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129 A Pleasure to See You Again

 "Miss Gu, we meet again." Deputy Minister Feng courteously extended a hand.

Gu Yanran lightly grasped his hand but did not shake it. She spoke fluently in the language of the Huaxia Empire, "A pleasure to see you again, Mr. Feng."

"Please, follow me." Deputy Minister Feng turned and led her to a small meeting room in the convention center to talk.

Gu Yanran followed him with a smile on her face. She, too, had something to say to Deputy Minister Feng.

The two of them entered the meeting room and seated themselves. Deputy Minister Feng wasted no time in beating around the bush; he said, without preamble, "Miss Gu, you must be aware by now that we have successfully carried out your request. I think you'll agree that it is time for you to uphold your end of the deal."

Gu Yanran's laugh was warm and dignified. "Yes, of course. However..." She looked directly at Deputy Minister Feng. "The item in question is extremely valuable. I can give it to you, but you have to promise me something."

"Another request?" Deputy Minister Feng frowned. He narrowed his eyes as he put a tobacco pipe in his mouth. "Remember what you had promised. You cannot go back on your words just because there isn't a written contract."

"Mr. Feng, I have no intention of going back on my words." Gu Yanran spread her hands, a beatific smile on her face. "I know how important this item is to you."

"Of course it's important-why else would I agree to help you with your problems?! It wasn't easy, you know!" Deputy Minister Feng could barely contain his temper; his pipe seemed about ready to burst into flames from his angry puffing.

"My dear Mr. Feng, please don't be angry. That wasn't what I meant." Gu Yanran realized Deputy Minister Feng had misunderstood. She hastily explained: "I am well aware that you have spent a great deal of time and effort to help me deal with the mercenaries. For that, I am extremely grateful. I am here today to give you what I promised," she paused to move the Hermès Kelly bag containing the blueprints onto her lap and continued, "and to personally thank the person who saved me from disaster and ruin."

Deputy Minister Feng breathed a sigh of relief. He removed the pipe from his mouth and said, smiling, "You're most welcome. Please, think nothing of it, Miss Gu."

"Think nothing of it? Oh no, that won't do." Gu Yanran sighed as she caressed the Hermès scarf around her neck. "You have helped me, yes, but don't forget: I am giving away valuable information for free. Surely you can oblige my tiny request? We may be doing business here, but let's not forget the human touch-I may be rich, but I am neither selfish nor materialistic. I wish to meet the hero who saved my life and thank him personally, that's all."

Deputy Minister Feng finally understood what Gu Yanran was getting at. After considering it for a long moment, he nodded. "Very well, I will submit a request."

He took out his phone and quickly conveyed Gu Yanran's new condition for the exchange to the head of the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army was more understanding and sympathetic than Deputy Minister Feng had expected. The soldiers held chivalry and loyalty in high regard and were deeply appreciative of Gu Yanran's desire to personally thank her savior.

Deputy Minister Feng was glad to hear that they were amenable to her request. "In that case, send the Major General over, quickly. It has to be General Huo himself, all right? He deserves his moment in the spotlight; we couldn't have done it without him."

Gu Yanran found the smug, self-satisfied look on Deputy Minister Feng's face highly amusing. She quickly bowed her head and took a sip of her coffee to hide her smile.

She was a businesswoman. It was only natural for her to try to maximize her profits. After all, once she handed over the blueprints, she would no longer have any leverage with the Huaxia Empire. She was young, but she was already a billionaire. She needed someone strong she could depend on. She was richer even than most countries, but she knew her wealth could eventually be swallowed whole by others if she did not have someone to back her up.

This had been a risky move, but her lawyer had advised her to make it and she was pleased with the results so far.

She sat on the sofa, calmly drinking her coffee as she waited.

Ten minutes later, Huo Shaoheng arrived at the C City Convention Center in full uniform. Accompanied by his personal secretary Zhao Liangze and two orderlies, he made his way to the meeting room, which was on the first floor of the convention center.

Zhao Liangze knocked on the door of the meeting room. "Deputy Minister Feng, General Huo is here to see you."

It was only a small meeting room, but the entrance was heavily guarded by Secret Service personnel. The addition of the elite soldiers from the Special Operations Forces was overkill: not even a fly nor a mosquito would have been able to get into the room.

"Come in." Deputy Minister Feng walked over to the door and personally opened it himself.

Gu Yanran set her coffee down. She blinked.

The young man who entered was tall and well-built, his navy blue military uniform neatly buttoned up to his neck. A golden pine branch and a gold star shone on his epaulette.

Gu Yanran could not hide her surprise.

She recognized the epaulette; she had carefully studied the military ranks and insignia when she had first arrived at the Huaxia Empire.

This young man was actually a Major General.

She looked at his face. The man was much too handsome for the military-it seemed such a waste. And he was so very tall...

Although he had not said a word, his overwhelming presence dominated the room. His gaze was cool and domineering, like a warlord inspecting his territory. It was the sort of powerful ook that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies and extinguished all thought of rebellion.

Gu Yanran slowly rose and extended a hand to him. "I am Gu Yanran. And you are...?"

Deputy Minister Feng proudly introduced him, "Allow me to introduce you to Huo Shaoheng, Major General of the Imperial Army and deputy commander of the 6th Military Region. His men eliminated the mercenaries for you."

Huo Shaoheng pointedly ignored Gu Yanran's outstretched hand. He clasped his hands behind his back, and said in a monotone, "Please hand over the blueprints and whatever data you have on the miniaturized nuclear-powered motor, in accordance with your agreement with Deputy Minister Feng."

Gu Yanran was momentarily stunned by this. She quickly recovered, the corners of her lips curving upwards into a small smile.

She nodded, retracted her hand, and pointed to the sofa beside them. "Bravo, General Huo-I see you don't believe in beating around the bush. Let us sit down and talk. I've been meaning to thank you."

"I came to collect the blueprints. I did not come here for idle conversation," said Huo Shaoheng, his expression as unrelenting as his words. His dark, fathomless eyes scrutinized her, oppressive and intimidating.

Gu Yanran looked at him but quickly buckled under the overwhelming weight of his gaze. She had to turn away and look at Deputy Minister Feng instead. She said, teasing, "Deputy Minister Feng, are all your army generals so serious?"

Huo Shaoheng did not see the point in socializing when it came to dealing in matters of national interest and security: it was beneath him, and there wasn't a single person on the planet who could convince him otherwise.

He turned to leave. "Little Ze, report to me when you have the blueprints."

The door slammed shut after him.

Zhao Liangze and Deputy Minister Feng remained in the room.

Deputy Minister Feng began to smoke his pipe again, feeling awkward. "Miss Gu, please don't take it personally. General Huo is famous for his temper and his brusque nature."

"I don't mind at all! I think that you are lucky to have a man like him in the military." Gu Yanran did not seem to think that Huo Shaoheng had been rude to her. She opened her bag and extracted a sheaf of blueprints and a small flash drive from it. She handed them to Zhao Liangze. "It's all here; take it."

Zhao Liangze accepted them and saluted her. "Thank you, Miss Gu." With that, he turned and left the room.

Deputy Minister Feng laughed and clapped his hands. "Excellent! Wonderful! Allow me to treat you to dinner, Miss Gu, to celebrate our successful trade!"

Gu Yanran smiled. "That won't be necessary, Mr. Feng. There will be a cocktail party after the ceremony. Will you be able to attend?" She paused briefly. "I have a big gift for General Huo if he decides to attend the party."