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136 Ill Ruin Him

 It was true that Gu Nianzi had contacted Mei Xiawen less frequently since arriving to the States. Most of the time, it was him texting her to ask her check their shared Weibo, "Always On My Mind." Gu Nianzhi had been so preoccupied with the Nandou system incident that she barely had time to eat or sleep, let alone spare time to share her musings online? However she couldn't say anything when she watched Mei Xiawen's intent eyes and gaunt face.

Mei Xiawen embraced Gu Nianzhi, nuzzling the warm top of her head as he asked in a quiet voice, "What happened to your face?"

Gu Nianzhi squirmed out of his arms and covered her face, pouting, "...I got hit."

"What?! By who? Who had the gall to hit you? Did you call the police?" Mei Xiawen asked with total seriousness, "I don't believe that anyone can get away with something like this in the States."

Gu Nianzhi hung her head in embarrassment, "...I started it."

Mei Xiawen, "..."

"Then it must've been because they crossed the line. Nianzhi did it out of self-defense, right?" Mie Xiawen touched her shoulder and gently comforted her. It was obvious that he was siding with her and trying to justify what she did--and that was exactly the kind of unwavering support that she needed right now.

Her mood lightened considerably and she smiled at Mei Xiawen, "Xiawen, why did you suddenly come to the States? Are you on vacation?"

Mei Xiawen turned around with her and they continued walking. Draping one arm on her shoulder, he said, "I especially came to see you, don't you believe that?"

"...That's too much of a shock, I don't dare believe it." Gu Nianzhi giggled, but her pace slowed and she even started to limp a little. Although there were no apparent bruises on her legs, she actually sustained a few kicks from the fight. After walking for over an hour, she could feel her calves almost lose all sensation. She walked each step gingerly.

Mei Xiawen noticed her struggling and look at her before jogging ahead and kneeling down, "Here, let me carry you."

"Huh?" Gu Nianzhi was at loss, "I, I, I'm ok."

"It's fine, you're limping and shouldn't walk anymore." Mei Xiawen chuckled, "If I had knew, I would have driven my rental car here."

"Where did you park?" Gu Nianzhi asked curiously when Mei Xiawen nudged her to lay on his back.

Mei Xiawen secured her calves with both arms and stood up with her on his back. "Nianzhi, how did you get to thin?" He thought she felt much too light on his back.

"Isn't that a good thing? Saying she got thinner is the best compliment possiblefor a girl." Gu Nianzhi smiled proudly, "That means I've been watching my weight well."

Bursting into laughter, Mei Xiawen chatted idly with her while he carried her back to the apartment.

"We're here, Xiawen. Thanks for taking me home." Gu Nianzhi was drenched in sweat and badly wanted to shower first, "Where are you staying? Give me the phone number and address."

Mei Xiawen had wanted to pick her up for dinner, but knew she didn't want to go out with an embarrassing injury on her face. He dejectedly took out a card from the hotel and placed it on her palm, "The Hilton, Room 356 on the third floor. My number's the same, you can give me a call."

Gu Nianzhi nodded, "I'll invite you for dinner at my place tomorrow. I'm a wreck today and need to freshen up. I'm so sorry, Xiawen."

"Don't say sorry." Mei Xiawen stroked her head, "Thankfully I was here. You're here alone and need to take good care of yourself, don't have me worry."

Her heart warmed at the words and she nodded, "I know, I know. I'll be careful from now on, this was an accident."

"It's alright, I know you too well. You're quirky, but still a young girl at the end of the day. Although you have a sharp tongue, you're the one at disadvantage when it comes to a physical fight." Mei Xiawen sighed as he patted her shoulder, "Go back now, I'll watch you get inside."

"No, you go first, I'll watch you." Gu Nianzhi insisted on seeing him off.

Mei Xiawen was no match against her and squeezed her hand before heading to a black Buick parked in the parking lot in front of the building entrance. He turned to wave at her, then got into the car and left her apartment.


Gu Nianzhi went into her building and unlocked the door. The apartment was quiet and Yin Shixiong wasn't in the living room. She limped back to her bedroom.

The door to Yin Shixiong's door was shut as he stood by the window and spoke on the phone quietly. "Mr. Huo, did Little Ze tell you? How would you like to deal with it?"

Huo Shaoheng's voice was deep and rich, "You said He Zhichu already picked up Nianzhi?"

"Yes, they already left. The US Military didn't let Nianzhi go and He Zhichu was furious. Afterwards I heard that he's taking the US Military to court and now they are too afraid to do anything rashly." Yin Shixiong gave a detailed report on the events that day.

Huo Shaoheng remained silent for a long while, his voice emotionless, "Ok, we'll wait and see. I've already had someone contact the Embassy, they'll ignore this incident."

"Huh?!" Yin Shixiong jolted up and instinctively raised his voice, "No way?! It's one thing for you not to get personally involved, but now you're blocking the Embassy from helping too?! Nianzhi only got into this mess because she was beating up that Xin girl!"

"She's young and impulsive, don't tell me you're the same?" Huo Shaoheng was speaking to Yin Shixiong through his Bluetooth headset, his fingers hammering at the keyboard to write a report to the military. "You should've stopped her when it happened. This is dereliction of duty, and I don't want this kind of thing to reoccur over and over again. If it happens again, you're coming back and I'll send Little Ze over."

Yin Shixiong sighed heavily and straightened his back. He answered gruffly, "Roger! Chief, please grant Lieutenant Colonel Yin Shixiong redeem himself and continue to protect Nianzhi!"

"Mhmm, this is the second time you're redeeming yourself. I don't want a third time.

Huo Shaoheng had no mercy, "Watch anyone trying to get close to Nianzhi carefully. Investigate all their backgrounds, with He Zhichu in particular."

"Professor He?" Yin Shixiong was perplexed as he wrote with his finger on the window, "Didn't we investigate him multiple times already? What else is suspicious?"

"Because everything matches up too perfectly and seems fishy. From his CV, he has no relations to Nianzhi. So why did he become so nice to her in a few short months? Don't tell me that all professor are this kind to all their students." Huo Shaoheng completed the report and rose as he switched off the computer.

Yin Shixiong mumbled, "Mr, Huo, don't you think there's possibly another reason?"

"What other reason?" Huo Shaoheng walked as he took out a cigarette to light.

"...That He Zhichu has feelings for Nianzhi? After all, Nianzhi is getting more popular as she's getting older. Didn't Mr. Huo know that quite a few people like her here..."

Huo Shaoheng's hand holding the lighter paused as he poised to light it. After a long moment, he calmly closed the lighter and said slowly, "That shouldn't be the case. --He Zhichu is a professor, if he dares make a move on Nianzhi, I'll ruin him. --Continue your observations and be prepared to report at anytime."