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199 Support Squad Part 2: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day 9: 12:17 P.M

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 43 minutes left

Arsenal: None

(Chie's View)

Something they managed to harvest from the dead, what kind of item was that? Some sort of membrane or what? Anyways, I am quite curious about what things they managed to get from an undead's body.

As soon as I arrived at the depot, I saw some glittering pieces of metal on the ground being carried by Souichi and Steven, and a few more soldiers.

These metals are plenty and they don't seem to be normal metals since they looked peculiar and they really looked similar to obsidian, only that these things are luminous and looked like it came from a glass. However, they have some spots of ragged edges that are sharp and pointy for the fingers to handle. I saw that everyone in the scavenging squad is wearing gloves so I asked Souichi to fetch me one. He gave me a pair and I quickly wear them before I examine the said metals.

They are heavy and as heavy as an iron ingot which made me frown a bit. They looked like violet glass but they are as heavy as an iron ingot. I tried dropping them into the ground and the ground caved in as soon as the metal fell into the ground. I thought I was just seeing things so I rubbed my eyes but when I stare into the result, it was indeed what I saw earlier. The ground really caved in.

"Where did you get these?" I asked.

"They came from a few monsters we met when we tried siphoning broken cars' fuel. They were harvested from the dead bodies of those undead bunnies we killed," Souichi explained.

"Undead Bunnies?" I frowned.

"Apparently, they looked like a new species of undead. But these items are what we are now curious about. They are heavy but as long as they are not dropped into the ground, the item do not pose much threat. The sharp ones of these can cut through metal like it was nothing."

It can cut through metal? Isn't this a very good material for making things like bladed weapons and alike to be used against the dead? With all the trouble of breaking weapons and undead varieties appearing one by one, isn't something like this would be helpful for our war against the dead?

"Gather them. We should pay a visit to the Bang Gunstore and ask those guys if they can make these metals something we can use?"

"Aren't you going to check whether it was something infectious? These metals are very dangerous and their sharp edges can easily cut through skin and without proper handling, you can wound yourself even if you are wearing gloves. Isn't that going to be dangerous?" Steven explained in Japanese. Damn, these Americans are really good at our language. Are they otaku or something?

However, what Steven said is valid. They came from an infected undead which means they have a high chance that they contain the Virus Galea and might make us a threat in the future.

"Is there anyone else in your squad that got wounded from these metals? Even a slight wound will do."

Souichi stepped forward and pulls out the wound in his palm."Is this kind of wound valid? I just got a small graze from the blade earlier.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yeah, it is enough. Come with me and we will take some blood samples. As for the rest, please pack it up and be careful. Just leave that metal that caused the ground to cave in. I will check it later alright?"

After that, I escorted Souichi to the sterilization room and draw a few vials of blood from Souichi. Of course, I did ask him a few questions about when he got wounded and stuff before I dismissed him. The blood I draw from Souichi didn't look similar to the blood of an infected but I am unsure so I put one drop of his blood into a microscope and checked it. I was able to observe the Virus Galea in infected blood before since they invade the blood cells and clings to the cells.

But when I checked Souichi's blood, I didn't see a single virus. I tried checking another drop of blood from the vial and check it once again but I don't see any trace of the virus. So that means this metal is a byproduct from the enemy? This metal is not dangerous to humans!

Without further ado, I move straight to the commander of the Scavenging group. Her name is Kiana Kusanagi, one of the female officers in the SDF. She became the leader of the Scavenging operation but she is just taking sidelines and just left all the talking to the vice-captain. However, I know why she didn't bother t talk, it's because she can't talk. She is a mute but it didn't really give any kind of trouble to anyone despite her disability.

She looked at me and smiled and made a sign language. Although I am not proficient in sign language, I understand the gist of what she was about to say.

[A/N: Sentences in parenthesis are sentences made from the sign language of this character.]

(Chie-san, you have something to say?) she asked.

"Yeah, I have. I want to request to borrow one truck and three people to help me. We are going to a gun store that can create items with these metals. Is it alright?"

Kiana paused for a while before she nodded.

(No problem. Don't take too long though, the scavenging squad still has some job to do.)

"Mm, this won't take too long."

With that said, I picked out Souichi, Okabe, and Kaito on this one battle. If these metals are found by a talented craftsman, then it's not impossible to create an item that would be something revolutionary and might change the tide of war against the dead. And I am quite sure that even Kyosei will make this kind of decision too.