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225 Osaka Reclamation, Dead Obliteration Part 4

 Day 10: 8:22 A.M

Osaka: Tsutenkaku Tower: Makeshift Gate

Melee: Naginata(Broken), Brass Knuckles, Kukri(Broken), Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced), Piyavka Sickle

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

(Kyosei's View)

I ate my breakfast together with Nanami, Souichi, Izayoi, and Sena. It has been a long time since I have eaten with others and honestly, missed doing it so. Before, I can always have fun with my friends and joking around here and there. But that was before. Laughing is no longer in my vocabulary and it can't be changed.

The others are busy chatting with each other but that doesn't mean I am included. I may answer once in a while but I distanced myself on that. One thing I hate a little bit is prolonging the conversation. Unless it was very important stuff, I won't bother talking.

I stood up and looked below the gate and observed the corpses being burned. It was quite a sad sight and the number of people turned into living corpses and killed in my hands is already a handful already. If they are converted to human society, I can now be considered as a mass murderer. But that doesn't matter anymore. Morality is something that has to be put behind and focus more on survival rather than moral laws.

I just then noticed Souichi stood beside me and drank the remaining cola on his can and stare on the horizon.

"Do you think everything is okay with our parents out there? I can't help think for them. If they ever survive, this calamity, are they still alive?"

"There are only possibilities. I don't know what happened to them but I am sure we will be seeing them soon as soon as we managed to settle down. It's only a few days since the outbreak started and we are already in a good place and many things have already happened."

"You are right. And besides, my father will not be easily taken down by the undead. He is someone who will not hesitate to hurt anyone if his family is in danger. Nanami kept on using her hacking skills to find any sort of contact with our parents but it was all for naught. Even the people overseas don't have anything that can help us locate our parents."

"How is your sister handling everything so far? She has been mostly focused on the laptop and her research most of the time."

"Nah, you already know her. She will keep on using work as something she needs to just take her mind away from loneliness and pain. With the death of Nejima the other day, she had trouble accepting the truth. Since Nejima is her best friend, it took quite a blow on her. Much worse when he confessed. I can tell from what her actions that she is still depressed and I can't do anything about it."

"Is that so?" I sipped my coffee while listening to Souichi.

"Honestly, your response was quite lacking of any life, I want to smack you once just to let you get some sense a bit but since I know the roles will bet reversed instead, I won't bother. But just a little advice, can you at least talk like you care?"

"Too bothersome," I answered.

"Bah, I am not surprised with that half-assed reaction of yours. You know what? Forget it, anyway, I just remembered something. Chie was too busy at the moment so I guess I will deliver this message from Shoko. She said that she has something to discuss with you. Although Chie asked her what is this discussion all about so that she can relay it to you, Shoko disclosed everything and did not say anything about and said that you should be the only one to know."

I creased my eyebrow when I heard it. I have no idea what is she planning on doing because even I can't really debunk what she was thinking. Shoko knows how to handle and show some facade professionally to others. And based on what Souichi said, this sort of topic that Shoko wanted to discuss with me is something of importance.

"Alright. Good work relaying the information. I will be going there once we collect enough piyavka. That way, it hits two birds with one stone."

Souichi nodded and excused himself before returning to the other three. I continue observing below the gate for a while before I got bored and decided to do some scavenging.


Day 10: 10:00 A.M

Osaka Streets

Melee: Brass Knuckles, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced), Piyavka Sickle

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

(Kyosei's View)

My beanie and uniform already dried up and ready to wear. Some of the tears of my clothes that have been dealt with during some skirmishes on the streets has been patched up and looked good.

Miss Haruna has given me some on the go food in case I get hungry in the middle of scavenging. I asked her what are the most lacking things at the moment in their side since all of the people I assigned as the Household group have dedicated themselves to cooking and doing chores since they can't even fight. When we moved to Tsutenkaku Tower, they are now assigned in doing the cooking and managing the food supply.

"What we are lacking? Hmm, that would be vegetables and some meat too. Fruits are also diminishing in supply too. If we took account of the remaining food, this will only last until the next week," Miss Haruna said.

"So that means we are on the red in terms of food supply huh, I guess we need to solve that as soon as possible," I said and took account of what was lacking.

After my preparation, I am about to go and ride the pickup when I heard a bark. I turned around and saw Laika wagging her tail. I pat her head and scratch a bit on her fur.


"You want to come with me? I will be scavenging and will be dangerous," I said.

"Bring her with you Kyosei," a deep voice called out to my name.

I raised my head and saw Uncle Matsubara.


"Siberian Huskies needed exercise and some work too or else they will be too tense and will start damaging things due to stress. And besides, they are too sensitive and Laika is quite a trained dog. She quite knows many things that if not for her breed, I will really think she was a part of the K-9 squad."

I looked at Laika and she is happily wagging her tail, eager to go. I am not going to climb roofs this time around since I have to scavenge. Maybe it is a good idea to bring her with me. An extra sense of the surroundings will always be a good idea.