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148 Dont Her Get Too Far Ahead

 "...Trash?" The Caucasian lawyer repeated with a stony expression, "You're calling this trash?"

"Yes, trash. T-r-a-s-h, trash." Gu Nianzhi got up from her seat and dragged all five defense proposals to herself to crumple into a ball. She threw it hard with her right hand, drawing a beautiful arc in the air before it landed in the trash can in the corner. "That's where it belongs."

Gu Nianzhi sat down with poise, her face was as soft and sweet as a manga character, but her tongue was sharp and poisonous.

"Haha, do you know who we are? How many cases we've won? Do you know how long we spent to draft these defense proposals for you? Who do you think you've messed with? Do you know what risk we're facing to accept this case for you?" The lawyer quickly spat out a torrent of English, "But you've just thrown away our efforts like garbage. I refuse to defend someone like you!" He stood up and looked at He Zhichu, "Mr. He, please forgive me for being unable to help."

Gu Nianzhi gave He Zhichu a sideways glance and sneered, "Professor He, this is your valued employee? Hehe..." She didn't wait for He Zhichu to reply before looking at the lawyer asking to resign from the case, "What's your name?"

"John, John Vanderbilt." He announced smugly. The Vanderbilts were famous in upper-class American society. Most of the people from this family were certainly elites.

Gu Nianzhi nodded, "Mr. Vanderbilt, may I ask how much your salary is?"

The man flushed, "That's confidential, you have no right to ask."

"I'm asking on behalf of Professor He." Gu Nianzhi raised her head arrogantly and was even smugger than the lawyer, "I'm thinking that your salary must be good if you are employed by Professor He? Are you paid all that money just to take fender-bender cases?"

Oh... The four other lawyers had been still the whole time and finally burst out laughing. Their eyes flashed with sarcasm as they winked at John Vanderbilt.

"John, I guess this is goodbye. We won't have to worry about being eliminated this year, now that you're gone."

"Can't agree more, though we won't be throwing a farewell party for you."

Gu Nianzhi was keenly aware that the lawyers had discord amongst themselves and chose to butt in, "Exactly, it's survival of the fittest in the world of lawyers. It's against everyone's interests if the case is lost."

John Vanderbilt suddenly realized he had been too impulsive, but had already reached the door and couldn't bear the shame of turning back now. Just as when he was hesitating, He Zhichu looked up, "John, take your annual vacation."

His face blanched and lips trembled as he considered acquiescing, but Gu Nianzhi's disdainful expression was too much to swallow. He rashly nodded, "Well then, I'll let you all continue." He turned away and his quick footsteps in the hallway emphasized the silence in He Zhichu's office.

After a long moment, He Zhichu looked at Gu Nianzhi with a cold expression, "Ok, you said that was trash, so what non-trash do you have to share with us?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled at the remaining four lawyers, "I've already listened to everyone's defense proposals earlier, and really felt they are not helpful. I also don't believe you that you think such proposals will help win my case."

"Ms. Gu, that's our dilemma." With Gu Nianzhi's earlier behavior and He Zhichu's protective stance, they didn't dare disrespect her and answered seriously, "Our strategy in court for this case doesn't depend on us, but the US Military. We can only know how to counter them if we know what they want to achieve."

"Really?" Gu Nianzhi looked to He Zhichu, "Professor He, have you always prepared for cases like this?"

He Zhichu grunted, "What solution do you have?"

Gu Nianzhi thought about and replied hesitantly, "I'll tell you what I think. If anything is insufficient or incorrect, please let me know."

"Go on." He Zhichu leaned back in his chair and scanned the faces of his employees before coldly remarking, "Nianzhi just graduated with her undergrad, don't let her get too far ahead of you." He actually didn't say don't compare their solutions with a student's, but don't let her get ahead... Exactly how much potential did Mr. He see in this high school girl! The four lawyers sat seriously as they listened with great vigilance, but all cursed in their hearts.

"...Did I hear him wrong! Why would we fall behind a little girl who doesn't even have a law license?! Did Mr. He drink too much red wine this morning?!"

"Even though Mr. He never misjudges, I really think he's made a mistake here."

"Even the smartest students are only limited to how well they perform in exams. Being in court is a whole different thing. Mr. Huo must've been getting too deep into his professor role and forgot what it was like to go to court..."

Gu Nianzhi also complained internally, Professor He, you're throwing me under the bus?! Her gaze moved from He Zhichu's side profile to the conference table before her. She took a blank sheet of paper and began writing as she spoke, "Let's cast some light on the subject. First of all, I agree that the Military's stance is unclear, but I disagree with your conclusion that we can't prepare because of this."

"...Ms. Gu, may we ask how you prepare if the Military's stance is unclear?"

"It's simple. I think the Military's attitude is also affected by our stance." Gu Nianzhi looked up to scan the faces of all four lawyers, "If we match them heel to heel and use all evidence to fight back directly, they will shrink back. In simple words, the Military also doesn't know to what extent we'll take this, so they can't conclude on how to deal with me, or us as a team. So we have to express our tenacity and show them to what extent we'll go."

All Americans were like this, they never set personal lower limits because there was no fixed value. Instead, it's a bottomless abyss they keep breaking through to match the opponent's strength. The four lawyers were then certain that this young and beautiful girl knew what she was talking about, no wonder Mr. He had so much faith in her.

