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213 Siege of the Dead Part 1

 Day 9: 10:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Area: Osaka Tennoji Zoo

Duration of the Night Rage: 8 hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

C4: 500 grams left

Gas: 4 liters

(Kyosei's View)

Even when we are nearing the gas station, it is still too hard to find a good timing to fight against the undead that tries to tear our defense. The soldiers continue to empty their magazines to the undead. They keenly shoot the heads of every undead to avoid wasted bullets. One bullet can change the flow of the battle.

I keep my eye on the surroundings since there might still be decapitators on the area and might cause us unnecessary trouble. Occasionally, there is some jumping undead that tries to access our truck. Since I limit myself to using guns, I am on the melee side. If the soldiers take care of the undead on the ground, I take care of the undead trying to break the line by jumping and climbing. Using the cleaver in attacking, I made sure that every undead will not be able to climb back up.

"Position everyone, defend the first truck! Don't falter and don't let the undead to get past!" The commander said on the transmission.

Without anyone speaking, everyone reloads their guns with bullets while I ready my guns and weapons. This will be a stall battle where we need to protect the others from being killed. With the amount of undead rushing on us, this will be really hard.

As soon as our trucks stopped, all of us started going down and ready our weapons.

"Secure the perimeter! Avoid shooting on the machine of the gas station! Deploy the riot shields and barricades! Don't let yourself get bitten!"

As soon as the command was given out, everyone readies their guns and started shooting on the undead that was just standing near the gas station. I pulled my wakizashi since it is no longer that cramped out and I won't be injuring others accidentally.

Gunshots and undead moans are now ringing under the night sky as we continue our battle. The amount is exaggerating but for some reason, we are managing just fine and I didn't realize that the gas refilling on the first truck just got finished.

"The first truck is done! Second truck! Hurry up! We don't have enough time to dawdle here!"

Just as the second truck is about to go for its turn, one of the soldiers holding the riot shields was attacked and got killed in a matter of seconds. I did not even get to help on the soldier but it didn't let that falter the others from shooting. I also realized that the undead was fast in gathering in groups. Having only my katana as my weapon at the moment would be hard. I need something that can act as a defense which also acts as a weapon too.

Seeing the riot shield nearby which was the weapon of the killed soldier, I ready my katana and started to run towards the congregating undead devouring the dead soldier and other corpses. I also pull out my Beretta and shoot the undead that was a bit farther from me while I decapitate all those who tried to attack me close.

But as I was about to grab the riot shield, I didn't get to react quickly on the undead behind me.

"Sh*t!" I cursed. I was so intent in grabbing the riot shield I let my back too exposed.

I thought the dead would grab me and starts to devour me but a gunshot immediately killed it. I look at the direction and saw Tamaki holding the AR15 on her hands and frowned at me.

"Watch your blindspots, do not just go and rush like you always do. This is not a good time for you to focus on what was ahead," Tamaki said and started to shoot again on the undead.

Grabbing the riot shield, I realized that this shield is quite heavy than what I assumed. This shield is a hindrance to my movement and I think it doesn't even suit my style of fighting. I might die instead if I force myself on using this sh*t.

Abandoning the riot shield, I move towards the group of undead and started my frenzy slicing. The undead right now are all easy to kill. None of them are especially infected that have mutations in their bodies. They are just the normal undead, enhanced by the Night Rage.

Around an arduous 30 minutes later, the second truck was finally loaded with gas. But we still have a long way to go and the undead that are getting attracted to our location are increasing. I also realized that the soldiers fighting had a very fatigued look on their faces. It was like they are under immense pressure.

"I spotted Hurlers in the distance! Prepare the riot shields and don't let the hurlers hit you with whatever they throw! Everyone else! Continue fighting but be aware of your surroundings!"

The commander was quite good at keeping his thoughts in this troublesome situation. I never expected him to be so calm even when we are surrounded by the dead. I applaud him for his calmness which is what we really need in this situation.

"How's it going here Kyosei?" Kato arrived carrying his AR15 and a Remington shotgun on his right shoulder.

"Nothing new. Why do you ask? You should have just do your job and kill the undead to stall their progress towards the trucks."

"I can chat with others while fighting, besides, you can cover my back if it comes to trouble right?" Kato grinned.

What a headache. This guy never changed and he is still the optimistic guy I know.

"Focus on the battlefield. Chatting with others can cost you your life so don't be so flaky and get to work," I said and sliced up the incoming undead.

"You are so cold man, you have been colder ever since I gave you supplies back in the convenience store."

"That's just how it is, so don't bother me, kill some infected. The lesser they are on our view, the better the outcome it is," I said.

With that said, we continue our attacks. I sometimes climb on top of the trucks to get into vantage point and kill the hurlers using my rifle. I am still not sure when will be able to get ourselves done in the battle but I am quite sure it will take a longer amount of time. Then I heard the commander again.

"Fourth truck, come forward! We can't-"

The commander stopped talking and all of a sudden, he fell down. Then one of the soldiers near him gave the report.

"Commander is down! His back has been melted by some sort of liquid!"

I frowned hearing this. Only one infected is capable of doing that and no other infected undead is going to that but only the Pukers. Looks like they are up again.