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62 Might As Well Feed the Dogs

 It was nearly dark. In the Managing Director's office, the leader of the Big Circle Boys, Yang Dawei, was sitting in the manager's chair with a pistol swinging casually from hand to hand. Yang Dawei smiled at the Managing Director, who had sweat beading on his forehead and was kneeling before him. "Mr. Managing Director, don't be scared. We won't hurt you; but, we need your help with a few things today."

The Managing Director stiffened his neck and he squeaked. "Tell me what you need! I'll help you! Most certainly!"

"Good! First, I need you to have your employees give free food to the university students staying in Mingyue Court."

"Huh?" The Managing Director was perplexed, these criminals didn't appear very kind hearted. But, Yang Dawei's next sentence instantly cleared his doubts.

Yang Dawei looked to his underlings. "Spike the free food." This would minimize the risk of having their cover blown and would also avoid raising suspicion. The students in Mingyue Court were guaranteed to pass out if they consumed the free food and drink. They would then be free to kidnap as many students they wanted and demand for ransom as they pleased, all while avoiding any risk. Kidnapping an unconscious person was a lot easier than a conscious one.

"Second, order all your employees to be at the conference room 8pm tonight. All must attend and the late ones will have their bonuses deducted."

The Managing Director thought the criminals planned to attack and exclaimed, "What are you going to do to them?!"

If the resort villa was to be the site of a massacre, his business was toast and he might as well declare bankruptcy.

"Don't worry, we won't kill anyone." Yang Dawei smiled pleasantly as he lifted the Managing Director's chin up with the muzzle of the gun, "As long as you obey us, they won't have to die."

The middle-aged Managing Director had never been threatened with a gun before, his legs turned to mush and he struggled to kneel.

Yang Dawei watched the Managing Director as he made two calls for the arrangements as instructed, then blew the muzzle of his gun and flipped it over to club the back of the Managing Director's neck with the butt, knocking him out.

"Tie him up, stuff his mouth, and lock him up in the storage room." Yang Dawei commanded his underlings as he pointed to the location of the storage room.

After the Managing Director was dragged out, Yang Dawei assembled his underlings and asked each one individually about the progression of the plan.

"Boss, we've been keeping tabs on Mingyue Court with binoculars. The targets are all in there."

To avoid raising suspicion, they avoided monitoring up close and had used binoculars the whole time. For now, they had no idea that the two classes had switched courtyards and only knew that two classes of university students showed up.

"Boss, looks like there's more than one class here, what should we do about the other one? They're in Qingfeng Garden."

"Two classes? One flock of sheep, two flocks of sheep, we'll herd them all the same. Drug them too so they don't get in the way." Yang Dawei earned his position as the leader of the Big Circle Boys not only through his viciousness, but also through his meticulous planning.

"Got it, I'll have another batch of free food sent to Qingfeng Garden."

"Second Brother is already at the cell tower. He's gonna to wreck it soon and there won't be any cell service here." Yang Dawei walked to the window and looked to the direction of the cell tower directly across. As soon as he finished his sentence, a bright light from a military grade flashlight shone from the direction of the cell tower--two short flashes followed by one long flash. It meant that he had succeeded.

Yang Dawei took out his phone to check and saw the signal was gone. He guffawed and threw it out to the Little Mirror Lake below the building.

"Great, let's move. The landline and internet are down too. I want this place to be a deadzone tonight! No internet, no cell signal, nothing!" Yang Dawei twirled the silver gun in his hand. The Big Circle Boys used their walkie-talkies to communicate as they proceeded with their heinous mission.


In Qingfeng Garden, Green Tea Fang and Little Temptress had returned to their rooms and threw down their hats before saying to Gu Nianzhi and Lady Cao, "It's too bad you guys didn't go, the views are quite nice on this mountain!"

Lady Cao and Gu Nianzhi rested their chins on their hands while sitting on the couch and listened to Little Temptress and Green Tea Fang talk about their mountain climbing adventure that day. It was getting darker outside, Before it was even 7pm, it was already so dark they couldn't see their own fingers.

"Why's it so dark?" Gu Nianzhi got up to turn on the light and pulled out her phone to check, "It's almost seven, are you guys hungry?"

"I'm so hungry I could eat a cow." Little Temptress stretched her back, "But I'll shower first, I was all sweaty today and I probably smell."


A food delivery car stopped in front of Mingyue Court. A man in Dufeng Mountain Resort Villa's chef uniform shouted, "Mingyue Court? The resort has sent you dinner."

Class Two's representative rushed forward in surprise. "But, we didn't order anything"

They had brought their own food and were about to barbecue.

"It's free! A gift from our villa. Mingyue Court is the VIP room, it's customary for us to provide one free meal." The chef waved his hand. "Quickly take it in. Wait, don't take it all. Leave some for Qingfeng Garden.You guys are classmates, right?"

The Class Rep was overjoyed. Mingyue Court was truly a luxury experience! For them to have been able to steal it away from Class One had turned out to be even better than they'd imagined.

A few male students quickly picked out the best food and drink and left a meager amount of shabby looking food for Qingfeng Garden. The chef grinned as he watched them go back into Mingyue Court; they were lambs waiting for slaughter. After delivering free food for Mingyue Court, he drove to Qingfeng Garden.

"Qingfeng Garden? It's your lucky day! We have some extra food and drink today, you guys want it?" The chef changed his tone in Qingfeng Garden; he was arrogant and haughty:

"Why wouldn't we want free stuff?" Strongman scurried out quickly and directed the other boys to bring the food in. Unfortunately, there wasn't much because Class Two in Mingyue Court had taken most of it. The remaining food wasn't even enough to feed 20 people.

Mei Xiawen came over to look and thought the food looked shabby. He didn't want to touch it, so he said that Strongman and his friends share it and since he had already ordered food for everyone.

"No way! Why would you guys get to eat nice food while we'd be stuck with this free cr*p?! I disagree!" Strongman and his friends immediately shunned the free food as soon as they heard there already was food ordered.They threw away their chopsticks and crossed their legs. Mei Xiawen was covering all the food and drink expenses anyway, so the students had no qualms about having better food.

"You shouldn't have brought it in then. This food, you might as well feed it to the dogs!" Mei Xiawen crooked his finger and flicked Strongman hard on the forehead.

Strongman covered his reddened forehead and yelled jokingly, "Where's a dog? Where's a dog? Hurry, let's find one!"

It was nearly eight at night by the time Mei Xiawen's delivery came. The delivery man was frantic. "Hurry up and sign for it, I have to go to a meeting. The Managing Director said that everyone had to be in time for attendance for eight. If I'm late I won't get my bonus this month."