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217 Dead Wrecker

 Day 9: 12:48 P.M

Osaka Streets: Gasoline Station

Duration of the Night Rage: 5 hours and 12 minutes left

Melee: Naginata(Broken), Brass Knuckles, Kukri(Broken), Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

C4: 500 grams left

Gas: 4 liters

(Kyosei's View)

Seeing that the Cleaver worked like a charm, I didn't hesitate to wildly swing it on the Hammerhead. Although it was not that strong of a hit, I managed to tear off lots of flesh causing a blood bath on the road as the Hammerhead flails around.

"Kyosei! Watch out!" Kato shouted.

As the Hammerhead flails around, his fist is randomly landing anywhere. One of those fists is currently falling straight to me and dodging is now too late. So instead of dodging, I took a gamble and decide to face the fist, head-on. It is a suicidal move but my chances of getting close to the Hammerhead are very close this way.

"Idiot! Dodge it!" Kato shouted as he tries to shoot it rapidly with the gun which unfortunately just bounced off its skin.

Instead of listening to Kato, I stood my ground, grip the handle of the cleaver, and focused my all on the upcoming attack of the Hammerhead. Unlike the fast punches that Juggernauts make, the Hammerhead seems to be a bit slower, allowing me to quickly find a good target to slice.

"Motherf*cker! Don't touch me!" I cleave the fingers of the Hammerhead by using the cleaver with the full force I put on against the Hammerhead. Although I expected it to be just a slight wound, I am still expecting it to hurt for the Juggernaut. But the unexpected happened. Instead of leaving a mark on the finger which is, for example, leaving a big wound, it didn't occur on what I did, instead, the Hammerhead's fingers were all severed and fell, causing tremendous roar on the Hammerhead as it screams in pain.

I didn't have time to be amazed. I quickly made my way to the leg of the Hammerhead who is still rampaging from its severed fingers. Dodging, rolling over just to make myself get a little bit closer to the Hammerhead, I already did. The Hammerhead might have been severed with fingers on his one hand but the other hand is still existing with full fingers.

The Hammerhead is quite in a berserk mode that trying to go straight against it would be hard. But I didn't back off. If this Cleaver can cut through the defense of the Hammerhead like butter then, I have to get much closer and sever or strike it's head repeatedly.

The attacks of the Hammerhead is quite annoying as I have to dodge. In anger, the Hammerhead grabs anything on its path and throws it to me, yes, even the small cars did not escape. Throwing them to my direction, it is getting harder for me to find a good place to take my plan in effect.

"Kyosei! Go to his back! His back is unguarded by attacks! There might be needles on them but if that weapon of yours can cut through the skin of the Hammerhead, then, cutting off those thorns on his back significantly reduces the power and threat level of the enemy!" Tamaki shouted.

Those big and sharp thorns on his back, huh? Then does that mean, cutting them off can help weaken the demon allowing me to kill them? But meh, I also don't have any idea on this undead. Cutting off the thorns is going to reduce the tenacity and danger level of that Hammerhead allowing me to raise my chances to kill it.

Hammerhead's rampage is quite troublesome and hard to predict. I already managed to grab a hold on the Hammerhead's body but that doesn't mean I can already hit him properly. Cutting off its thorns in the back will allow me to get closer to the neck of the Hammerhead that is protected but I have to watch out.


The Hammerhead slammed its huge palms on its back, although the other palm is lacking with fingers now, it is still a dangerous tool for killing if it landed. So as I climb the humongous body of the Hammerhead, I also brought down the cleaver to its skin many times, causing numerous deep wounds on the skins.

Kato and Tamaki are also doing their best to annoy the Hammerhead that is keeping its attention to me. When I managed to grab a hold on the first spike, I quickly cut it off with the cleaver. I was expecting the thorny spike to be really hard to deal with even with my cleaver but my expectation was broken when the cleaver sliced it off like butter under the hot knife.

The Hammerhead screamed in pain before grabbing one of its thorns. I was almost grabbed by the humongous hand but I managed to detach from the Hammerhead before it can even grab me.

What happened next did not count to my expectation. Most of the Hammerheads attacks all involve using its head, the iron hands, and its size accompanied by the insane strength. My first thought on the spike of the Hammerhead is that they act as a protective measure to protect its vulnerable parts. I even thought that the Hammerhead can even roll around like an armadillo but based on its movements earlier, it doesn't seem to be able to do that.

Now, I thought that those are just protective thorns but now I see what its real purpose. When the uninjured hand of the Hammerhead managed to grab one of its thorns, it suddenly got plucked like it was nothing.

The Hammerhead faced towards me and suddenly throw the piece of its thorn towards me. It was all too sudden I did not get to react. I thought that it was my end when...

"F*cker! Be aware of your surroundings!" Kato shouted as he pushed me away.

And just like that, Kato became my replacement as a target to the thorn. The thorn was too fast that when it hit Kato, his left arm separated into his body. Seeing this made all of my memories cluttered too much in my brain to shook and my head hurts like it was getting a migraine.

Another sacrifice...

F*ck, I did it once again!

I let another one of the people I secretly cared about die!

I was about to snap out of it when Kato struggled to get up and grin.

"Motherf*cker... I told you to be aware of your surroundings. Don't worry about me, I can still manage. Kill that bastard for me though...gah..." Kato said as he pukes out blood.

"...You don't have to say it to me," I said and grip the cleaver.

Kato can still be saved. I don't have to waste my time, and I don't want to make the same mistake again.

I have already lost so much... I can't let it repeat again.

"Hang on tight Kato, I will end this soon, Tamaki, go and get Kato out of here," I said as I run forward towards the Hammerhead. This time, I will kill this bastard. You will pay!