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201 Scavenging Squad Part 3: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day: 9: 1:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Area

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours left


Main Gun: Springfield M1AFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Secondary Gun: MP4 Submachine Gun

Pistol: Berreta M9 Pistol

Melee: Crowbar

(Sena's View)

Souichi, Okabe, and Kaito are borrowed temporarily by Chie in the meantime for the items we harvested from the infected. While the rest of us were now back on the battle. Tamaki and Nathalie are part of my team and they are currently clinging on their weapons inside the truck. I just came back from the depot to resupply ammunition when I saw them both silent.

"What are you two being silent about? Aren't you two hungry?"

Nathalie looked up and forced a smile. " I might have been too stressed lately, with everything escalated so quickly."

"How so?" I asked and handed her and Tamaki a sandwich that they both receive.

"It's barely a week since the beginning of the Outbreak but everything is already hectic. In most zombie apocalypse novels and movies, early days of infection mean there are still plenty of people around the city scavenging for supplies but in our situation, a little scavenging done in a small convenience store can be proven to be so difficult and I barely see any survivors aside from us," Tamaki explained as she bite a piece of the sandwich.

"What Tamaki said is right. Not all people can fight against the undead and earn guns like us who easily gained a lot after Kyosei's scavenging job. This outbreak is really fast in my opinion and it was like not a single quarantine operation is happening even during the early days of the outbreak. Isn't it too suspicious?" Nathalie glanced at me like she knows something.

"Huh? Suspicious? Care to elaborate on my poor mind?" I scratched my head.

"Basically, when the first sign of infection started to spread, my father immediately ordered the quarantine of the citizens and the Navy Seals are assigned to do the search and rescue operations around the city to rescue survivors. Of course, since the undead horde is just hard to deal with, the White House was already a place of the undead which caused us to flee and due to a certain accident when we were about to be sent to Russia, we ended up crashing here," Nathalie said.

(A/N: Here, Nathalie said that they were going to Russia but I didn't mention it in the early chapters when their helicopter crashed. This tiny bit of info is included in the first-person version of the early chapters that I am currently rewriting. So if you are all confused in her statement, just ignore it for now. Peace)

"Now, here is the situation currently happening here in Japan. The quarantine that should have happened did not occur. Instead, the SDF were sent to various part of Japan to destroy the infection. If the situation of the place gets dire like here in Osaka after the appearance of the Behemoth, the most elite and trusted soldiers were recalled and the others are used as scapegoats so that those people can escape. I may be an SDF officer but I also noticed that the Tokyo branch ordered the retreat and closed the borders to enter Tokyo. Before we meet your leader, we managed to venture out to the border of Tokyo, but we are quickly shot by the guarding soldiers." Tamaki explained.


"That means, this is some sort of conspiracy. A thing that was plotted by many politicians is my guess on this one. Because if it's not a planned one, how can they already managed to close the borders of Tokyo? What are their reasons?"

Now that Tamaki mentioned it, it was indeed the case. I am just a normal girl a few days ago, spending time with my boyfriend until we graduate in high school but now, we are also in a conspiracy of the rotten government?!

"Of course, everything is just speculation and no valid proof. We might not be too sure if the one who closed the borders is the government itself or some other high ranking officials," Tamaki quickly said, clarifying what she was saying.

"Still, that doesn't change our situation that we are here on the dangerous city where the undead keeps on swarming. At the very least, they should have sent a relief goods crate or similar to that. Even that simple thing is unachievable by them!"

"Relax, Sena-chan. Everything will be alright," Nathalie said but it was clearly hinted in her voice the dismay and sorrow.

Then, we suddenly heard the vice commander's voice.

"Ready now scavengers, the Attack Squad is now having skirmish against the Behemoth right now. We also have to deliver our scavenged supplies to them. Is everyone ready to deliver some sh*t?"


"Then get your asses out and move! We have no time to waste! The Night Rage is almost here!"

The commander followed behind the vice commander. Well, she is mute but she is the one who proposes the plan and the deployment of soldiers so that doesn't mean she is mute, she can be underestimated. I admire this kind of person.

"We have to deal with a few undead again. Are you two ready for this?" Tamaki asked as she put the magazine of her AR15 to the gun.

"Of course."

The trucks started revving their engines and one by one they move out of the gate. I am still shaking inside but if this mission will be enough help to everyone to eradicate the threat, perhaps I may have the chance to meet my parents after this. How are they now? Are they still alive and kicking undead too? Are they also on a journey to find me or they are cooped up in a survivor camp just trying to survive? Either way, I am still hoping they are still alive. I don't know what to do if they are gone in this world.

Just as I was reminiscing on my memories with my parents, we suddenly saw a few running figures chasing us. Since they are still a bit far, I can't see them but I decided to check them using the scope of my rifle.

"What are you doing Sena-chan?" Nathalie asked when I aimed the Springfield M1A to the road.

"I am seeing something chasing at us. I am checking them via my scope because I don't have binoculars with me."

Tamaki pulls out one from her waist bag. "Use this."


With the binoculars in hand, I checked the moving creatures in pursuit of us. However, I trembled in fear of seeing what are chasing us. I slowly lowered the binoculars, but still dazed on what I have seen.

"What did you saw?" Tamaki asked.