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112 You Deserve I

 Today Wen Shouyi lost her temper once; the effect and consequences were better than she anticipated. She had actually calmed down once she left the restaurant. She just hated seeing Gu Nianzhi's smug face and wanted to smack it.

"Professor He, I really have a reason for this. I was planning to tell you about it today. Even if she didn't say anything, I would have explained it anyway." Wen Shouyi jogged up and followed inside.

He Zhichu removed his jacket and threw it carelessly. Wen Shouyi smoothly caught it and hung it in the closet. When she entered the living room, she saw He Zhichu sit elegantly on the red velvet couch, the crimson hue reflecting in his shimmering eyes. Wen Shouyi's heart hammered as she slowly made her way over and stood close to him. She clutched her hands together and said respectfully, "Professor He, the thing is, although Nianzhi isn't adult yet, she's already 17 and will turn 18 in the end of the year. But her guardian is a middle aged man, aren't you worried...?"

He Zhichu's eyes flashed, his slightly drunk gaze landed on Wen Shouyi's face, "You're saying, you're worried that he might try something with her?"

If that was the reason, her meddling wasn't all that unacceptable. However, he didn't appreciate someone else reading his mind. He Zhichu looked down and shook his finger, "No, this reason won't hold. If you're worried about this, you could've rented two apartments and have them live apart. Why did you have to be so unnecessary and install cameras in the apartment?"

"...Professor He, it was my oversight, this won't happen again." Wen Shouyi's heart wrenched, she could no longer understand what He Zhichu was thinking.

He Zhichu rose from the sofa, his posture as straight as a pole as he folded his hands behind his back, "You're made too serious a mistake, go back for two months and come back when the Congress is in session again."

He actually was still banishing her...

Wen Shouyi could scarcely muster the bitter smile on her face. She wanted to plead her case, but couldn't utter a single word when she looked at He Zhuchi's impassive face. It boiled down to the fact she wasn't as shameless as Gu Nianzhi... That little orphan girl could change faces so quickly that a normal person would never be her opponent. She was all too good at flattery and had no morals--this must be because her life was too hard and she couldn't survive otherwise... Wen Shouyi's couldn't help the wicked thoughts, but quickly controlled herself. She couldn't be like this, He Zhichu didn't like malicious women...

"Yes, Professor He, then I'll back to see my parents." Wen Shouyi carefully glanced at He Zhichu's eyes. He turned to go upstairs without saying anything.

Wen Shoyi looked at the empty staircase in a daze and couldn't help wrap herself in her arms when she thought about her home. Her parents were only gardeners for the He family. It was because she studied hard from a young age and was outstanding that she was chosen to be He Zhichu's side to care for and assist him. If she went back like this, the people at home would know she made a mistake and she would lose all face. Wen Shouyi gritted her teeth and chased after him anyway.

He Zhichu was just about to open his bedroom door.

"Professor He!" Wen Shouyi hastily called, "Do you have any messages for Mr. He?"

He Zhichu didn't turn his head, his slender fingers resting on the door handle and his eyes flashing. He said in a deep voice, "Ask after his health and tell him I'm well."

"Yes, Professor He." Wen Shouyi sighed in relief. With this request from him, she had a legitimate reason to go home and see her family and friends. Everyone would know she was tasked by He Zhichu to return home to ask after Mr. He, his father on his behalf.


Two days later, Gu Nianzhi and Brother Huang went to the Harvard Law School to attend classes and found out that Teaching Assistant Wen was on a holiday. Brother Huang stared at his class schedule for a long time, then looked at Gu Nianzhi. He pointed at the schedule where it said Teaching Assistant Wen was on vacation and pondered, "Nianzhi, this can't be a coincidence?"

"How should I know?" Gu Nianzhi widened her eyes innocently, "I'm not Teaching Assistant Wen. If you want to know the reason, you'd better ask her. You have her phone and email."

Brother Huang gaped at Gu Nianzhi, he's learnt that this young lady was a youngster to be reckoned with--she had the great ability of lying right to people's faces.

Gu Nianzhi refused to back down and stared right back at him.

Are we comparing who has the bigger eyes? Who was afraid of who!

The bell rang in the halls and students wearing backpacks began looking for their classrooms in groups of twos and threes. Gu Nianzhi and Brother Huang went in opposite directions.

Brother Huang called after her in shock, "Huh? You're not going to the same class as me?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled as she winked at him "Of course not. Brother Huang is a second year doctorate student and will be in the third year right away. I'm just a post-grad student who didn't even start school yet. How can I go to the same class as Brother Huang? I wouldn't be able to understand your classes."

Brother Huang was extremely flattered, "How can that be? You're so smart, you'll catch up quickly. Ok, talk you later, I gotta go to class, see you!"

Gu Nianzhi waved at him and wiped the sweat off her forehead before going to He Zhichu's office. She was too embarrassed to take out her class schedule earlier. All the classes were located at "Room 409, Professor He's Office." She couldn't imagine Brother Huang's face if he saw that... Arriving at the entrance of the office, Gu Nianzhi knocked lightly.

"Come in." He Zhichu's crisp voice sounded from inside the room.

Gu Nianzhi opened the door and smiled as she bowed at him, "Professor He."

"You're here." He Zhichu picked up his laptop, "Let's go, Room 305. Today is a classroom discussion."

So it's still in the classroom...

Gu Nianzhi couldn't help rolling her eyes in her head. Why wasn't the room on the schedule in the first place, so she could go directly?

He Zhichu seemed to know what she was thinking and said dryly, "I don't typically lecture in classrooms. This classroom discussion was last minute, to let you meet your fellow classmates." He paused, "They are all interning at the Congress, although they aren't my students."

Gu Nianzhi understood, these students were mentored by other professors. They were going to her colleagues for the next six months, so it's better that she quickly got acquainted with them. She put on a cute smile and followed He Zhichu to Room 305.

"Hmm, a cute Asian girl. --Cutie, do you have a boyfriend? Do you wanna sit by me, and we can discuss this important topic?" A blonde hair, blue eyed, tall young man whistled at Gu Nianzhi as he made space besides him.

"Allan, flirting in class is a deduction of 10%." He Zhichu ruthlessly opened his laptop and made a note on Allan's name.

"Ah ah ah--Professor He, I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I won't do it again!" Allan wailed as he nearly toppled off his seat. Gu Nianzi covered mouth and couldn't help chuckling.

Allan was sprawled on the desk and looked up to be dazed by Gu Nianzhi's smiling face, "Cutie, sit here with me. Look, I even lost 10% for you!"

Gu Nianzhi shook her and answered in a authentic London accent, "You deserve it." Then she sat in the front row to directly face He Zhichu's podium.

A smile flashed over He Zhichu's impassive face before he began assigning the discussion topic.


Yin Shixiong cooped up in the apartment for a few days, then started taking his backpack to stroll around the Harvard campus. There were no walls around the university, and he didn't stand out because there were many tourists just like him. He had a detectors for radio and electromagnetic signals in his backpack, as he was used to doing this for work.