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140 It Must Be Fate

 Mei Xiawen's palms were sweaty and nearly trembling. Gu Nianzhi could sense that he was very nervous. Looking up at his gentle face and hopeful eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses, Gu Nianzhi's heart was warmed and touched. So she wasn't unwanted... Turn out there was someone who wanted her... The corners of Gu Nianzhi's lips slowly raised to form crescent, her cherry lips making an attractive smile. Mei Xiawen's heart nearly jumped out of his chest as he subconsciously grabbed her waist and lowered his head to kiss her lips.

"Don't..." Gu Nianzhi frantically pushed him away and backed away a few steps, her face flushed, "Don't be like this..."

Mei Xiawen was slightly out of breath. He had the urge to touch Gu Nianzhi when he saw her hanging head and half exposed slender neck. He stepped towards her, but Gu Nianzhi backed up again and was nearly pressed against the window sill.

"You don't want to be my girlfriend? I really like you." Mei Xiawen felt hurt--he pursued her for so long time and never expected this result.

"Xiawen, do you really want me to be your girlfriend?" Gu Nianzhi glanced at him, "Then can you promise me one thing?"

"What is it? I'll agree for sure." Mei Xiawen's mood eased suddenly, and he watched Gu Nianzhi with happiness in his eyes.

Gu Nianzhi smiled and tilted her head, "Wait for me these next six months. If you don't change your mind in six months and wait for me to return at the end of the year, I'll be your girlfriend. --What do you think?"

Gu Nianzhi deliberately said this because she remembered Ai Weinan saying that Mei Xiawen's first love ended because of long distance. Gu Nianzhi was staying in the States for six months and would be on the opposite side of the world from him. She wasn't certain if they could overcome this.

Mei Xiawen froze and it was obvious he didn't expect Gu Nianzhi to refuse being his girlfriend despite pursuing her all the way to States. However, he had to admit that he had made progress with Gu Nianzhi finally giving him a clear answer. He just had to wait until the end of the year, and as long as he was willing, she would be his girlfriend. The initiative was actually in his hands. He felt relieved and accepted Gu Nianzhi's proposal, "Ok, I'll wait for you. In six months, on the day you come back, I'll pick you up at the airport."

Although there were still many uncertainties, Gu Nianzhi's heart couldn't help skipping a beat when she heard him make the promise.

"You'll really pick me up?" Gu Nianzhi murmured and took the initiative to grab his hand, "If you're still so good to me in six month, I'll be your girlfriend."

Mei Xiawen was satisfied and pulled her into a hug.

Yin Shixiong called from outside the door, "It's getting late, should we go to dinner?"

Gu Nianzhi pushed Mei Xiawen away, "I'll treat you to dinner."

Mei Xiawen grinned as he took her hand and walked outside the room together.

Yin Shixiong eyed them coldly, "What were you guys doing in there? What took so long?"

"Nothing, just chatting with Nianzhi." Mei Xiawen's smile was gentle and he appeared much happier than when he first arrived.

Gu Nianzhi didn't hide anything from Yin Shixiong, so she proclaimed frankly, "Xiawen and I made a promise. He'll wait for me for six months and when I return to the Empire, I'll be his girlfriend if he's still willing."

"Really? Well then I congratulate you in advance." Yin Shixiong looked at Gu Nianzhi, then Mei Xiawen. He didn't take it to heart and chuckled, "What a happy thing. Let's go celebrate!"

They got into Yin Shixiong's car and headed to a restaurant. This was the most expensive restaurant within 50 miles and the parking lot was full with luxury cars. Yin Shixiong's second hand SUV stuck out like a sore thumb. Mei Xiawen was a little embarrassed and regretted not taking his car, which looked nicer than the SUV. Gu Nianzhi didn't feel uncomfortable at all and happily got out of the car. She took Yin Shixiong's arm with one hand and Mei Xiawen's with the other, the three of them laughing as they entered the restaurant. However, they were surprised to find the restaurant was full with people waiting.

Gu Nianzhi asked Yin Shixiong in shock, "Brother Xiong, didn't you make a reservation?"

"I did make one." Yin Shixiong went over to ask and smiled wryly when he returned, "Looks like a reservation can't guarantee a time slot. We still have to wait for the people inside to finish before we can go in." No restaurant could limit customers to dine for only one hour. If a customer ordered lots, it wouldn't make sense to turn away business. They had no choice but to sit in the lobby to wait with the others.

Yin Shixiong had his phone and played a game as he leaned on the bench by the wall. Gu Nianzhi and Mei Xiawen stood beside a large plant by the door and whispered to each other. They talked about where their classmates ended up after graduation and what was happening in university--they happily chatted and didn't feel bored at all. After nearly a hour, Gu Nianzhi's legs grew sore.

Mei Xiawen took her arm, "Let's find a seat over there."

Gu Nianzhi nodded and followed him. The restaurant door suddenly opened, and two managers and senior manager rushed over to bow at the door, "Welcome, welcome." The senior manager had just been ignoring all the customers waiting in line, but was breaking his back for someone else in a blink of eye. He was extremely courteous and it seemed like an important person was here. Gu Nianzhi pouted and undisguised disdain flashed in her eyes as she turned her head to peek over. She ended up locking her gaze with a pair of cool yet sultry eyes,

Gu Nianzhi's face immediately flushed, even her concealer couldn't mask the colour spreading on her cheeks.

Mei Xiawen turned around too and froze. Standing at the door was a tall and lean man with a handsome face--it was Professor He Zhichu, whom he ran into at C University several times before.

Professor He linked arms with a gorgeous woman. Although she was probably unknown to Americans, Mei Xiawen and Gu Nianzhi knew her face all too well. She was the fastest rising star in the Huaxia Empire as of last, an actress famous for her beauty!

"Z, this way please. We've prepared a special VIP room for you." The smile on the senior manager's face was full of flattery.

Gu Nianzhi thought about how she waited for almost a hour and still had yet to be seated, while He Zhichu breezed in and had the senior managed get a VIP room for him. Hehe, this person was pretentious where ever he went.

Gu Nianzhi turned away and broke eye contact with He Zhichu, pretending she didn't know him. He Zhichu was on a date with an actress, so he probably didn't want to to run into his students. It was best for her to ignore him.

He Zhichu ignored her as well and didn't even look at Mei Xiawen. He took the actress' arm and strode past Gu Nianzhi to follow the senior manager in the VIP room.

Mei Xiawen whispered to Gu Nianzhi, "...Is that really Professor He? I didn't think he was this powerful that he could date an actress of that caliber..."

This was an actress who had won international accolades, not some plastic faced Internet famous girl.

"Who knows? It's obvious he's tires of women easily." Gu Nianzhi thought He Zhichu already was in the room and gossiped behind his back. He Zhichu's shimmering, sultry eyes were indeed attractive. She didn't expect to finish her sentence and hear coughing behind them which sounded just like He Zhichu... Gu Nianzhi's back went stiff.

"Students, how long have you been waiting?" He Zhichu's cold voice wafted into Gu Nianzhi's ears like icy thread.