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210 Deadly Metal Part 1

 (A/N: I will postpone for now the sacrifice part chapter for now because there are still a few bits of info not yet mentioned. Still, the sacrifice will still commence sooner or later, muahahaha!)

Day 9: 1:30 P.M

Osaka Streets: Road to Bang Gun store

Time before Night Rage: 4 hours and 30 minutes left

(Chie's View)

It's been a few more minutes since we left the Tsutenkaku Tower. So far, our ride is smooth and the undead around the road is not really a threat and they can't even chase our car. Of course, we don't do some speeding on the road because there are also abandoned cars around the streets that tend to stop our progress into our destination.

Souichi inspects the metals we are gathering slowly as he is still not sure what these items are.

"What do you think will those two say about these metals? We really have no idea what these things are and how the heck they even pop out from the bodies of the undead," Okabe asked as he looked at Souichi inspecting the metals.

"No idea. I am not a blacksmith myself but I have seen different kinds of metal in my life and I have never seen this metal ever in my entire life. This is also the first time I have seen a metal pop out from undead monsters since the normal ones don't even give them," Souichi answered.

"Are you all even sure those are metals? They might look shiny and hard but they looked like bars of charcoal too," Kaito said as he keeps his eyes intact to the road.

"No doubt about it, Kaito. It might look different but charcoal is not this hard and cannot be compared to this one. Although it has some components of a metal, it also has the components of DNA fragments inside it when I checked it on my microscope so, from my guess, these metals can be said to be a foreign part that forms inside the body of an infected and can be looted from killing monsters infected by virus Galea. Still, I can't really confirm whether this thing is a metal or not. I don't have much knowledge in regard to metal so we will ask the expert," I said as I check the metal's exterior look. The glossy texture I can feel in my gloves is just a little bit something I can only feel in steel.

"You mean the guy that Shoko and Kota mentioned? The guy who produces weapons they sell most of the time?" Souichi looked at me as he remembered what the two said back then.

"Yeah. I remembered that Kyosei asked Shoko for a repair to his broken cleaver and when he claimed it back, it was replaced with a forged steel blade. I don't think this guy is someone ordinary, he must be a real good blacksmith. If he is indeed a blacksmith, then this guy is someone who can easily determine what this metal is."


Day 9: 2:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Bang Gun store

Time before Night Rage: 4 hours left

(Chie's View)

We arrived at our destination 30 minutes later. After inputting the usual password, we entered the gun store while carrying the metals. During our last visits, the place is empty with people except for Shoko and Kota but now, I saw a few guys buying out things inside the store. They were a bit burly and they looked intimidating since they looked like thugs. I don't want to be acquainted with them when Souichi was the first one to greet them.

"Hey! If it isn't Big Fat Joe! You are still as healthy as ever!"

"Hmmm? Souichi? Holy crap, you are still alive! I didn't expect to see you up and about!" the big guy who looked liked the usual fat men gangsters in movies responded to Souichi.

"Of course! It is still too early for me to die. How is the life in the apocalypse?" Souichi asked.

"We started a refitting shop with my boys. After we managed to get our base to a good standing, we are now a thriving community and currently running properly by me and my wife. If you wanted some cars that are refitted already, don't hesitate to come to our base."

"Oh yeah, I remembered Kyosei mentioned you before!"

"Eh? Does that mean that little devil is one of your subordinates?"

"Nah, more like his subordinates. He became our leader after we survived and escaped the school. He is currently leading a few of us ragtag survivors that he either rescued and made friends with."

"I see. That kid still didn't change, but that was fine since he is starting to soften again. By the way, who are these people with you?"

"Oh, that is right. This is Chie, Okabe, and Kaito. They are part of our group that Kyosei formed."

I quickly approached Souichi and whispered to him, "You know this guy?"

"Yeah. He was an old friend of Kyosei back in middle school. He is a gangster that runs a ramen shop before. We are frequent customers to his ramen until they closed the store since they changed the shop into a refitting car shop."

"Nice meeting y'all. Don't worry, I may look like a gangster that is totally up to no good, I am not a bad person so rest easy. So, you guys are here to purchase weapons?"

"Not really. We are here to ask Shoko and Kota about these metals that we found earlier. We are not experts in metals so we decided to ask them since they are running a store with a blacksmith. Perhaps he has a knowledge about it," I said and put the metals on the bag to the table.

As soon as I put the metals, Shoko appeared behind me which caused me and the rest to get startled and be on guard especially Kaito who pulls out his dagger.

"Relax and be still guys, I just appeared since you all are tense as always. You need to stop being so stiff all the time and keep yourself easygoing like your leader," Shoko said and goes straight to the metals.

"I see, so you already discovered the piyavka[1]. Took you all long enough to bring it here."

"You know about it?" I exclaimed.

"Of course, this is the metal that we have seen before after the appearance of the infected. We are aware of it since we always prioritize them as materials rather than normal metal," shook explained as she grabs one of it while wearing gloves.

"I have seen this before! The metals that can drain your blood whenever it is in contact with your skin!" Big Fat Joe said.

"Suck blood?!"

"Oh my, so you brought these metals without knowing anything? Then you should know this now: the piyavka is now a very important material. Much more important than gold and diamonds."

[1] means Bloodsucker