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Book 7, Chapter 24 - The Sword Swings

 The Light God's weapon reformed just in time to meet another blow from Godslayer. It hacked toward the being like an ax at dead tree limbs, cleaving easily through the weapon and into the Light God's body. Seething with energy, it entered at the god's left shoulder and down to the right abdomen.

Where it passed, the armor split and the brilliant light dimmed.

With a flick of his wrist Cloudhawk brought the weapon around for another pass, but with a flash the Light God retreated. It reappeared several thousand meters away.

Trying to run?

He expected as much. The Light God was incomparably fast, speed which it could use to attack but also flee. Moving tens of thousands of meters in the blink of an eye was not difficult. Moreover, with relics the process was even quicker and more dramatic.

The Light God hung in the sky overhead, the gaping gash visible to all. However, as shocking as it was to behold Cloudhawk's blow hadn't even touched the god's body. It was a new and unsightly addition to the creature's armor.

Its protections had a powerful damage absorption function. Despite the ferocity with which he struck, Cloudhawk's attack was not deep enough. He'd done nothing to the god besides mar his suit.

"You are nothing but a trivial mortal. We are surprised that you have the Eye, but an insect with minimal godly powers is still an insect. Nothing you do will change the inevitable - you will lose, everyone you know and love will die. If you cannot even defeat us, then you are doomed before the might of Sumeru."

As it spoke, the Light God's armor began to radiate with light. It flowed like water over the fractured pieces and in a few short moments it was restored. The only indication that anything had happened was a slight dimming in the Light God's radiance.

Yet in contrast to its words, the Supreme was taken aback by Cloudhawk's strength. Concerning, too, was the might of his weapon and his evolved physique. The power he wielded was on the same level as the gods.

In less than ten exchanges the Light God had been handily overcome.

"Gods definitely are different. They can take a good chop and keep on going." Cloudhawk scowled and looked at his sword. "But if one cut won't do it, I'll hack ten times. A hundred if I have to. Let's see which is tougher - your body or my sword!"

Cloudhawk didn't like wasting time with banter. Especially when the odds were clearly not in his favor.

But here he was, stuck, so he might as well fight to the end. He couldn't give them any breathing room or he'd find himself surrounded by hundreds of demonhunters. Furthermore, the other two Supremes hiding in the Temple could emerge at any moment.

He went chasing after the Light God.

A screeching noise split the sky as the Lightning God changed forms again. Thousands upon thousands of electrified birds charged toward Cloudhawk as fast as lightning bolts. They came upon him like an apocalyptic rain and his world became a chaos of electricity.

Fuck, again! Cloudhawk shut his right eye and looked at the world through his left.

Traces of the birds in various sections of time were revealed to him. He winced as heat burned his eye socket, followed by a stabbing pain. Too much information caused his mind to overload.

Shit! Too much variation.

He couldn't differentiate so many changes at once. There were limits to what the Eye of Time could accomplish. It was a powerful relic, but if its targets were too many or its scope too broad, the deluge of information was much too draining.

The Lightning God attacked Cloudhawk with a huge number of electric birds. They came from different directions and at different times. Cloudhawk couldn't follow every one so he limited it to the area around himself. He used himself as a point of reference for his defense.

Thunderbirds came at him like a wave but Cloudhawk's defense was impermeable. They crashed against him and dissipated like splashes of ink. Meanwhile the Light God took this chance to re-engage. It attacked with its Sacred Flash, recovered and attacked again. However Cloudhawk's attentions were locked on the Supreme. He knew when the attacks were coming, they were no threat.

Cloudhawk and the two Supremes were locked in a stalemate. He was tangled up by the Lightning God while trying to land blows on its partner. At the moment there was no way for him to cut down either god, and likewise no way for them to kill this impudent human.

Meanwhile the gathered soldiers watched this outrageous battle. They wanted to aid their deities but could find no way to do so. A fight of this level was far beyond their capabilities.

But while on the surface it seemed like the fight was even, things worsened for Cloudhawk with every passing moment. The gods didn't need to kill him, only drain most of his power. Even with all his advantages, without enough energy he was powerless against all the realms' fighters. His hopes to destroy the Temple would be dashed.

His target was still protected behind an impenetrable black curtain. Inside two more gods were waiting for him.

What's more, as the fighting intensified and time stretched on, the Sword of Sumeru continued to form. A blade of light a hundred meters tall burned with ominous power. Slowly it was nearing completion.

This weapon - containing the mental energies of hundreds of the strongest demonhunters - was like a sniper's bullet entering the chamber. A crossbow, nearly loaded.

When it was released... the consequences were too terrible to contemplate.

An attack like that was terrible enough to completely altar the world's landscape. It would wipe Skycloud or the Green Alliance off the map. Whatever target it chose the result was the same; complete and total annihilation.

"Mother fuckers! Out of my way!"

Thinking about it made Cloudhawk's anxiety rise. He had to stop the superweapon, no matter the cost. But he couldn't get free from the two gods. Besides, there were hundreds of demonhunters guarding the Sword preventing him from getting close.

Time ticked by, one second after another until eventually the Sword of Sumeru was fully prepared.

"You have already lost!" The Lightning God's body coalesced into its humanoid form. In the battle with this mortal it had transformed numerous times and had expended a great deal of energy. However, the outcome of their conflict was never in doubt. "Unleash the Sword!"

Unleash the sword! The demonhunters answered and the enormous weapon began to quiver from hilt to tip. It began slowly, extricating itself from the disc-shaped tower like an airship leaving harbor.

Though currently restrained, the sword contained a horrifying amount of power. Complex designs could be seen against its bright surface, pulsing with energy. Air around the blade warped as it was displaced.

It was being deployed. Finally, the heathen scum would be eliminated! The Sword of Sumeru was engaged and there was no stopping it.

The Gods of Light and Lightning stood shoulder to shoulder. They knew that once the Sword of Sumeru was completed nothing could stand in its way. The blasphemers were as good as dead.

But then something happened the two beings could hardly believe.

Cloudhawk teleported directly into the weapon's path. The gathered shoulders watched with wide eyes. Was he insane? He didn't think he could stand alone against the Sword of Sumeru, did he?! It was simply impossible! Even someone as strong as the Demon King's successor would be vaporized by this weapon, without question.

Against the Sword, Cloudhawk was as tiny as a midge. But so be it! If this sword could cut down a fiend as difficult to kill as Cloudhawk, then it was a victory.

The blazing weapon inched closer. Cloudhawk felt a pressure unlike anything he'd felt before wash over him. He could hardly keep steady.

The further it extended from the disc the faster the Sword began to move. Waves of light and heat spread in all directions. Cloudhawk felt like he was suffocating.

Good... excellent. Now's the time.

A mysterious grin curled the edges of Cloudhawk's lips. He raised Godslayer in his right hand and the area filled with the vigor of ten million warriors. He used his left hand to slowly pull forth a silver chain

It was time, his one chance. The fate of everything he'd built was at stake.

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