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221 The Little Demon is Killing the Dead

 Day 9: 4:00 P.M

Osaka: Tsutenkaku Tower: Commander's Office

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours left

(Haru's View)

It's been a few hours since Kato and the others have returned. Kato is currently in a critical state and if Kato managed to survive, it can be considered a miracle.

Still, we have suffered a lot from this operation. Although we have minimal casualties during the battle against the behemoth, it increased around the time they are about to return and got caught up by the Night Rage.

Many of the soldiers were killed in action due to some unprecedented events that cost their lives in the process. I also received that the leader of the teenage group that helped us on the extermination of the Behemoth was left behind to kill the new freak variant that appeared and injured Kato.

Also, this was the first time for me to see Tamaki so adamant in going back. She tried to do so but due to the dire situation, getting out of the walls will be considered as suicidal instead. We have to tie her up to the chair just to stop her from going. The other members of the group that the beanie boy is leading also wanted to go but due to the situation and the acting leader in the meantime, Nanami commanded them that it is more important to defend the tower.

I was surprised at first and I thought they are abandoning their leader when I heard Nanami say her suggestion to her teammates.

"Kyosei is already a killing machine. I doubt he will be having trouble right now and if he is, he will worm out a hole from his predicament. If we go and try to "rescue" him, we will be breaking the defense of this place and it will fall to the dead in a few minutes. He will be back after this night and I am quite sure of it."

Thinking back at that time, I thought it was a ridiculous comment but now, I don't think so anymore. I have seen him fight in visual using the drone cameras deployed during the battle against the behemoth and I must say he is one insane individual and if he really did survive that, I will not be surprised anymore.

As I was receiving reports on the casualties, one of the guards on the gate came in reporting.

"Sir, I have a report to make regarding the situation of the horde outside the gates," the soldier salute before entering the room.

"Speak, what happened? A breach?"

"Sir, actually, there are no breaches, everything is going smoothly and the undead outside are getting thinned out. In a few hours or so, the horde will be entirely gone and we can start the cleanup drive after that."

"I see. So that's it?"

"No, sir. During the defense, we spotted not too far in our gate a blue pickup truck stop not too far from the horde. Any undead that came close is killed without any trouble. After a few minutes, we saw the teenager leader that came to help us out came out from the pickup truck and started to slash out most of the undead that tried to get near him. I didn't see him use a gun when I am observing him since he is holding a kitchen cleaver and a sickle in both hands."

"Does he have support in combat?"

"The pickup truck is supporting him from time to time but they rarely do so and most of the work is done by that guy. Also, the Juggernauts that are threatening our defenses were also killed in an instant earlier. We only have the normal undead problem left."

"Killed in an instant? I didn't hear that wrong? Did you mistake the Juggernauts and the Hurlers right?"

"Sir, I didn't mention it wrong and besides, we already managed to dispose of the hurlers attacking since we prioritize them over the normal ones. The Juggernauts were all been taken out by that guy."

"Alright. Provide support to them and clean the undead in the vicinity. Keep the ammunition amount to a minimum. We can't afford to waste too much. We have a limited supply. If that is all, you are dismissed. Return to your post until your shift is over."

"Roger," and he saluted once again before he left the office.

I didn't expect that he will give a surprise to me again. I think I am still underestimating him.


Day 9: 4:00 P.M

Osaka: Tsutenkaku Tower: Emergency Makeshift Tent

Duration of the Night Rage: 2 hours left

(Cindy's View)

Ever since I am helping the medics along with Snow and Miyuki, everything is now in the total busy hour. I have disregarded my looks and my eyes are drooping since I have not taken a single minute of sleep for quite a while. But due to the incoming emergencies that have been getting pushed on and on, sleeping is now pushed aside.

Right now, I managed to get a break for 10 minutes since I have been working for 4 hours straight already. Snow and Miyuki are also in a break right now too since we all entered the work together.

"Who would have thought we would become nurses all of a sudden in this situation huh..." Snow sighed as she sipped the energy drink she got from the icebox.

"We are lacking in medics and nurses right now so we have to make do at the moment. We can't just sit around and do nothing while everyone is getting busy with the troubles," Miyuki said.

"How is that guy earlier? Do you know? The one named Kato?" I asked and looked at Miyuki since she was the one who received and helped with his case.

"He is still under operation and he is not yet stable. We don't have an actual nurse and doctor here so we are struggling. Somehow, he is still breathing but so much blood has been lost from his body that he is starting to feel cold. Luckily, we managed to reduce his bleeding but he still needs constant attention," Miyuki explained.

"Just what happened to him? Isn't he one of those guys who attacked the behemoth? Did he got clobbered too hard by the behemoth?" Snow asked.

"I have no idea actually. I was too busy tending and helping the medics I didn't ask for specifics. But if you want to know the details, I heard Tamaki-san is the one you should ask that since she is the one who sent him back."

"Have you heard about Kyosei? Isn't he one of the attack group? I haven't seen him from the returnee soldiers," Snow said.

"What? I thought he came back alongside Tamaki-san and Kato?" Miyuki stood up in surprise to the news.

"I heard he didn't. From what the soldiers said earlier, he proposed to be left behind to distract a new freak but I dunno about the accuracy of that info," Snow said.

"Then, he needs help! Did anyone go to rescue him?"

"Nanami ordered earlier that we have to stay put. No one followed up to get Kyosei though but I am sensing that Chie-san and the others will meet up with Kyosei later on. Kyosei is also pretty much strong enough to handle himself. I doubt he needs help," Snow explained.

Just as I was about to say something, the soldiers outside started cheering in joy all of a sudden.

"Huh? What happened? Why are they cheering all of a sudden?" Miyuki frowned.

Then, we heard the shout of one of the soldiers on the wall.

"We are saved! The little demon on the battlefield has killed all of the dead!"