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100 I Cant Make the Call

 Gu Nianzhi wore headphones and had her backpack on as she turned onto the path back to the dorm. It was dark and not many students were around, but she had walked it many times with Mei Xiawen the last two months, so she wasn't afraid at all.

"Nianzhi, did you have dinner yet?" Yin Shixiong stretched his legs on the coffee table and crossed them. He was also opening the special software that connected him to Zhao Liangze.

Gu Nianzhi shook her head, "Not yet. There's something I wanted to discuss with Brother Xiong."

Yin Shixiong immediately grew anxious, "What is it? Did something happen?"

Gu Nianzhi sensed his voice becoming stern and couldn't help crinkling eyes into half moon as she laughed, "Brother Xiong, it's ok, it's a school thing."

"Hehe, I'm not stressed, what are you talking about?" Yin Shixiong teased Gu Nianzhi, but he kept eyeing his watch and anxiously waited for Zhao Liangze to connect.

Gu Nianzhi looked ahead and saw the dorm was already in view. A few couples giggled as they passed by her and she could only lower her voice, "Brother Xiong, is my passport still valid?"

Yin Shiziong, "...Why are you asking?"

Gu Nianzhi had vacationed abroad with Huo Shaoheng twice before, so she had a passport. But because she was a minor, her passport was only valid for two years. It should be expired by now.

"The thing is, Professor He of Bu University's Faculty of Law has given me the chance to intern at the United States Congress for six months. You know that I'm not starting my post-grad studies until next spring, so I have half a year free time..." Gu Nianzhi really wanted this opportunity, but she always obeyed Huo Shaoheng. If he didn't let her go, she definitely wouldn't go. She was asking Yin Shixiong on the phone, but actually was asking Huo Shaoheng's opinion. She knew Yin Shixiong would certainly tell Huo Shaoheng. Huo Shaoheng was her true guardian and the only person she could completely trust. Yin Shixiong mumbled as expected and couldn't give a clear answer. After a while humming and hawing for a while, he finally said, "Let me consider it. I'll see if your passport is still valid and if it's expired, I'll renew it for you this weekend. Even if you don't intern in the States, it'll be convenient for you to travel abroad for the summer break."

Gu Nianzhi happily agreed and hung up. After getting off the path, her eyes widened. The dormitory area was in front of her. The lights just turned on and the students milled about the dorm building--this was the most bustling place on campus. Gu Nianzhi walked up to her own building and saw Mei Xiawen's Buick as expected.

Mei Xiawen was in his car and finally saw her come back. He hurriedly pushed open the door and walked over to her; naturally taking off her backpack, "Where did you go? I've been looking for you all afternoon."

Gu Nianzhi pointed at her backpack, "I was carrying my laptop, where else could I have gone?"

"The library?" Mei Xiawen smiled good-temperedly, "I haven't had dinner yet, did you? Eat with me."

It was true that she hadn't eaten yet. She was so excited by Professor He's text earlier that she didn't feel any hunger. Now over an hour had passed and she finally felt hungry.

"Let's go, we'll have our usual restaurant." Mei Xiawen didn't give a chance for debate and pulled her by the hand to his car. He climbed into the driver's seat and started the car.

Gu Nianzhi was also tired and didn't want to fuss.She put on her seatbelt and said tiredly, "Class Rep, you acting this is going to make the other students misunderstand."

"Misunderstand? Misunderstand what?" Mei Xiawen chuckled as he glanced at her. He thought she was cute even when she pouted and couldn't help ruffling the back of her head, "What's this little head thinking about all day? Didn't I tell you a long time ago, there's nothing between me and Ai Weinan. We've been haven't been together all this time because it's impossible. Also, she's not my type."

Gu Nianzhi's interest was suddenly piqued, she tilted her head and snuck a sideways glance at him, "Then what kind of girl is your type?"

"The kind of girl I like the most is compatible with my heart and soul. There are a lot of things she can understand without me saying anything. Just one look and we can read each other's minds." Mei Xiawen said dreamily.

The corners of Gu Nianzhi's lips twitched. She thought in her head, why don't you find an ET? Not along can she read minds, she can read every thought through your brain...

"Why are you so quiet?" Mei Xiawen looked at her and thought she was going to get to the point and ask if she was his type.

Gu Nianzhi smiled, "Class Rep has such high standards, I'm afraid to ask anymore."

This was the type of person that would jump up and say anything is fine during a gathering when asked what they liked to eat. It was actually this type that would be infuriatingly picky!

Mei Xiawen burst out laughing, "Don't be afraid. I'm just rambling, the person herself is the key."

"Huh?" Gu Nianzhi answered dryly, but didn't continue asking like Mei Xiawen had thought. Mei Xiawen could only give himself an exit strategy, "If it's Nianzhi, it doesn't matter even if we can't read each other's minds. So you see, I'm not the one to decide on a type to like. If I meet and like someone, then all the conditions become nothing."

Only when you don't like someone or don't like them enough would you pick at all sorts of conditions.

"Class Rep is so articulate." Gu Nianzhi clapped in admiration, "That speech would have had so many girls swooning."

"Really? What about Nianzhi? Are you swooning for me?" Mei Xiawen asked with full confidence, one hand was on the steering wheel while the other rested on the window. He appeared very suave and self-assured.

"Haha, Class Rep is asking so directly, how should I even answer?" Gu Nianzhi was cunning and evasive, "Girls should be a little reserved, right?" She said as the looked out the window, "We're here, we're here, hurry and turn in."

Mei Xiawen parked in the parking lot in front of the restaurant. The pair walked inside and ordered a few of their regular dishes and also a container of richly slow cooked white fungus and lotus seed congee. Mei Xiawen told Gu Nianzhi everything about his first love, Jiang Hongcha as they had dinner.

"...I was Class Rep back then and she was in charge of the class's recreational activities and also a family friend. Our personalities and interests were very similar and we got close very quickly. Afterwards we started dating when we began high school." Mei Xiawen mused as he recalled the past. He even produced his phone and showed the Weibo, "Black Tea's Sky" to Gu Nianzhi, "See, this was the shared Weibo we had back then. We were the only ones who knew the password, but it was changed recently and I can't login anymore."

Gu Nianzhi listened to the love story with great interest. At the end, she even looked at the Weibo on the phone that Mei Xiawen was holding. The last update was a status from a few days ago, saying how the most beautiful scenery was by her side. Gu Nianzhi nodded, "The person who said this is an understanding person." She looked at Mei Xiawen, "If you guys were so compatible, why did you break up in the first place?"