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205 Support Squad Part 3: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day 9: 2:09 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower

Time Before the Night Rage: 3  hours and 51 minutes left

(Miyuki's View)

The wounded and casualties have been rising for quite a lot this past few hours and luckily, they stopped coming. From what I heard, the soldiers already managed to get in contact with the behemoth and is currently deploying the plan to destroy the beast once and for all.

I still have no news on Kyosei and Nanami is currently busy with the surveillance and supply team. Looking at my watch, I realized that the time for the Night Rage is currently approaching fast. Although the plan is to kill the Behemoth before Night Rage occurs for the night, it would seem impossible to do so in just a limited amount of time and resources.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chie had already gone up somewhere with a few of our friends to the blacksmith but I don't know what they are about to do. Without the head leader of the medical team, Snow has assumed the leadership in the medical and support and surprisingly, despite being a highschooler only, she managed to get all the other medics in the area get amazed by her knowledge in medicine.

Due to the allocated free time for us, we have nothing to do at the moment. Eve is currently playing with the daughter of Pastor Shin and Laika so I don't need to watch her much right now. I pull out my phone and saw that the signal bar is still unavailable. In this time, the items like smartphones lost all of its shine due to the crisis we are facing.

I fiddled with the phone for a while like turning on the Bluetooth and Wifi buttons repeatedly. However, what made me surprised is the connection of Wifi to my phone. For some reason, it is connected to one of the public wifis in the area. I tried to fiddle it a little bit and realized that the wifi signal can still connect to the internet. Finding this out, I immediately went myself to Nanami and showed her the phone.

"Nanami! My phone managed to connect to an internet connection!"

When I blurted it out, everyone suddenly looked at me with a surprise. Even Nanami was shocked.

"Are you telling the truth Miyuki?" Nanami pulls out her smartphone and starts to fiddle with it. Then she was amazed when she saw the internet connection.

"Seriously? I thought this was broken a few days ago. I never thought that wifi will start working again! Maybe it managed to connect to the connection in Tokyo?" Nanami was ecstatic from the discovery and pulled out her laptop and started to search for things.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I am making sure to download a few tools that can help me with hacking. I am not sure when the network will last so I need to make sure that I can get all of them in one go!"

She grabbed one of the idle laptop on the other table and connected it to the internet. After a few while, she stopped and sighed.

"So that was it. No wonder the SDF assigned in Osaka were all abandoned."

Hearing this, the other soldiers who are assigned on the support looked at Nanami with a grave look on their faces.

"Nanami-chan, can you tell us why?" One of the female combat medic asked.

"From what I managed to gather, the Tokyo branch had already managed to learn on the spread of the Galea virus. They already prepared beforehand the things they needed, food, water, electricity, safety and of course, security that can withstand and repel the infection.

As for the SDF soldiers deployed, it was for the sake of cutting off the budget that they will be wasting. In short, you all are what they call the feed or trash in their ranks. I already searched on the website of the SDF which I barely managed to hack. From what I can tell, they prioritize the veterans and has the best record. They are what you call the elite. As for the soldiers who are considered normal like everyone, to make sure they are not going to waste resources, they made you all go to the "rescue-quarantine operation" where in reality, it is a way to discard all of you. As of now, some of your comrades who are left on the Tokyo branch are living the life they want," Nanami explained.

Hearing this, the soldiers were agitated.

"No wonder they gave us lots of supplies and gave us awards before this happened, that was their way of sending us off to die!"

"Bastards! They think they are so high and mighty to abandon us like this?!"

"I am not done. According to the intel from one of the journalists who is secretly investigating the conspiracies in the Tokyo government, they are trying to make Tokyo the lone country of Utopia. The government agreed to this so that they will strive. And for that to happen, they decided to abandon the remaining areas. That is why the other areas like Hokkaido, Nagoya and other areas have already fallen.

So in short, we are all on our own. We can't go to Tokyo's borders because it will be a shoot to kill. They don't see you as a survivor but a fellow infected. Therefore, they won't hesitate to shoot at you. As for the support, we won't be getting them. Which is why, even with the SDF assigned in Osaka are begging for backup using SOS signals, no help came. They made it sure that Tokyo will act dead and overwhelmed so that the soldiers assigned will lose hope. They plan to reduce half of the population in Japan."

When I heard everything, my legs are shaking. They did it for the sake of making their own utopia? Who did this kind of sh*t!?

Nanami sighed and looked at the soldiers. "I have heard of this quote from a certain someone who is leading us all this time. I heard it many times.

"Fight for your own sake. Do not let others dictate what you are about to do. Because the world will drag you down if you drop your guard a little bit."

On behalf of that guy, I will speak. Although we are merely students who barely survived the outbreak, that doesn't mean we can contribute. Because we are now on our own, we will fight for our own survival now. Relying on the useless government who abandoned us, is no longer viable. Therefore, we need to survive. And show Tokyo that they have made a bad choice abandoning us."

The soldiers nodded and made a salute. One of the leaders shouted loudly.  "We have recognized the Blood Battalion! We are going to fight and reclaim what is ours and get our rightful place in this broken world!"

Nanami turned serious and looked at everyone.

"Once the behemoth will get obliterated, we will reclaim Osaka!"