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134 Youre Going To Jail

 The Lamborghini's door opened and He Zhichu stepped out with a frigid expression. He wore a slim cut pale blue striped shirt tucked into belted black hunting trousers-the combination of the rough-hewn pants and the elegantly tailored shirt was surprisingly harmonious.

Yin Shixiong put away his phone as he was about to walk up, and turned to see several Mercedes-Benz vehicles follow suit. Tall, dark-suited white men carrying briefcases emerged-they appeared to be elite lawyers. Yin Shixiong stopped in his tracks. These people must be He Zhichu's entourage, Yin Shixiong realized. He was happy that He Zhichu was bringing Gu Nianzhi so much support, but he was also worried and uneasy. They were all adults who were fully aware that nothing came for free in the world. However, it made sense for He Zhichu to defend Gu Nianzhi since he was her professor, protecting her during a critical time. Yin Shixiong squinted and decided to wait and see what would happen before he proceeded with his own countermeasures.


He Zhichu stuffed both hands in his trouser pockets, his expression solemn as he walked up to the reception desk of the campus police office. He asked coldly, "Where's Gu Nianzhi? I'm her professor and am here to pick her up."

The fat, black policewoman sat behind the reception desk and didn't even look up. "Sorry, but Gu Nianzhi can't be bailed out."

"Bail? Who said anything about bail?" He Zhichu's tone became even icier as he tapped on her computer. "Let her out immediately, or I'll sue you for illegal imprisonment. You'll be sweeping jails for the rest of your life."

"Huh? You say you'll get her out without playing bail? How would you have me let her out then?" She raised her head arrogantly and eyed He Zhichu. Harvard had countless professors, and she barely recognized any of them because there was no need-they had nothing to do with her job.

He Zhichu's glared at her. "It's a waste of time to talk to people who are so blind to the law. This is not a police station, so you have no right to bring up the word 'bail.' I'm going to say it one more time: let Gu Nianzhi go. Otherwise, you should call someone to bail you out at the actual station, " He Zhichu said as he took out his phone to call the police.

The policewoman finally understood and was so terrified she shot up from the seat. She mumbled as she pointed down the hallway, "S-she's over there... in the third cell."

He Zhichu immediately turned towards the hallway. Gu Nianzhi had her hands cuffed on the metal frame high above her head in the campus police office's detention center. Thankfully, she was tall enough that she didn't have to stand on her toes. An older white policeman was smiling at her with a wicked gleam in his eyes. He stood in front of Gu Nianzhi and surveyed her figure. Her raised arms forced her chest out and curved her back gracefully; the posture tightened her waist and made her straighten her legs.

"Young lady, you're skin is so nice. I can't even see the pores up close." The campus police murmured as he reached out a hairy hand to touch her swollen cheek, "Poor thing, who did this to you?"

Gu Nianzhi yanked her head back to avoid his hand.


Suddenly, the sound of a cocked pistol came from the doorway. "If your hand moves forward even another millimeter, I guarantee you: it won't be on your wrist anymore." He Zhichu's cold face suddenly appeared from the entrance of the detention center. He was holding a shiny silver pistol, its muzzle pointed directly at the old campus officer's wrist.

He looked back and froze before slowly raising his hands in surrender. "It was a misunderstanding! It was all a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding?" He Zhichu took out his phone with the other hand. "I already took a photo of what you were doing. I can send you to prison for a couple decades with this if I wanted to."

The American criminal law system was partial to stacking sentences and could result in the criminal being sent to jail for tens of years. The old man was so terrified, sweat was beading profusely on his forehead. He cried out, "I was just checking her for injuries! I had no other intentions!"

"No other intentions? You cuffed her like this just to check her injuries?!" He Zhichu raised his gun as he stalked over. " Stand against the wall, kneel, and cover your head. Move in any other way, and I will blow your head off."

Gu Nianzhi watched He Zhichu in shock, her lips quivering. She shut her eyes and pretended to pass out. He Zhichu saw her faking a faint and couldn't help smiling as he muttered to himself, "Not so stupid now, is she." He demanded the cell key from the old man and unlocked her handcuffs before carrying her out of the detention center. The lawyers accompanying him left a lawyer's letter at the campus police office before striding out with He Zhichu. The campus sheriff rushed over when he heard what happened and was livid as he screamed at his subordinate, "How could you just let that girl go?! She injured someone the military is sheltering! How could she not take responsibility?!"

"Sheriff... this was the lawyer's letter that professor left behind; please take a look." The female officer shakily handed it to him. The sheriff opened it and his face went red, then white as he read through the letter. After being speechless for a long moment, he finally said, "I'm forwarding this to the military. We tried our best. If they want to get that student, they'll have to do it themselves."


He Zhichu carried Gu Nianzhi into his Lamborghini, placing her on the passenger seat and fastening her seatbelt before getting into the car himself. His parade of vehicles was a sight to behold as they drove to a Harvard affiliated hospital. A doctor's note was required for Gu Nianzhi's face injury. They had just arrived at the hospital when He Zhichu received a call from the US Military.

"Professor He, please hand over Gu Nianzhi. She injured one of our people and must assume legal responsibility."

"Lieutenant Colonel Peter, since you're being so aggressive, we will have to settle this in court." He Zhichu hung up, then ordered his men: "Immediately sue the US Military for lynching my student. I'd like to see what's more powerful, the American legal system or the US Military."

It was a quick process for the lawyers to serve the papers to the court. 15 minutes later, Lieutenant Colonel Peter was notified that Professor He Zhichu of the Harvard Law School had taken him and his department to the State Circuit Court.

"He can go and f*ck himself! He dares to sue me?" Lieutenant Colonel Peter was enraged but was quickly deflated when his subordinates informed him of He Zhichu's status and role. The military was indeed powerful, but he couldn't simply order He Zhichu to be taken out. Of course not, because He Zhichu would have taken him to the court martial and sent him to jail for a few decades before he could even issue the order.