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142 Incapacitated

 Early the next morning, Mei Xiawen got a call from He Zhichu after waking up.

"Good morning, Professor He." Mei Xiawen greeted him, "Are we going out now?"

He Zhichu's cool and indifferent voice traveled from the phone, "Come down in half an hour, I'll send a car to pick you up."

Half a hour later, Mei Xiawen came downstairs to see an extended Cadillac sedan parked in front of the Hilton hotel entrance. A handsome Caucasian man wearing white gloves exited the car and opened the car door for him when he came down. Mei Xiawen thanked him and smiled at He Zhichu, who was sitting inside.

"You're too kind, Professor He." Mei Xiawen was flattered. It was all very grand and he even had a driver. This Professor He was really a partner of a major law firm.

He Zhichi opened the mini fridge inside and took out a bottle of red wine and glasses, "Do you want a glass?"

Drinking red wine in the early morning... Although Mei Xiawen didn't have such a habit, he fluidly accepted the glass so not to be looked down by He Zhichu.

"I don't usually eat breakfast and only have a glass of red wine on the rocks in the morning." He Zhichu raised his glass at Mei Xiawen and emptied it.

Mei Xiawen followed suit. Ice cubes were placed in the glass to chill the wine, and there was also faint aroma of lemon to make it almost taste a cocktail. He Zhichu refilled his glass and Mei Xiawen barely moticed any feeling of the road inside the extended luxury vehicle. After drinking four, five glasses in a row, Mei Xiawen finally realized that they had traveled a fair bit of distance. Slightly dizzy, he gripped his wine glass as his eyes struggled to focus, "Professor... Professor He, where are we going?"

Although He Zhichu had much to drink himself, he did not seem affected at all. He looked coldly out the window and said dryly, "To pick up Nianzhi, isn't she your girlfriend? Don't you want to go out with her?"

Mei Xiawen nodded as he rubbed his temples and leaned back on the seat. He was already very drunk and chuckled, "Girlfriend? Not quite, I even dream about her being my girlfriend, but she wants me to wait for her. She's testing me for six months before she agrees to be mine."

He Zhichu looked away in surprise and glanced over Mei Xiawen as though he was determining if he was telling the truth, "It's almost the same thing right? You hold hands in public..."

"That's just hand holding,." Mei Xiawen was chatty when inebriated and couldn't help but complain, "I can't even hug her without her pushing me away. She's probably the only virgin in the school, and hadn't even had her first kiss yet... Hahaha... I'm so useless, I've pursued her so long and only got to hold hands.."

He Zhichu was silent and looked out the window again. He picked up his phone to call Gu Nianzhi, "Nianzhi."

Gu Nianzhi was still sleeping in her bed and finally picked up the phone after letting it ring for ages. "Professor He?" She woke up as soon as she heard He Zhichu's voice and sat up from the bed. Her voice was still groggy and raspy with sleep, "What is it?"

"I'm showing Mei Xiawen around the Harvard campus today, and remembered that you need to get your injury looked at again, so I'm picking you up too." He Zhichu hung up after speaking and didn't even give Gu Nianzhi an opportunity to refuse. Thanks to Zhao Liangze's special green ointment, her face had healed. There was no need to have it checked at the hospital? However He Zhichu was taking Mei Xiawen to campus and it was only proper that Gu Nianzhi show him around like a proper hostess. Although she had actually planned to sleep in all day... She rushed into the bathroom to take a quick shower and picked out a ladylike white dress with a navy T-shirt and white sneakers. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail and topped with a navy baseball cap. She put on a backpack and said to Yin Shixiong, "Brother Xiong, Professor He is showing Xiawen around campus, I'm going to go with them."

Yin Shixiong poked his head out of the room, "When are you back?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe in the evening, I'll call you." Gu Nianzhi's phone rang she spoke and she glanced at it. "I have to go now, they're already here to pick me up." She opened the door and ran out. Soon afterwards, Yin Shixiong assumed his disguise and went downstairs to follow them to campus.

He Zhichu's extended car was very flashy and hard for Yin Shixiong to miss. When they arrived to campus, Gu Nianzhi happily pointed out all the buildings to Mei Xiawen and told him which faculties were in in which one. She them brought him to Law School building and even took a few photos.

Mei Xiawen smiled, "Now I can show off when I go back home and say I went to Harvard too."

