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90 Everything is Under Control

 "Explain? Could you two kindly explain to me the reason why I owe you an explanation." Huo Shaoheng said evenly as he took great strides with his long legs towards the conference room.

The great conference room in the Ministry of National Defense had a very high level of security. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Representative to the United Nations did not have access, but the Deputy Director of the Secret Service did. So when the two men followed Huo Shaoheng towards the conference room, the Deputy Director of the Secret Service was able to enter, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Representative to the United Nations was barred by the guards.

"Deputy Director Xu!" The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Representative to the United Nations cried in panic.

Deputy Director Xu turned and coldly told the guards, "This is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Representative to the United Nations, let him in."

"Our apologies, he doesn't have the security clearance. The electronic scanner at the door has refused him entry." The guards in front of the Ministry of National Defense great conference room made no exceptions and didn't grant the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Deputy Representative Kang access.

"Are you disobeying me?!" Deputy Director Xu snarled, "What's your name? Which department are you from?"

"Deputy Director Xu, looks like not only I'm on your bad side, but even my soldiers too?" Huo Shaoheng had one hand behind his back as he swivelled his chair near the head of the conference table. His gaze was inscrutable and the other hand patted the armrest of the chair.

Although Deputy Director Xu believed he did no wrong and that everything he did was for the benefit of the interests of the Empire--Huo Shaoheng's icy glare made his back sweat a little.

The Deputy Director of the Ministry of National Defence entered and sensed the hostility in the room. He smiled as he shook his head and came over to smooth things over. He said to Deputy Director Xu, "Old Xu, how did you mess with our Major General Huo? Hehe, you've really done it, Shaoheng hadn't been so angry since being promoted to Major General. Looks like even I can't help you this time. How about this, the conference room next door has a lower security clearance, so Deputy Representative Kang can go in too. We can speak in there."

Deputy Director Xu contained his rage and nodded, but also requested that Huo Shaoheng's immediate supervisor, General Ji of the Imperial Army to be present, along with Deputy Director Wu of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Senate's Spreaker Long to join them for a meeting in the conference room next door. The six men closed the door of the small conference room and began to question Huo Shaoheng regarding the raid in C City that just had been carried out by the 6th Military Region's SWAT team--which was also known as the Special Operations Forces.

"Speaker Long, General Ji, I must question Major General Huo about two things. First, the jurisdiction of the 6th Military REgion is clearly outside the Imperial broders, so how is an affair in C City any business of the 6th Military Region? What right does the Special Ops have to make arrests in C City? And our own people nonetheless! Surely C City is Imperial territory!"

"Secondly, this smuggling of military munitions were goldfishes we were keeping-- a covert operation between our Secret Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.This was supposed to be a lure to root out enemy forces and eliminate them completely. But Major General Huo's intervention has destroyed half a year's efforts, and the losses are beyond calculation. I demand a reasonable explanation from Major General Huo. If it's not to our satisfaction, I request the Imperial Army punish Major General Huo for overstepping authority and give the Secret Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs justification!" Deputy Director Xu was furious. He went to exhausting lengths to plan this operation, but all the efforts were reduced to nil by Huo Shaoheng's involvement.

Speaker Long and General Ji shared a glance, then looked at Huo Shaoheng. General Ji was the minister of the of highest military institution headquarters of the Empire, and was also Huo Shaoheng's immediate supervisor. Now that someone came to him to accuse Huo Shaoheng of overstepping authority, although he disapproved, he couldn't completely disregard it.

"Shaoheng, please explain." General Ji folded his hands on the conference table in front of him, his gaze scanning over each face in the small conference room.

Huo Shaoheng nodded. He could disregard other people's orders, but he must obey General Ji's.

"Yes, General Ji." Huo Shaoheng turned and fixed his stare on Deputy Director Xu's face, "I humbly ask Deputy Director Xu, the operation you organized, the goldfishes you were keeping, what was all that about?"

Deputy Director Xu hadn't wanted to explain himself, but with the Speaker of the Senate and the supreme commander of military watching him, he had no choice but to suppress his anger and signalled for Deputy Director Wu of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain. People from that ministry were more articulate.

Deputy Director Wu held his chin high and sneered at people through the whites of his eyes and nostrils. He drawled haughtily, "The situation was, C City is about to host the The International Extraordinary Women's Commendation Conference. Amongst the invited international female representatives is an descendant of the Huxia Empire from Barbados named Gu Yanran. She has an immeasurable fortune and it alone is accounts for half the GDP for Barbados."

"Please be concise, we don't have the time to listen to empty talk." Huo Shoaheng looked down at his watch impatiently.

Deputy Director Wu's pasty face grew flushed, he curled his hands into fists and stared at Huo Shaoheng with rage. But his frail build was not even half the size of Huo Shaoheng's strapping physique, thus his aura was completely dominated. He had no choice but to swallow his pride and hastily add, "This female philanthropist of Imperial descent is using her attending an international conference in the Empire as an opportunity to work with us and eliminate all of the mercenaries trying to assassinate her. We help get rid of the mercenaries that won't let her off and she will transfer half her fortune to the Huxia Empire to help us develop our economy and charity work."

Huo Shaoheng looked up, his eyes frighteningly dark. He leaned forward and said slowly, "...You're telling me, that you smuggled military munitions to help a foreign woman eliminate mercenaries trying to assassinate her?--What kind of logic is that? Forgive my slowness, but I don't understand the reasoning."

"What is there not to understand?" Deputy Director Xu grew impatient, "We kept the mercenaries under strict surveillance. They smuggled these military munitions and we paved the way to make them think all was well. As soon as they crossed our border and picked up the weapons, we would make the arrests."


Huo Shaoheng slammed the desk, "Absurd!"

Speaker Long and General Ji's expressions turned dark. The two elderly men glared at Deputy Director Xu and Deputy Director Wu, barely able to contain their fury.

Deputy Director Xu was shocked and stared at Huo Shaoheng has he said, "Major General Huo, what are you upset about? Didn't I tell you, these mercenaries are under control and the military munitions was only a temporary expedient to gain their trust..."

"Temporary expedient?" Huo Shaoheng rose and stalked towards Deputy Director Xu, "Did you know, that a portion of the military munitions you had under control already fell in the hands of criminals in C City. Our soldiers, policemen and innocent civilians have lost their lives because of this. Now you're telling everything is under control?"

"...Hmph, men making great achievements don't stress the details, minor losses are inevitable." Deputy Director Wu waved his hand nonchalantly, "As long as the mercenaries get their hands on these military munitions..."

"Silence!" Huo Shaoheng turned and circled Deputy Director Wu's throat with one hand. His eyes were hauntingly dark and cold enough to cause palpitations, "How did you even think of such a depraved idea? How much do you hate our nation for you to lure these bloodthirsty mercenaries into our borders? Do you know their fighting force?! As soon as they get these military munitions, they can wage war in our nation!"