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82 Gu Nianzhis Intuition 2

 "Distance: 2000 meters ahead, in 10 o'clock position, wind velocity: 8 meters per second, medium rain, rain velocity: even. The target is leaning against on the first third of the back wall of Mingyue Court, his height is 1 meter 75 and centimeters. End of report."

Zhao Liangze half knelt next to the Huo Shaoheng's sniping spot, and reported his observations as a the spotter. Time had flown and there was only one minute remaining.

Yang Dawei grew uneasy in Mingyue Court. The police promised a plane and cash, but there was only a minute left from the deadline. Why was there no sound of a plane? Unless they were buying time? If that's the case, he'd have no mercy and kill off everyone here! Yang Dawei snarled as he held the assault rifle and aimed at the unconscious C University Faculty of Law students.

At that moment, Huo Shaoheng's eyes darkened like bottomless pits as he slightly curved his finger on the trigger of the AMR with a click. A large calibre bullet silently slid from the 500 millimeter barrel, its olive shape slicing through the misty rain on Little Mirror Lake and increasing velocity with the wind. It instantaneously glided over the entire Little Mirror Lake, aiming and entering at the first third of the back wall of Mingyue Court!


From Huo Shaoheng's infrared night vision goggles, he only saw a man's silhouette against the back wall of Mingyue Court suddenly spray a cloud of pink blood, then the entire body disintegrating within the lenses...

Yin Shixiong was guarding the front entrance of Mingyue Court and was the first to hear the sputtering sounds from the room. He could also see the criminal blow up in his night vision goggles and release a pink cloud of blood. He stood up with a whoosh, and spoke in a hushed voice to Guan Hui besides him, "Mission accomplished, our men have eliminated the target, you can get ready to retrieve the body." He paused and advised him, "Have seasoned soldiers go in and take a body bag. It's probably not a whole corpse..."

Guan Hui was floored, then elated as he jumped from the ground and signalled to the men behind him, "Have the robots defuse the mines!"

Several round robots swiftly entered Mingyue Court to detect for mines.

Deputy Commissioner Liu crept over and looked at Yin Shixiong, then Guan Hui, "...What's this? It's over? Are all the criminals dead? Did anyone escape?"

"That's your problem, our objective is complete." Yin Shixiong said coldly as he thew the AMR to Guan Hui, not wanting to deal with Deputy Commissioner Liu. Guan Hui didn't want to talk to him either and ordered his men to supervise the robots with demining, as he led several seasoned soldiers in as the robots cleared a path for them to retrieve the body in Mingyue Court.


Zhao Liangze received the message that the battle in Mingyue Court was over and sighed in relief before standing up, "Mr. Huo, things are wrapped up on the other side, they're retrieving the body now."

Only then did Huo Shaoheng rise from the ground and nimbly removed the AMR components from his body to place back into the rifle box. He picked it up and walked towards the Humvee. Zhao Liangze carried his own devices as he followed him, and the two men quickly got into the vehicle. The officer guarding the straw hut had just opened the door and said to the students inside, "The cordon has been lifted, you can come out now and get ready to go home"

Gu Nianzhi was the first to bolt out, avoiding the officer and slipping out the door like a fish. The column of light from the helicopter had disappeared, so it must have left already. The power was still out in the villa and on the dark road by the lake shore, only the lights from the Humvee that had just driven away were emitting a bright light in the dark night. Gu Nianzhi's eyes lit up, she didn't stop to think before racing towards the Humvee. She remembered the two snipers had gotten out of there. She dared not cry out and could only hope the people in the car would see her and stop. She recognized the back of that man, it was Uncle Huo for sure! And the one besides him was Brother Little Ze. Gu Nianzhi ran even faster, her lean legs like a small deer and her waist supple as she bounded with rhythm.

"Mr. Huo, that's Miss Gu behind us... chasing the car." Fan Jian was the orderly who acted as a driver, and he subconsciously lifted his foot from the accelerator when he discovered Gu Nianzhi in the rearview mirror. The Humvee slowed down slightly.

Zhao Liangze raised his head to also look at the rearview mirror, "Oh? It's really Nianzhi! Why is she chasing our car?! Did something happen? Or did she recognize us?! Ah! I have to retake the 'Disguise' course! I got recognized even though I'm totally covered up today, it must be because I'm too handsome!"

Fan Jian couldn't stand listening to him without the corners of his mouth lifting, and his foot was even lighter on the accelerator now. Huo Shaoheng didn't say a word and, his elbow was on the window and the back of his hand supported his chin. His stared pointedly at the view of Gu Nianzhi chasing them in the rearview mirror. It was when the gap between the military vehicle and Gu Nianzhi closed that he noticed Fan Jian wasn't pressing on the gas.

"Mr. Huo, it's raining, should we stop and wait for it to clear?" Zhao Liangze racked his brains to give Huo Shaoheng an excuse.

Huo Shaoheng still had his hand under his chin and leaned against the window, totally ignoring him.

"Little Jian, do you want to use the bathroom? Oh no, I really have to go all of a sudden!" Zhao Liangze saw Gu Nianzhi persistently chase after them and felt anxious. He could only continue to fib and find a way to stop the military vehicle.

Gu Nianzhi fervently chased after the Humvee on the dark path by the lake. The car lights were so piercingly bright she could barely keep her eyes open, but she didn't relent and kept sprinting forward. After running for a while, the vehicle appeared to slow to a stop and just as Gu Nianzhi was about to run faster to reach it, Mei Xiawen caught up. He draped a jacket on her, "Nianzhi, it's raining, why are you running?"

All three men in the Humvee witnessed this. Fan Jian and Zhao Liangze shared a glance.

"Drive faster, back to the base," Huo Shaoheng took his elbow off the side of the window and smiled faintly, "There, you can stop worrying now, Little Ze?"

Zhao Liangze flushed as he quietly turned around to look forward, "What do you mean, Sir? What am I worried about?"

Huo Shaoheng didn't speak anymore, he crossed his arms and closed his eyes to rest.

Fan Jian was perplexed and quietly asked Zhao Liangze, "...Why didn't Mr. Huo stop to see Miss Gu? Poor thing, she's out of breath from running."

Zhao Liangze also thought Huo Shaoheng was too cruel and couldn't help turning around to plead, "Mr. Huo, let's see her for a bit, you haven't seen her for over two months now. She always asks for you whenever she calls me or Big Xiong."

Huo Shaoheng's eyes remained closed as he sat in the darkness of the back of the car and slowly said, "If I go out now, her identity will be exposed."

"Oh? Is that possible?!" Zhao Liangze and Fan Jie cried in unison.

"You think this was just a kidnapping incident?" Huo Shaoheng opened his eyes, they were eagle-like and flashed in the darkness, "If I'm not mistaken, Nianzhi was the real target this time!"