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60 Concentric Circles 3

 "But Mingyue Court is better!" Little Temptress was standing on the side and stamped her foot in disagreement. "Don't listen to the Two-Faced B*tch! I'll go give her h*ll!"

"Dear sister!" Gu Nianzhi's voice was trembling slightly, like she was about to cry. "Please listen to me just this once, don't stay in Mingyue Court." She then turned and spoke quietly to Song Ruyu, who was crossing her arms and smiling smugly. "I don't think you guys should stay in Mingyue Court either, it's too remote."

"Hah! What a bumpkin! We're at a mountain resort villa, so of course we want to be in a remote place. If you wanted crowds, why did you come up to the mountains? Just stay in the busy city why don't you!" Song Ruyu jumped on the chance to insult Gu Nianzhi and refused to let go. She glared so hard that her eyes were mere slits.

Song Ruyu was right, Mingyue Court was the most remote and the most expensive place to stay in the mountain resort. Mei Xiawen had been here many times and always stayed in Mingyue Court. He was miffed that Song Ruyu was snubbing Gu Nianzhi and held her hand gently. "Don't be scared. We'll listen to you and stay whereever you want to stay."

Gu Nianzhi was at a loss. Listen to me? But I'm not the Class Rep! She didn't want to carry the burden of the decision.

Gu Nianzhi looked at Little Temptress with pleading eyes. Little Temptress glared at her and begrudgingly relented. "Fine, fine. If Class Rep made a bet with them, we can't be sore losers. Let's stay in Qingfeng Garden, and we wish you a merry stay in Mingyue Court. This kind of freebie doesn't come along all the time-you better latch onto it for life so you don't regret it later."

Little Temptress truly got Class Two angry with her harsh words. "Hehe, your Class Rep agreed to make a bet, and now you guys are trying to weasel out of it and insult us in the process? If you're not ashamed of yourselves, we're ashamed for you!"

Most of the students in Class Two didn't mind where they stayed and it was only human that they would be tempted by a freebie. But Little Temptress' words were too hard to swallow and they were angry enough to spite her.

Gu Nianzhi looked at Class Two's Class Rep like she wanted to speak but was hesitant. He smiled and nodded his head at her. "Nianzhi, how gracious of you." He also patted Mei Xiawen's shoulder. "Treat our year's number one well! If you don't cherish her, we have people waiting to pursue her!"

Mei Xiawen pulled Gu Nianzhi into a hug and laughed. "You snooze you lose! I've made her mine for life! You guys will just have to wait for the next life!"

Gu Nianzhi hastily pushed Mei Xiawen off and smiled gingerly. "Xiawen, are you already drunk before actually drinking? What are you rambling about?"

"I'm not drunk. It's the truth." Mei Xiawen grinned as he took her hand and turned towards Qingfeng Garden.

Many people in Class One were unhappy when they heard they had to suddenly switch rooms and loudly complained, "Class Rep, why do we have to pay for them to stay in our rooms?

Mei Xiawen explained it as best as possible, apologizing profusely. "It's my fault, I'll refund everyone the difference when we get back." He continued, "All the expenses for food and activities are on me, so let's have fun!"

Everyone let it go since Mei Xiawen had stepped up. Although they were still slightly unhappy, everyone were soon caught up in the excitement of barbecuing and forgot about it as soon as the grill was lit.

Class Two went into Mingyue Court and felt a little ashamed when they saw how much nicer it was compared to Qingfeng Garden. They were all in the same grade at school, so it'd be awkward if things were tense and they ignored each other. Their Class Rep suggested that they invite Class One over to Mingyue Court for a gathering.

Song Ruyu agreed loudly and went to Qingfeng Garden with Class Two's student committee to invite them over for games. Class One had just finished eating their barbecue and wanted to move around a little to better digest the food. After some convincing, they finally agreed and the large group roared with the sounds of merriment and laughter as they went over to Mingyue Court.

Gu Nianzhi didn't want to go and said to Mei Xiawen and her roommates, "You guys go, someone has to stay behind and watch the things here. I'll stay back so you guys won't have to worry about anything missing."

"Nianzhi, are you really not going? I won't go if you don't go." Lady Cao offered to stay back with Gu Nianzhi because she or proffered the quiet and rarely joined group events.

Mei Xiawen discussed this with Green Tea Fang and Little Temptress, then agreed. "Ok, you guys have fun here. I brought a couple of Blu-Rays, you can watch movies or play video games."

"Ok, ok, we'll take care of ourselves. Have fun." Gu Nianzhi smiled as she saw them to the door and pulled Green Tea Fang and Little Temptress back. "Come back early; don't stay out too late."

There are over forty people with the two classes combined. Things should be fine at Mingyue Court with all those people there, I think. Gu Nianzhi watched them leave for Mingyue Court uneasily. After they were out of her sight, Gu Nianzhi hurried back to her room and said to Lady Cao, "Come on, let's change into our bathing suits and swim in Little Mirror Lake!"

"Huh?" Lady Ca was perplexed then quickly understood, she pointed at Gu Nianzhi and laughed so hard she couldn't straighten up. "So you had this in mind? You'll have to go alone; I don't like skinny dipping."

"Who said anything about skinny dipping?" Gu Nianzhi removed her swimsuit from the suitcase and waved it. Rather than calling it a swimsuit, it was better to call it a diving suit. It covered her from neck to toe and she even had a big pair of diving goggles-all she was missing was an oxygen tank.

Lady Cao smiled as she watched Gu Nianzhi change and said, "I didn't look this professional even when I did deep sea diving before."

"I'm just going for a swim. Too bad I didn't bring an oxygen tank." Gu Nianzhi winked at her, then opened the back door of Qingfeng Garden and went into the water from the deck. The water was deep enough to swim in and there were two steps leading down. It was early summer and the water in Little Mirror Lake was cool. The reflected moon and stars of the summer night and covered the lake like a thin blanket.

Gu Nianzhi perked her ears and could make out the noise from the party at Mingyue Court.

Everyone is having fun.

She quietly slid into the water and swam silently like a fish towards the water by Mingyue Court.


In the Managing Director's office on the fifth floor of the administrative building at the Dufeng Mountain Resort Villa, the Managing Director was wrapped up like a sticky rice dumpling, his mouth stuffed with a bundle of rags. He was trapped under his desk. Seven or eight burly men carried sniper rifles and sat scattered around the room. One of them was at the window sill and used binoculars to peer in the direction of Mingyue Court.

"Brother Dawei, the university students have all gathered at Mingyue Court. Everyone on this list is here. Two classes came this time." The person patiently counted and made a note.

"Good, let them enjoy one last night. Remember to send lots of drinks over." Yang Dawei played with the the dagger in his hands as he spoke casually.

These people were the Big Circle Boys and they were finally ready to hit the jackpot of C City.