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223 Osaka Reclamation, Dead Obliteration Par

 Day 10: 5:00 A.M

Osaka: Tsutenkaku Tower: Commander's Office

Duration of the Night Rage: 1 hour left

Melee: Naginata(Broken), Brass Knuckles, Kukri(Broken), Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced), Piyavka Sickle

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

(Kyosei's View)

I frowned when I heard his question. You just met me a few hours ago before I showered and you are asking me who I am? Did you hit your head or something?

"Hey, you asked me to go here straight after my bath. Did you get amnesia or something?"

"Huh? When did I say something like that to you and besides, I haven't seen you before!" Haru frowned.

"What? Are you serious or are you just joking?" I looked at him in confusion.

Then... I just remembered this trait of mine. Whenever I take off my beanie, they say my face looked like a different person all of a sudden. I don't really understand what they meant on that but I have to admit that the beanie is my striking feature. Come to think of it, the twins also asked me about who I am. It looks like its about time I really need some slight trim in my hair later...

"Ah, looks like you don't really recognize me, this is me, Kyosei."

Then he looked at me with wide eyes and mouth wide open.

"You are what...?"


"Hah... So that explains it. But indeed, you looked different without your beanie and with your headphones placed at your neck, I would never be able to tell who you are if you didn't tell it to me," Haru sighed and opened the bottle of water on the side of the table and drank the contents.

"Did I really looked like a different person without the beanie? I don't think I really looked that different, it's just my beanie and headphones not in their proper places."

"Well, if you are already used to your face, you would never see the difference but to us who only see your feature whenever you wear a beanie and a headphone, its kind of normal," Haru laughed.

"I don't think you called me here just to have a small chat with my face right?"

"Well, let's get straight to the point now. I managed to get in contact with my close friend and also a JSDF soldier who is currently stationed in Tokyo. Since Tokyo managed to mitigate the whole situation, Tokyo has been converted into a quarantine zone and cut off all sorts of connections to the remaining cities. Although they still have the power to rescue civilians in neighboring cities, they prioritized to save those people inside Tokyo safe while the rest are cast out.

"Also, according to the situation, everyone outside Tokyo is now labeled as infected too. The JSDF stationed in Tokyo is all ordered to shoot to death all people outside the gate that dares to ask for help."

"I see. So they decided to prune the number of people surviving this apocalypse."

"You mean..." Haru suddenly hits a realization.

"Yeah. To ensure the survival of the remaining people in Tokyo and also to avoid an infected mixing in with the humans that entered, they decided to leave all those surviving humans left outside the Tokyo walls to ensure the safety of the remaining people that were able to get inside their gates. If they can't save everyone, they will instead choose a better option which means they put those citizens inside Tokyo under quarantine and the remaining people are the infected ones ready to be pruned."

"Tch, those government bastards really did us good, huh, can't believe we will get abandoned for that reason."

"I can't blame them since they were indeed right with their methods. Many stories about apocalypse are ruined by those guys who hide their infection to the public just to get in and get rescued only for them to start biting and infecting others inside the quarantine area."

"Looks that way, but they should at least give some supplies by dropping off some supply caches to the cities," Haru said.

"That would be hard for them too. Unless they really have so much food and supplies in their storage, they won't be bothering to do that. They will instead choose to take them all for themselves. With the situation all over the world, they have to think wisely if they should help other people by doing what you suggested or just ensure their very own survival. Honestly, they would not hesitate to choose the latter."

"Damn, so they are abandoning us for the dead?" Haru fell into deep thought.

"We don't need them," I quickly said and sips the remaining coffee inside the can.


"If Tokyo abandoned us, then we will start anew. Osaka might not be able to compare with Tokyo's bustling business but that doesn't mean Osaka will not prosper. We are still humans here and we still have plenty of resources since the apocalypse just started last week."

"So you are suggesting that?"

"We reclaim Osaka bit by bit and occupy them. Also, we can wipe out the undead roaming in the area. That way, we will have a better chance to find other survivors, limit the Night Rage's spawning amount."

"Then, what about the materials and weapons? We can't have too much battle with enemies right now that our supply of ammunition is about to run out."

"There is always a way for us to do that. And ammunitions is not going to be a problem. It Tokyo is abandoning us, then it is time to take arms, become independent, and ignore Tokyo. They are not the only ones who can rebuild a city out from an apocalypse like how the preparation of Tokyo suddenly just showed up. I suggest to Reclaim this city from the dead and kill every single undead that blocks our way...