"Yeah right." Gu Nianzhi gave him a sidelongs glance and giggled. He Zhichu on the other hand, seemed out of place. However, he didn't seem concerned and followed them at a comfortable pace and sometime after, held a cigarette in his hand and stood at a smoking zone on campus. Gu Nianzhi turned to see the burning light between his fingers and her eyes flashed.

He Zhichu noticed this and looked up to see Gu Nianzhi stare at his cigarette. "Fine, I won't smoke." He smiled as he threw it out in a nearby trash can.

Gu Nianzhi pursed her lips and didn't say a word before turning around to point out the School of Electronic Engineering Building across from Law. She said to Mei Xiawen, "That's the School of Electronic Engineering Building, I know a few Chinese students there."

"Right, and Nianzhi has a male idol there." He Zhichu placed his hands behind his back and stood on the other side of Gu Nianzhi as he squinted at the building with them.

"Male idol?" Mei Xiawen's heart thudded as he looked at Gu Nianzhi in shock, "Who?"

Face flushed, Gu Nianzi said gingerly, "Professor He is joking, I have many male idols. Xiawen is one of them too!"

"Really?" Mei Xiawen laughed, even though he knew she was just joking, it made him happy. His shattered confidence rose again when he knew he should indeed be her male idol.

"Of course!" Gu Nianzhi nodded fiercely and saw He Zhichu look coldly at her from the corner of her eyes. She turned to him and began to enthuse, "Professor He, you're one of my male idols too. I'm beyond lucky today to have two male idols take me around campus, how great!"

He Zhichu scanned Mei Xiawen and didn't know if he should be delighted or saddened by Gu Nianzhi's words. He didn't want to accept being the same tier male idol as Mei Xiawen... He pointed with his chin, "Let's go over there. You need to have your injury looked at."

Mei Xiawen agreed anxiously, "Nianzhi, I was so worried when I saw your face injury that day. Are you ok?"

Gu Nianzhi caressed her cheek and answered smoothly, "I think it's ok. But it doesn't hurt to check again."

He Zhichu didn't say anything more and took them to the Harvard affiliated hospital to see a dermatologist.

"Dr. Thomas, thanks for helping us." He Zhichu dragged Gu Nianzhi over, "Please look at her face. She was hit a few days ago and even though the swelling is gone, I'm worried it didn't completely heal inside."

Dr. Thomas gave Gu Nianzhi a meticulous examination and even did a X-ray to ensure her bones where not damaged. After waiting nearly a hour at the hospital, they finally got the X-ray completed.

"I can guarantee that she's healing fine. Her bones are ok and the skin also healed without any scarring." Dr. Thomas was an elderly man with a white beard who was kind to Gu Nianzhi. After the examination, he even handed her a lollipop.

Gu Nianzhi happily ate it and noticed one of the patient rooms being guarded by a strapping American soldier in camo. What kind of important person was in there? The thought flashed through Gu Nianzhi's mind when a woman with her head bandaged and arm in a cast slowly emerged from there. She was being helped out by another person and half her face was swollen like a steamed bun. He Zhichu stopped in his tracks and pulled Gu Nianzhi to his side, "This way." He led them to another hallway.

Although they walked quickly, they didn't escape the woman's eyes. It was Xin Xinggao, whose wrist was broken and got a concussion from Gu Nianzhi's beating. She stared dazedly at Gu Nianzhi's disappearing back and thought she looked familiar. She asked the nurse helping her, "Who was that girl just now? Do you know her?"

The nurse shook her head, "I can ask for you."

They both saw the three people come out from the dermatology unit. The nurse called someone over and asked, "The three people here just now, two men and a woman, do you know who they are?"

The person happened to be the Dr. Thomas, the dermatology expert's nurse, "That was Dr. Thomas' patient. Isn't that young lady pretty? I only know that her last name is Gu and she's Professor He's law student. Her injury just healed and it was lucky she wasn't disfigured, otherwise..." He stopped abruptly as he glanced at Xin Xinggao uncomfortably.

Xin Xinggao' skull was slightly deformed from the beating. She would be disfigured without cosmetic surgery. That was why her room had been arranged to be close to the dermatology unit, so Dr. Thomas can easily examine her and determine a cosmetic surgery solution. He Zhichu's student with the name of Gul... who else could it be? Xin Xinggao's rage surged up from the bottom of heart and lodged in her throat. She turned back to her room and picked up the phone to call a mysterious number, "...I want to see Lieutenant Colonel Peter."

