the face. The courtroom grew silent and the people present kept their eyes fixed on Judge Judy and the Consul General of the Huaxia Empire of Boston.

He Zhichu was the only exception. He sat rigidly in the dock, his face sullen and his eyes locked onto Gu Nianzhi. She could feel his cold stare as it bore into her.

However, Gu Nianzhi had never feared anyone except for Huo Shaoheng while she had been growing up. Refusing to back down, she stared back at He Zhichu and leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Professor He, are you unhappy?" Why was he suddenly so upset? she mused sadly. Thinking back on what it could have been, she realized that his change in attitude had come about when she had mentioned the legal fees. She pursed her lips, suddenly feeling guilty. She had truly thought the case was lost and that she was going to jail, so she had tried to rush to explain it to He Zhichu before the bailiff took her away. She hadn't wanted to owe He Zhichu any favours. Connecting He Zhuchu's strong reaction to her remark, Gu Nianzhi was more certain that she had done the right thing-she had to pay him as soon as possible.

"Why do you even care if I'm happy or not?" He Zhichu managed to say through his grit teeth. His voice was quiet and controlled, and his breath blew onto Gu Nianzhi's cheek.

Gu Nianzhi moved away and she turned her face the slightest bit towards him as she continued to explain. "I know that Professor He is not helping me because of the money, but I can't take advantage of your kindness. The only thing I can do for Professor He is to pay first, then continue to be your student and strive to graduate with excellent grades. "

He Zhichu chest ached and his confusion at the sensation annoyed him further. He smiled bitterly as he pinched the bridge of his nose. " What good fortune for me to have a student like you."

"Professor He sounds like he's really saying that it's 'terrible luck.'" Gu Nianzhi shifted her gaze to Chen Lie and casually remarked, "If Professor He finds it hard to accept right now, then we'll talk about it after the case ends. Anyway, I refuse to have Professor He get taken advantage of by me and my mistakes."

The only person I want to take advantage of me and what I have to offer, no matter when, where, or why can only be you, Gu Nianzhi. He Zhichu sighed quietly and kept himself from speaking that last thought aloud. He closed his eyes, wishing deeply to no longer deal with this girl who made him feel at such a loss.

The truth was, even if the Huaxia diplomat hadn't appeared, He Zhichu had devised a way to make sure Gu Nianzhi would walk out of this case unscathed. But now that the other side had deployed a diplomat, He Zhichu had no need to use his own power. He closed his eyes and began to contemplate who the diplomats really came for, Xin Xinggao, or... could it be Gu Nianzhi? He Zhichu kept the thought to himself, and brought his attention back to the new events unfolding in the courtroom.

After Judge Judy regained her composure, she finally launched a new counterattack. "No, Xin's IQ is damaged and so she doesn't have the capabilities of a normal person. Who will guarantee her personal safety?"

Chen Lie walked up to the stand. "Your Honor, I am a doctor within the Huaxia Empire's official military medical team. With Xin Xinggao in my care, Your Honor will have nothing to worry about."

Chen Lie was reknown for his medical skills, and combined with his military background, even Lieutenant Colonel Peter was left speechless. He snuck a look at Xin Xinggao who looked at him with terrified eyes. He could only shake his head and spread his hands in helplessness.

The CIA representative sat immobile. They were already in control of their person of interest, Bai Yusheng, so Xin Xinggao was not longer useful.

Xin Xinggao quickly glanced around the courtroom, suddenly realizing that she was going to be at the mercy of these people and subject to extradition if she didn't speak now. If she went back to the Empire after doing such traitorous things, it was obvious what was going to happen to her.

"Your Honor, I request for United States citizenship." Xin Xinggao abruptly spoke up, and although she was speaking to the judge, she glared at Lieutenant Colonel Peter and the CIA representative. " I know that according to the United States naturalization law, those who make major contributions to America can bypass the process and immediately obtain citizenship."

There was a lengthy process to getting a green card, but this was a much faster alternative. Xin Xinggao had carefully studied these regulations and had initially thought that she just had needed to patiently wait since the green card was promised to her. Now the situation had changed and she had request for naturalization immediately. Compared to her desire to throw Gu Nianzhi in jail, it was much more important to quickly obtain citizenship and be freed from the governance of Huaxia Imperial laws. Xin Xinggao couldn't put up the mentally disabled act any longer, and so she resorted to desperately shouting her request in front of everyone in court.

The first to react, Gu Nianzhi m snorted and rose from her seat, her eyes steely and her voice sharp. "What's this? Wasn't Xin's brain irreparably damaged and her IQ reduced to that of a three year old's? Why is she all of a sudden back to nornal at this crucial moment?" Gu Nianzhi glared at Xin Xinggao. "Stop your pretense and slander, Xin Xinggaoz W have all these witnesses!Mr. He, I argue that you counter charge Xin Xinggao on my behalf for fabricating evidence and the obstruction of justice. I also countercharge the US Military and the CIA for abuse of power and the persecution of an innocent minor!"