"Continue." He Zhichu nodded, an encouraging smile flashing over his face. With the direction solidified, they can now move forward. Gu Nianzhi not only found the right direction, but also a shortcut. "Also, I'm not yet 18, so I'm still a minor. Did the Military even consider the consequences of suing and losing a case to a minor?"

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly electrified.

"Ms. Gu is still a minor?! Is that true?!"

"You've already completed your undergrad? And are studying as Mr. Huo's post-grad student?! No wonder Mr. He told us not to let you get too far ahead."

Strong people only obeyed those stronger than themselves. Gu Nianzhi's short speech had revealed her debate abilities and impressed the lawyers.

Gu Nianzhi smiled and snuck a glance at He Zhichu--she was smug, happy and proud. He Zhichu watched her quietly and was speechless for a long time. After a while, he finally produced the defense proposal he prepared to distribute amongst the group in the conference room, including Gu Nianzhi, "You see, Nianzhi is undoubtedly talented. Don't embarrass me now."

Sweat beaded on the lawyers' brows when they read He Zhichu's defense proposal--his two main points were exactly the same as Gu Nianzhi's! The key to the case was to clarify these two points. He Zhichu also passed a copy to Gu Nianzhi, who smiled as she asked, "Professor He personally drafted this?"

He Zhichu nodded, "I thought the same thing as you. You haven't disappointed me, Nianzhi."

Gu Nianzhi smiled and humbly answered, "Thank you for the praise, but I really did work hard to prepare for this..." She looked down and quickly read through the proposal before exclaiming, "I only gave two suggestions, but Professor He's prepared a complete proposal. You are certainly more impressive!"

The four lawyers were rendered speechless. Turns out the little girl hadn't seen them, but Mr. He as an opponent all along... He Zhichu's proposal was truly flawless and the first thing brought up was the fact that Gu Nianzhi was not yet 18, thus she had to be tried in Juvenile Court. This also meant that the case would be protected by juvenile justice laws and not open to a public trial. This will not be kept on her social records and the media also couldn't make any reports. Gu Nianzhi's identity would be kept confidential under the law. If there was a leak, the opposing party loses by default and there would be no need for a trial. The other point was to target the opponent's allegations and defend accordingly--this would be left to his subordinates. Sometimes the difference between employees and employers lie in how they determine a plan of action. After the meeting, the lawyers took He Zhichu's proposal to prepare for their court statements.

When Yin Shixiong arrived, the lawyers had just left. He overheard a bit of He Zhichu's conversation and knew they had already formulated a plan, so he quickly asked, "When will you appear in court?"

He Zhichu smiled, "We have to thank Lieutenant Colonel Peter for this. He pushed for it and used all sorts of connections to ensure the trials will begin as soon as possible. We will appear in court next week."

If not for Xin Xinggao and Lieutenant Colonel Peter's anxiousness to begin trials, the case would have been pushed to the following year according to the normal American court procedure of indictment, acceptance, and hearing of a case, and scheduling for trials. If the trial was scheduled for next year, it would be impossible for Xin Xinggao to keep her act up until then... All the factors combined allowed the US Military to neglect the most important fact that Gu Nianzhi was yet to be 18 and still legally considered a minor.


A week walter, the case of Xin Xinggao vs Gu Nianzhi officially began trials at the Federal District Court of Boston. Xin Xinggao appeared in a wheelchair, head bandaged and eyes glazed as a nurse pushed her to the plaintiff's stand. Lieutenant Colonel Peter was in casual clothes and sat in the back row, unable to hide his smug smile. The court entrance was overcrowded with reporters and media. Although they couldn't enter the courtroom, they were able to interview and record outside. The case had been revealed to the media by Lieutenant Colonel Peter because Xin Xinggao wanted to use the huge publicity effect to warn all the Huaxia exchange students that messing with her would land them in jail!

Ten minutes before the court session, He Zhichu led four elite lawyers into the courtroom. Gu Nianzhi was not present. The reporters went crazy when they saw that He Zhichu was personally representing Gu Nianzhi in the case. They flocked over carrying cameras and video equipment, pointing the microphone at him, "Mr. He, are you the defense lawyer in this case?"

"As far as we know, Mr. He has not appeared in court as a defense lawyer since winning the case of eavesdropping in the Congress three years ago. May I ask why you are choosing to represent in this case?"

He Zhichu wore a deep grey three-piece suit with a white iron-free shirt. He appeared as cold and ruthless as ice. Pausing his step, he spoke clearly to the reporters, "Please remove all your recording equipment and delete all reports related to this case. My client is a minor, and you all know what the consequences of violating the laws protecting minors."

American law protected minors more comprehensively than any other country and did not hesitate when it came to the execution of the law. For all other incidents, the media could do as they pleased, but no outlet dared to touch the minefield of incidents with minors. As soon as He Zhichu gave his warning, the droves of reporters immediately put away all recording equipment, microphones and prepared to delete all reports related to the case. They also immediately contacted their websites, newspapers and radio stations to pull all content to do with the case. After completing all the tasks, they saw that He Zhichu had already entered the courtroom and was standing before the judge.

"Your Honor, the first request I submit to the court on behalf of my client is to counterclaim against the Federal District Court of Boston for neglecting to verify and accepting a case outside its jurisdictions." He Zhichu coldly announced as he presented Gu Nianzhi's proof of birthdate, passport and all relevant legal provisions to the court.

The judge looked at the submission and burned with humiliation. He inwardly cursed Lieutenant Colonel Peter and the US Military for not investigating properly before forcing him to open the case and starting the trial! He knew it! Nothing good ever came out of messing with He Zhichu.