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211 Deadly Metal Part 2

 Day 9: 2:14 P.M

Osaka Streets: Bang Gun store

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 46 minutes left

(Chie's View)

I frowned hearing it. I have not heard of something like that ever right until now. And if I am to judge it, that is the most absurd thing I ever know.

"I can see that you don't believe me Chie," Shoko said.

"You can't blame me. This metal doesn't even look that much to me. How can you make me believe in something that seems to come out from fiction?" I argue.

"Alright. I am quite sure you already know the jelly blob monsters right especially the giant ones?"

"You mean the behemoth?"

"Ah, so you call them the Behemoth?"

"What do you mean "them?"

"First of all, if you think the Behemoth that appeared in Osaka is the only one, then you are entirely wrong. Let's call it Behemoths then. Let see, the Behemoths have been appearing in a few wards already and the most places I have heard them spawning a lot are all around Hokkaido, Nagoya, and Kyoto."

"Huh? You mean, the one here in Osaka is not the only Behemoth?"

"Just like how most Juggernauts spawn at night alongside the other mutated that only appears at night, the Behemoths are not just going to be a unique existence. If you think they are like boss-like enemies, then you are entirely wrong. Those behemoths are just mere mobs. They just looked frightening and dangerous because they can grow towering and big enough to devour buildings if left alone. But trust me, my sources tell me that the Behemoths are just normal undead monsters. The difficulty to beat them is not even on the scale against the headhunter monsters."

"Headhunter monsters, ah... the Decapitators?" Kaito chimed in.

"Decapitators huh? That was quite a unique naming sense you got there and I can tell that they sound much better than the labels we call them. Who names them?"

"Kyosei is the one who keeps on labeling those names so that we won't be confused and can tell what to do if we ever encounter the monsters. He uses those names whenever we are in a fight against the enemies. And although we are having trouble with them indeed, Kyosei is the one who specializes in killing them."

"Oh, your leader eh? He has good naming senses. They are very appropriate to call. Alright, we will call them that. Anyway, if your leader has no problem with killing the Decapitators, then the Behemoth will not be really a problem. Though I doubt he can kill it alone with all of the weapons he has right now."

"So you are now going to explain what those metals are?"

"Yes. So let's get started. These metals can be called organic since they can be mined from the body of the undead and other mutated monsters like the rabid dogs. Just as you know, piyavka is not your normal metal found everywhere. They are now one of the toughest metals to exist right now. Although it was tough, they can still be turned into ingots if necessary. Now here is the thing. These metals were thoroughly tested to be really capable of killing the undead whatever they are and how tough they are."

"Tested? Can you show us an example of how strong the metal is?" Kaito asked. Well, he is a weapon expert(Chie didn't know Kaito was a former assassin.) so it is normal for him to be the one trying to check the quality of the weapon that Shoko is talking about.

"Of course. I can't show you proof if I don't show the actual product, is there? Kota, can you bring over the weapons made from the piyavka?"

Kota peek out from the other room and Shoko gestured on bashing or slashing something, I dunno what she was doing. Kota nodded and he disappeared again. A few minutes later, he appeared carrying two weapons, a black spear, and a sickle that looks more menacing due to the design of the blade. He handed the two weapons to Shoko which the latter immediately hold into.

"Thanks for bringing it, now, let us go to the testing area and check whether I am telling the truth or not. You can test the durability of it and how sharp and strong it is."

We followed her together with the big guys that Souichi greeted before. They are also curious about what these weapons do. When we arrived, Shoko handed the spear to Kaito and she pulls out a sword on the weapon rack nearby.

"This sword is made from Forged Steel. It is stronger than your normal sword and would not snap in two easily unless it hits something really hard. Now, to test which weapon is much more durable, we can use the sword to strike the spear. Sound's good?"

"Alright," Kaito said and held the spear tightly.

"Hey, Big Man, can you do the honors in doing the experiment?" Shoko asked as she handed the sword to Big man Joe.

"Sure, no problem," he said and received the sword.

With his strong build, I doubt the spear can last against the spear. It was a very big concept of weaknesses that spear can't compete against the sword. He quickly raised the sword and tried to snap the spear into two. However, with a "clink" sound, it failed to even make a dent on the sword. I saw the sparks fly when the sword hit the spear so I am sure it really hit. However, the spear did not snap. Big Man Joe strikes the spear a few more times but the spear refuses to get damaged. In the end, he stopped.

"It feels like I am bashing a very hard rock. No, I think I am even hitting concrete," Big Man Joe said.

"Alright, now, Kaito was it? It's your turn to snap this sword into two. No worries if you snap the sword into two, I won't charge, these weapons are just mass-produced defects from my brother that he didn't like the design. Still, they are still something you won't be getting easily so you can rest assured it was not really bad," Shoko said.

"Can you exchange the sword used earlier with a newer one? With the strikes earlier, in case the sword snaps in half, I might blame it to the strikes done earlier by Big Man, a newer sword is a more viable one."

"Hooo, I see a good weapon expert here. Anyways, I don't mind. You can choose yourself and test the weapon of your choice to fight against the spear. That way, you can tell I am not lying."

Kaito nodded and head to the weapon rack and choose another sword.

"This sword is perfect enough," and handed it to Big Man Joe.

The two ready the weapons and Kaito strikes the sword in a strong slashing motion.