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212 Deadly Metal Part 3

 Day 9: 2:42 P.M

Osaka Streets: Bang Gun store

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 18 minutes left

(Chie's View)

Every one of us was surprised by the outcome. Instead of the spear snapping into two, the sword was snapped into two like it was just a brittle stick. This was not supposed to be happening. A forged steel sword, unless it was already beaten up to the point of breaking in one hit, then that would be understandable. However, it didn't sink in me easily.

"Huh? What happened?" Kaito was astonished.

Shoko picked up the sword snapped in half and shows it to us.

"This is not just the thing that the piyavka can do. It can kill undead too without any problems, for example, a juggernaut," Shoko then snapped her fingers.

I heard a rumble around the place and soon noticed that there was movement on the shooting range's targets. It was changing targets and I didn't expect it to see a Juggernaut being detained on the place, struggling to get out of the chains.

"Piyavkas are not only used to create weapons, but also other metal works. The chains and the shackles on the Juggernaut are both made from Piyavka and you can see that even how hard the Juggernaut tries to snap it, it is not working," Shoko explained.

"A juggernaut? Isn't Juggernauts only available in the evening?" Souichi looked at Shoko in confusion.

"Indeed they are. Juggernauts never exist in the morning and if they did, they will be weakened too much and can't do much at all compared to the ones during Night Rage. So yeah, they are perfect to be used as a testing dummy. What do you think of the idea, Kaito?" Shoko asked.

"I am fine with that but is it okay?"

"Of course, killing the Juggernaut is not really a problem, in fact, you are even helping us on putting this guy back to the dead. What do you say?"

"It doesn't really matter. Let me test this thing again. I am not convinced yet. There might be some sort of trick for that to cause the sword to snap," Kaito said.

"You are welcome to try!" Shoko smiled. But that smile is somewhat mischievous. It might be my imagination.

I am quite aware of the Juggernaut's defense. They are just too hard to beat up and we usually need too much firepower and explosive power just to kill one Juggernaut. Even Kyosei has to use his grenades just to kill one. So how does a spear help to kill one Juggernaut? (Of course, Chie has no idea that Kyosei killed a Juggernaut once using the Naginata during his abduction)

Kaito held the spear and looked at the Juggernaut. Kaito was calm and composed while facing the Juggernaut while the Juggernaut continues to howl in anger as Kaito slowly approaches. Kaito raised the spear and without hesitation, he strikes the head of the Juggernaut hardly. Before the Juggernaut can react, the head of the Juggernaut immediately got lopped off the neck, severing its massive head.

Now I am convinced. This is not some trick, this is a real sh*t. A real lethal weapon to start with and having this weapon in our arsenal will really raise the strength of everyone. Harvesting these metals will be a really good idea to produce weapons.

"So, are you all convinced?" Shoko looked at us smugly.

"Are there any variations of the weapons you showed us besides the spear and sickle?" I asked.

"Of course. Not too long ago, we managed to create a 9mm Piyavka bullet. If you want, we can test it but this time, we have to ask for compensation since creating bullets is not easy."

"I see. We will refrain from that for now. But, can we purchase a few weapons made from Piyavka right now?"

"Yes. But unlike the weapons sold in this store, these weapons do not use points. We wanted to trade Piyavka raw metals like the ones you brought with us as a trade for a weapon. Depending on how many kilos of Piyavka you brought, we can negotiate which weapons will be available for trading."

"Can we trade these raw materials we have at the moment?" Souichi asked.

"Yeah, but you can only trade for this sickle and a few bullets made from Piyavka. The amount you brought with is a small amount so we can only exchange that much."

"So if we wanted high-quality weapons like this spear, we need lots of Piyavka to trade?"

"Yes. It is now the trade for piyavka and this spear is one of the hardest to make which makes it understandable to be expensive. I should say you need at least 30 kilos of piyavka for one."

"Seriously? Isn't that a big rip-off?" Big Man Joe raised his eyebrow.

"Hard to make works will also need lots of resources, that's why we are asking for that much for a small spear like this. It's an equal exchange."

"Then we will exchange what we can exchange. We will bring a few more piyavka if we find them again," I said.

"Well, they are commonly found on dangerous hybrid undead like the Juggernauts and Decapitators. Even the infected dogs yield them. Just gut them out and you will see them inside their body. Just make sure that you won't be in contact with the metal directly on your skin while it is being harvested on a dead undead. It will cause severe irritation and corrosion to the human skin. To safely hold a raw piyavka with your bare hands, you need to have it harvested from the undead and remaining outside for 3 hours. That way, the Piyavka will be safe to grab. Until then, you need to use safety gloves and tools to take it out."

"Alright then, thanks for the info," I said and received the sickle. This looks menacing to be exact and from the looks of it, Kyosei would be willing to use it since out of all of us, he is much more melee user. Kaito would be able to utilize it well but from what I can see, he prefers daggers, knives and other kinds of weapons that are similar to a knife

"Oh, if you come back in the future, bring your leader along. I have some proposals I have to give to him."

"Why not tell us and I will relay it to Kyosei?"

"No, this information is only for Kyosei and it will be for Kyosei to decide whether he reveal it to all of you or not. Don't forget to say it to him, alright?"


In the end, we received two boxes of 9mm bullets which contain 100 pieces in each box and a sickle that was shown earlier. The bullets were indeed different since they are now color black instead of their usual color. As we departed from the Bang Gun store, I am in a little bit of doubt and confusion. What is that information that Shoko is withholding that only Kyosei needs to know? There are still so many things I have to discover but for now, I have to report this wonderful news to the soldiers and the others about the piyavka. Looks like we have a bigger chance of surviving the getting dangerous hell on Earth now with the appearance of the piyavka.