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202 Attack Squad Part 4: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day 9: 1:30 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Area: Osaka Tennoji Zoo

Time Before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 30 minutes left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced)

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

9mm Incendiary ammunition: 1 box and 20 bullets left

Grenades: 1 piece

C4: 500 grams left

Gas: 4 liters

(Kyosei's View)

"Attention soldiers, the Behemoth stopped around 3 o'clock in our position around the Savannah habitat in the zoo. We have to deal with the monster right away. Position all the C4 around the surroundings and disable the creature immediately before the Night Rage arrives! We only have a few more hours before that accursed time!" the commanding officer ordered on the radio.

"Copy that!"

I just listened to the soldiers answering on the radio and drink a can of soda to keep my energy up. I didn't bring one with me, I just smashed one of the vending machines lying around on the area and grab one. It is not yet tainted by the orange goo and it is not yet touched by any undead so why not drink one?

Kato is already back to his own group while I stayed alone as always. I don't think I can excel in fighting with a bunch of others. Although this is a joint operation with other soldiers, I don't synchronize much with them and only give them assists if needed though I doubt they need it. Gripping the AR15, I continue walking to the zoo to look for a good place to position my C4. Without a good map to use, I am having a hard time looking for a good place.

Our old plan is foiled when the Behemoth moved that is why we are revising the position of the C4 placement which is unfortunately unclear yet until now. There are also fatalities due to the rampaging bear so it made a very big mess to our plan.

As I move deeper into the zoo, I saw a few undead here and there and I am not too worried about them. Killing them is easy since sneaking on their back while they are unaware of what is coming is the most proficient way of killing for me in a single quantity. The trails of the nasty Behemoth are still scattered all around the place and they make the whole place dirty.

"Nasty slimes... this monster likes to leave its marks..." I mumbled as I observed the viscous goo on the road and trees.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As I move further the area, I saw a dozen of that goo-covered undead. I didn't expect this but I saw a few undead attacking someone and I heard gunshots but those are muffled gunshots.

"Go away! Bastards!"

I creased my eyebrows. It's a familiar female voice. Just when I look for a good view, I saw that this female screaming is one of the SDF soldiers that are also part of the Attack Squad. I am not really familiar with her since they are one of the soldiers who disapprove of our participation in the battle. From what I can see, it is one of the silent girls in the group of the female squad in the Squadron of Haru. I think they are the Group Charlie if I recall correctly.

Of course, I didn't dive in to save the female immediately. It is no use to save someone if you are in peril yourself. Being a hero is not always the best option and doing a hero job just jeopardizes your own safety and might also add another casualty. Observing the situation will help too.

I saw a few dead female soldiers and from the looks of it, they didn't manage to survive. I also saw a big dog who seems to resemble a pit bull. And for some reason, it was very big for a normal pit bull and it is currently big for a normal size. It would be horrifying if it is still moving since its jaws are so sharp that I remembered their teeth similar to a chainsaw. Good thing this bastard monster is dead already with its head separated from its body.

From the looks of it, only one left from the squadron-wait, there is another woman behind her but from the looks of her condition, she is bitten.

"Bastards! Don't you dare get here!" she shouted as she waves her combat knife in front of the undead but I know that those guys won't die from those knives and instead, they will melt the metal before they can destroy the lives of the undead.

From the looks of it, they are in a dire situation but it isn't dire enough for me. It was quite easy to deal with since there are only dozens of undead covered in goo here at the moment. We need all the manpower to defeat the behemoth so I have no choice but to save them. I am not optimistic about the other girl but this one seems to be a good fighter.

Looking around, I saw a stake from a broken signboard with a rectangle board attached to it too. Without hesitation, I grab the board and swiftly rush forward carrying the board. The board is just the same weight as a metal baseball bat which is heavy enough for me. This should do fine.

"Hold your bullets woman, don't waste it on these guys, welp, you already know that so stop shooting and help your friend over there to a safer place. I will take care of these guys."

"Uh... Right! Kana, everything will be alright. You won't die, I promise," she said as she carried the girl in princess carry style. Then I just noticed that one of her feet is severed already which makes her having difficulties in standing.

The goo-covered undead started to wobble and walk towards us with clear hunger in their eyes. I pushed one of them using the board and raised the sharp endpoint of the board to the undead and looked at the undead with calm eyes.

"You are filthy..."