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220 This Is How We Sweep the Dead to the Floor

 Day 9: 2:30 P.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 3 hours and 30 minutes left left

Melee: Naginata(Broken), Brass Knuckles, Kukri(Broken), Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

C4: 500 grams left

Gas: 4 liters

(Kyosei's View)

With the rampage of the refitted pickup, and with the addition of Kaito's precise shooting skills, the undead that was a big threat before were all swept and killed as we pass by the roads of Osaka to return to the temporary base, the Tsutenkaku tower.

Honestly, seeing the power of the piyavka weapons, I felt like I also want them but I don't want to be arrogant about it. With the extreme power the piyavka holds, I don't want myself to get swallowed by it. However, the piyavka will indeed bolster our strength against the undead. Once I have the chance, I will ask those two back on the Bang Gun store to forge me a good weapon that I can use to kill the dead.

Without the usual threat that stops us from progressing the roads a lot faster, we have already reached the base of the Tsutenkaku Tower. As usual, the gates that are made to repel the dead are all surrounded by the dead while the soldiers are shooting relentlessly on top of the walls.

"I never would have thought that there would come a day that I would find it normal for the dead to be gathering in the Tsutenkaku Tower. Just a few days ago, this place was just a famous tourist spot but now it became a sort of new safe haven for us," Souichi sighed.

"It certainly was. But it is something we have to get used to. Just rejecting it will not change the world's situation. Just living for the next day is the only thing that is usually the most widely known force that drives the people to continue fighting. If we have to return our normal lives, I bet it will be more years after this."

"Then let's reclaim the land that is rightfully for the humans," I immediately said.

"Huh?" the three looked at me in unison.

"I am reluctant as the appointed leader. I am not suited for this sh*t but I want everyone that followed me to this battle satisfied with my leadership. Of course, it is not my obligation since you all bunch just appointed me and pressured me to be the leader but I also want us to live peacefully without the fighting against the undead. If possible, I want to reclaim the whole Osaka bit by bit," I suggested.

"Reclaiming the whole Osaka from the dead? Isn't that going to take a long time and resources will be needed too."

"Now that the government abandoned us and just holed up in Tokyo without any plans to help for the extraction of the survivors, it's up to us to ensure our long term survival. Reclaiming the city's infrastructure bit by bit and making enclaves and liberating the streets from the dead will allow us to reduce the undead roaming around," I proposed.

"That is a good idea Kyosei, but what about the Night Rage? With a bigger base means a bigger scope of the undead horde means harder besiege battle. It would cost us a lot of manpower and a whole lot of resources just to do the defense," Souichi pointed out.

"Well, that is quite true too. And I hate recruiting other survivors a lot. This is going to be a pain. Tch, that is why becoming a leader is quite a pain in the arse," I grumbled.

"What you suggested is good Kyosei. However, we still have so many things we have to consider and many more things to look out for. If you plan to expand the scope of the base, we will be really using manpower and just as Souichi said, we will be needing a lot of manpower if we want that to happen. I suggest that you ask Commander Haru on this one. He might have a say on this suggestion of yours," Chie said.

"Are we going in and clear the horde once and for all? I can shoot all day if my bullets last enough and stab the undead without rest, or we can just go easy and let the pickup drift and bash their heads, what do you say? We can't just wait here forever until the sunrise is up, ya know," Kaito is getting impatient as he said that with a bored look on his face.

"Can I test the sharpness of the piyavka weapon? I want to feel it myself and do some stretch action using it," I said as I increase the volume of the music in my headphone.

"This sickle was meant for Souichi's use but he said that he didn't like the fighting in melee and prefer more on ranged battles so he rejected the sickle. Why don't you use it? I doubt Kaito would lend the spear to you," Chie said and reaches out on the back of the backseat and pull out the scythe I saw earlier.

When I held the weapon to my hand, I was surprised at how light it was compared to the normal sickle used for farming. It was like I am just carrying a prop but I can tell that the blade of the sickle is quite sharp due to the fine work on it.

"Are you planning on getting out of the car?" Chie asked.

"Yeah, I already got used to the movements of the undead and since you all are my back up, I won't really be worrying much. Besides that, I am also immune. I can't become one of the undead even when bitten so it is quite good."

"Dude, don't be too rash alright? Your enemies are flesh-eating bastards, not just normal thugs. Kill them properly and don't hesitate to mince them to bits!" Souichi said with a grin.

"Don't worry Kyosei, we won't back off, we will be backing you up," Kaito said with a grin.

"Alright then, I will be off to the bloodbath."

Opening the door, a female undead quickly showed up beside me snarling and ready to pounce. But it failed to give me a shock factor and just bashed my head to the head of the dead, causing it to stagger.

"Move b*tch," and without bothering to use the piyavka, I grabbed the staggering undead on her collar and punched her face repeatedly. With her soft skull being too fragile, even with just the brass knuckles in my fists, it is enough to smash through her head.

Although the face of the undead is now unrecognizable from earlier, I felt that my punches are getting stronger. This might be the mutation caused by the virus Galea in my body.

I cracked my fists and took the Sickle. It felt odd just by using the sickle alone so I also pulled out the cleaver. With just the sickle, I don't think I felt comfortable with the weight. It's totally different compared to the kukri and the wakizashi.

Just standing on the road is enough to attract the attention of the undead. Even though it was dark due to the streets being devoid of light, the glow from the full moon is enough for me to see properly the undead.

"Let's get started."

With that, I run towards the group of undead, ready to pounce. I focused on the more agile ones than the ones with slight trouble in walking. With the sickle in hand, I swing the sickle hard, so that I can immediately decapitate the enemy, however, what I did become too overkill. The undead got decapitated easily that I have not felt it pass through any sort of object. But my eyes did not deceive me.

The sickle sliced through the undead's neck without the resistance of any bone, decapitating it without much effort. Seeing this, I immediately swing the sickle again to the next target and kill. I did not even expect an easy battle like this. The cleaver has almost small use this time around since I only use it for attacking when the sickle is occupied with a few undead. But that doesn't mean my cleaver can't do the job properly.

Despite the hordes' effort to attack me in groups, due to the harsh combos, I unleashed with the Piyavka and also doing some evasive maneuvers, the undead poses no threat to me.

"Oy, Kyosei! Don't just hog all the kills, give me some of them!" Kaito said and stab the nearest undead multiple times.

In just a few minutes of fighting, I already defeated countless undead. They are just small fries. But here comes the challenge. There were 6 Juggernauts currently trying to break the walls separating the horde and the Tsutenkaku tower.

"Kyosei, once I kill one of those Juggernauts using the Gae Bolg, you retrieve it and kill the remaining Juggernauts alright?" Kaito grinned and immediately throws it, well, more precisely, he was like playing darts using it.


Still, it was released very fast that as soon as the spear was thrown away, I didn't see where it was until it landed to the Juggernaut at the very center. But it didn't just pierce through the big guy, it also pinned the big guy to the wall, killing it instantly. Then Kaito shouted to the soldiers on the wall.

"Kill the undead! We will eliminate them all! Shoot to your heart's content! We will back you all up!"