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226 Tokyos Deadly Secret Part 1/4

 (This is another point of view from someone inside Tokyo. This will be a 4 part POV on what is currently happening inside Tokyo.)

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Sun is high up in the sky already but I am still not done with my own work. With conspiracies piling up since the day Tokyo started to close borders, I rarely have to sleep at all.

After browsing a bit more, I sighed and rubbed my glabella a bit. I am getting more headaches than answers. Many people are also starting to go on protests as to why Tokyo started to ignore whatever happening outside the walls that were built before they lock the city down.

Without much progress, I stood up from my chair, grab the empty coffee mug sitting on my table since last night, and put it on the sink. I took a warm bath quickly in the bathroom to soothe my stressed body but that barely helped to me alleviate my stress.

After taking a bath that slightly calmed me down, I don my clothes for the office and prepared all of my things when my phone started ringing. Looking on the screen to see who was calling, I felt stressed again when I saw the name of my annoying nerd partner, Yuya. Still, I can't ignore his calls. He might have some leads for me.

"Good morning Chiaki! How is your day today?"

"Ugh, it's not even a good day for me and you are greeting me like that. I still have no clues up until now and I think I will have a painful migraine with this. So if you are calling me to disturb my peace, I will hang up immediately," I said.

"Woah there, chill partner, I know that you don't want idle chatter as always so I am not just calling you for nothing. I have gathered some intel and I think it might help with your investigation. Let's meet up in our usual and discuss it there. I will book out a private room right away so that our discussion won't leak out."

"It should be doable. I can't waste my time with just worthless info after all. It's been a week and still no good piece of info for me to use."

"Don't worry, you won't be disappointed. This isn't just a worthless piece of junk I assure you. I am not the type of guy who will give out invalid info."

Well, he has a point and this guy is not the type who does not review his gathered intel. After all, false intel means the credibility of our news. As a journalist myself, credibility can't beat out fake news.

"Alright, meet me there at 10. I still have something to visit first before I go."

"Okay then. Just give a call if you already arrive inside the establishment. I won't hold you for long, bye."

Yuya hanged up the call and just after I put the phone into my pocket, the black hawk helicopter used by the JSDF came buzzing by in the sky. Lately, the JSDF is in constant motion and you can barely see anywhere of Tokyo's streets without them around. The citizens are clearly tense right now with the army's movements. Seeing them on around the streets every day means something is going on and yet the government keeps on saying that there is nothing happening at all.

Many people already suspected many things. It even exceeded after the travel ban and any sort of contact outside the walls was forbidden. Getting outside the walls also means that you can't enter it again unless you are military personnel. Normal people have no chance to get out at all and contact anyone outside.

Rallies are also quite normal right now too with people demanding to know what really was going on but the government was secretive and whatever the public does, they keep their mouth shut. Some people even tried to sneak out only to be captured and put into jail. Some tried using drone cameras but they were also not possible because before they can even catch a glimpse on the outside, the SDF stationed on the walls will shoot it down.

After doing all of my preparations, I took a quick breakfast before going to my first destination.


My destination is the gate built around the Yamanote Line. Although I said Tokyo had a lockdown, it was around the Yamanote Line they have barricaded and built a wall and covers quite a large part of it and not just Tokyo. However, the government decided to call the whole circle just Tokyo. The reason I am here today is to find out a little scoop that might be given out to me.

While readying the camera, a sharp and loud sound rang out in the surroundings and it was a familiar sound that I have heard in televisions.


That sound, I can't be mistaken about it. There was one time I am covering a hostage-taking in a bank and gunshots rang out that day. There was no mistaking it. The gunshots rang not only once. It started to get frequent and hearing it made me shiver from where I was snooping.

"Hey! What are you doing here?!"

I look at my side and I saw a few patrolling soldiers spot me from where I am hiding. Without a second thought, I started to run away and escape. Luckily, those soldiers didn't follow me, or else something will happen to me and I don't want to imagine it.

One thing is for sure, taking out my pocket notebook and pen, I started writing what I found out just now. Behind the barrier made are things that the soldiers are using ammunition. Something might have happened there but I don't have the slightest idea what is it. Aliens? Terrorists? Monsters? All of those are just possibilities I can't rule out.

Since Yuya gathered some clues from his sources on what is going on, maybe his clues and info will help me answer some of my questions but I am hoping it isn't something grim. Hopefully...