Half a hour later, Lieutenant Colonel Peter arrived to the Harvard affiliated hospital. He was pot bellied, middle age man. He placed his hands behind his back as he stood at Xin Xinggao's bedside with a warm smile, "Xin, how are you? Do you feel better?"

Xin Xinggao glared at him, "I just want to ask you, why is Gu Nianzhi perfectly fine?! She beat me like this, and doesn't need to assume legal responsibility?!"

Lieutenant Colonel Peter was shocked because he hadn't told Xin Xinggao about it yet... She had just awaken from a coma and started doing rehab and preparing for the cosmetic surgery. She had no knowledge of what happened after the fight.

"The thing is.." Lieutenant Colonel Peter rubbed his hands nervously, "No one had to take legal responsibility for your fight."

"What?!" Xin Xinggao felt a sweetness in her throat and knew she was about to spit blood, "What kind of law is that?! I refuse to believe it!

"But it's the truth." Lieutenant Colonel Peter rubbed his sparse blond eyebrows, "There is precedence. Baseball, hockey, all sports--there's always fights during games and as long as nobody dies or get seriously injured, there is no legal responsibility to be taken."

"You don't call this serious injury?!" Xin Xinggao wanted to pelt the bed with her fists. She didn't want to let Gu Nianzhi off because she was truly terrified. She knew exactly what she did and all the Huaxia Empire students shunned her for it. It was not a problem if they merely ignored or isolated her, but the worst fear was that they would beat her like Gu Nianzhi did! If this wasn't taken seriously, the other students might take example and even take her life...

"From a medical perspective, your injury is not serious." Lieutenant Colonel Peter said matter of factly, "Gu Nianzhi was injured too and she has a doctor's certificate saying that her level of injury is comparable to yours."

"Impossible!" Xin Xinggao screamed, the sound echoing in the room, "She healed a long time ago! I just saw her pass by my room, all arrogant! Unlike me? I still can't leave the bed!"

"...Is that so?" Lieutenant Colonel Peter frowned, "But she has a doctor's certificate. Xin, you know that the court only looks at evidence. They will need a doctor's certificate to assess the injury."

Xin Xinggao clutched the bed sheets so hard her veins popped. "Tell me, what can be done so that Gu goes to jail." Xin Xinggao refused to let Gu Nianzhi go, she had to make an example of her and have the US Military solidly guarantee her personal safety, "I helped so you so much, you can't treat me like this!"

Lieutenant Colonel Peter shook his head and spread his palms, " It's useless. She has the support of Professor He so it'd be hard to take her to court. Xin, I haven't told you that we just reconciled with Professor He. He took me and my unit to court for lynching his student. All we did was lock her up."

Xin Xinggao's eyes grew wide, "It's really that difficult?"

"Yes, more than you imagined."

"I don't believe it." Xin Xinggao said through gritted teeth. She closed her eyes and exhaled shallowly as she laid on the bed before finally responding, "Lieutenant Colonel Peter, I need to figure where the line for serious injury is drawn."

Lieutenant Colonel Peter watched Xin Xinggao as huge grin blossomed on his face, "Xin, you're very clever." He waved at her, "I'll wait for your good news."


Mei Xiawen stayed in Boston for six days and flew back home on the seventh. For the six days, He Zhichu gave Gu Nianzhi time off and even had a driver and bodyguard take them around. Mei Xiawen was uncomfortable with people following him everywhere, but Gu Nianzhi didn't seem to mind. She went out with him happily and even said she had been in school everyday since coming to Boston. There was no opportunity to go out to anywhere, but directly from the classroom to her apartment--this break was all thanks to him.

Mei Xiawen pitied Gu Nianzhi when he heard this and no longer minded the driver and bodyguard. On the seventh day, Gu Nianzhi had just seen Mei Xiawen off at the airport when she received a subpoena. Apparently Xin Xinggao's condition had deteriorated--her brain was seriously damaged and according to the diagnosis, her intelligence was irreparable. In simple words, Xin Xinggao had turned into a incapacitated person after being beaten by her. Medically speaking, this was considered serious injury--thus the court accepted her lawsuit and summoned Gu Nianzhi to appear in court.