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80 Mr. Huos Decision 7

 The criminals had another surprise in store for them that night. Yin Shixiong didn't leave just yet and curiously stood on the side to listen to Guan Hui discuss the next step with his men.

"We can't force our way in, the courtyard is said to have mines, so we would have to demine before going in. But we don't have time."

"Right, and even if we don't demine and forcefully trigger the explosions, we don't know how many the buried and judging from their firepower, it could blow up the entire courtyard and the hostages won't survive."

"What should we do? Do we really have to give him a plane and cash, and let him escape?!"

Neither the soldiers nor policemen agreed. They had so many men injured and there were even policemen and soldiers killed in action, they can't possibly let it go?!

"But we have no other choice." Guan Hui laid out a map, it was the blueprints for Mingyue Court. "Look, Mingyue Court is bordered by Little Mirror Lake on three sides, and only the main entrance faces the narrow, winding road in front of us. Our direct passage to them is already blocked."

"How about we go from the water?" Someone suggested and pointed to the map, "We'll have soldiers or police who are strong swimmers go from the opposite bank, then land on Mingyue Court from the rear door."

"That's a good idea, but there's only 20 minutes left, by the time we get there time is about up, we would just be in time to die with them? We could go on a speedboat, but the criminals would know what we're up to as soon as we start the engine. What if they kill the hostages immediately?"

Yin Shixiong listened on the side for a while and understood the dilemma faced by the garrison troops army and police. They did have a solution to apprehending the criminal, but they were hesitant to pelt the rat with fear of smashing the vase besides it. They were concerned the 20 some hostages would be toast if they cornered the criminal. Yin Shixiong shook his head and returned to the Humvee to explain the situation to Huo Shaoheng.

Huo Shaoheng agreed it was a tricky situation. It wouldn't be difficult to kill the criminal, but the hard part was to prevent him from killing the hostages before he died.

"Little Ze, show me the 3D blueprints again."

Zhao Liangze opened his laptop and selected the 3D blueprint file. Huo Shaoheng furrowed his brows as he studied it for a while, "Where is the criminal hiding inside the room?"

Yin Shixiong pointed to the back wall of the main house in Mingyue Court, "Here."

Yang Dawaeri was very sly. He was worried that the military's snipers would have an open headshot if he hid near the front entrance, so he moved far away and huddled by the back wall. The vast Little Mirror Lake was directly behind that wall and the lake was a total of two kilometers in diameter. There was no fear of getting shot from the back. He was safe as long as no one swam up from Little Mirror Lake. Even if someone got into the water, there would be no way to swim there in merely 15 minutes. There was no chance of using a speedboat, nor possibility of breaking through from the roof. Because the criminal was vicious, decisive and had ample fire power to boot, he would struggle for life and reduce their past efforts to nil.

Was there truly no other way?

Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze shared a glance and were only thankful that Gu Nianzhi wasn't one of the hostages in the room. Otherwise they would have to give the criminal h*ll even if they had to go to heaven and earth...

"Nianzhi really grew up with us, she's learned a lot." Yin Shixiong said proudly, like Gu Nianzhi was his own daughter.

Zhao Liangze smiled and asked Huo Shaoheng, "Mr. Huo, should we bring Nianzhi here and you'll take her away first?"

Huo Shaoheng refused without looking up, "How can I leave before things are resolved here."

Zhao Liangze became quiet, then said in a low voice, "...But this is a domestic incident, we've transgressed if we get involved."

Earlier they could still say it was for Gu Nianzhi's safety that they participated, and the military wouldn't penalize them. Now that she was safe, any further involvement could be used by the senators to trip them up. Huo Shaoheng would be in lots of trouble no matter how high ranking and powerful he was. Yin Shixiong had the same thought, but recalled the horrific sight of the troops and police earlier. He couldn't leave them be nor make any idle observations.

Huo Shaoheng straightened and dryly said, "This incident cannot possibly be strictly domestic , it's certainly in our jurisdiction."

"Cannot possible be strictly domestic? You're saying... it's those foreign heavy weapons and explosives?" Zhao Liangze came to a sudden realization, "That's right! These were all smuggled! This is related to foreign hostile forces!"

This was sufficient reason for the 6th Military Region to officially get involved. Huo Shaoheng rarely repeated his words, he pointed to Gu Nianzhi's location on the opposite bank of Little Mirror Lake, "Find a shooting position for an AMR, we can take him out even across a lake and through the back wall."

"AMR?!" Yin Shixiong fired up, "Mr. Huo! Allow me to go!"

AMRs stood for anti-material rifles, and they were capable of hitting targets through walls. The best operators had a shooting range as far as two to three kilometers. Currently, the world record is held by an Australian operator who had locked on target from 2.8 kilometers away and hit the the armed assailant in the head with one shot.

"It's only two kilometers from the opposite bank of Little Mirror Lake to the back wall of Mingyue Court, as long as he stays against the back wall, there shouldn't be a problem." Huo Shaoheng put on headgear concealing his face, "Go find the garrison troops, and ask if they brought an AMR, I'll go to the opposite bank of Little Mirror Lake and Little Ze will spot for me. Big Xiong will be at the front entrance, and have Guan Hui spot. This way it doesn't matter where the criminal leans, we'll have a headshot."

A headshot through a wall was exceptionally challenging. Yin Shixiong's side was easier, since it was a shorter distance from the front entrance to the main house. Huo Shaoheng's side was the true predicament. It wasn't only far, with two kilometres of lake surface in between, but the inclement weather reduced visibility to nearly zero. The storm could also affect the bullet's trajectory and directly determined the effectiveness of the shot. However upon seeing Huo Shaoheng's sombre face, Yin Shixiong chose to believe in him.

"Roger!" Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze answered in unison. The two men split up to ask Guan Hui for AMRs.

Guan Hui listened to Yin Shixiong's explanation and was overjoyed, "We just transferred the AMRs here and was only worried about missing the target and injuring the hostages in the room."

AMR ammunition was very powerful, it was meant to destroy armored vehicles and that was why it was known as anti-material rifle. If it was shot at a person, it could blow up the body and cause fatality with one shot. But if it missed target and hit a hostage, it would also be fatal...

"No problem, leave it us. It's not your responsibility if something goes wrong." Yin Shixiong chose two incredibly leaden AMRs, one for himself and one for Huo Shaoheng. Huo Shaoheng hadn't revealed his identity and would only appear in front of everyone as a sniper from the 6th Military Region.

Guan Hui became furious when he heard this, "What are you saying? Am I one to be afraid to take responsibility?! No matter what, even if something goes wrong, I'll take the blame!"

Yin Shixiong was amused by him and patted his shoulder, "Very well, Brother, you're my friend for sure!"

"...What, I thought we were already friends..." Guan Hui was a little sullen, did they only become friends just now?

Yin Shixiong chuckled and didn't speak anymore. He threw the AMR into the Humvee, and watched them drive towards the opposite bank of Little Mirror Lake


Gu Nianzhi was shaken by the fierce gunshots and explosions across the lake. She sat up from the long stone bench and spaced out before walking to the entrance of the straw hut to see what was going on.

A man in military uniform stopped her, "Classmate, we're having an operation right away and need to clear this place out. Please cooperate and stay inside."

"What operation?" Mei Xiawen stood anxiously beside Gu Nianzhi, "What's going on with the criminals? Have they been arrested?"

"They've sent a sniper from the other side, and are going to set a sniping spot here, stay back."

As soon as he finished speaking, a Humvee was already hurtling towards them.