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198 Support Squad Part 1: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day 9: 12:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours left


Laptop, drones(x5)

Gun: Glock 19

(Nanami's view)

As soon as the attack and scavenging squadrons departed, the support squad consisting of the medics and helpers are now on standby, ready to deal with any emergencies that might occur. Also, the support squad is not only focused on helping the injured, but the support squad is also the main support to the two squadrons in items and supplies.

Medicines and guns are supplied by the support squadron. Not only that, but support squadrons are also considered as the eye in the sky for the soldiers and the others. And that was my work right now, controlling the 5 drones carrying the cameras, I am sure what they call the eyes watching below.

I opened my laptop and monitored all the cameras I attached to the drones. Three are deployed to follow the Attack Squadron and the two are deployed to the Scavenging Squadron. Sgt. Haru tasked me to be the eye for them and deal with the surveying part since this is going to be one of the most troublesome missions that the soldiers and us survivors are undergoing right now.

Although these drones are part of the arsenals of SDF, it's useless if they don't have the proper professional help of hackers like the likes of me who are excelling at hacking. However, being a hacker has lesser importance once the electricity runs out. Until then, I have to keep myself useful.

Currently, the 5 cameras are flying steadily, monitoring on the bottom of the battlefield. There are lots of undead on the road but they don't really pose any danger to anyone in the squads since they are all riding the cars. Unless a mutated appears, everything is normal.

I closed my laptop and move to the medic bay. Miyuki and most of the girls are on the kitchen and Miyuki and the few girls I am close with are currently on standby here.

Miyuki is currently sterilizing a wound from a bullet shot on a soldier who got hit by friendly fire during the last horde.

"How's it going Miyuki?" I asked.

"Oh, Nanami, it's fine but it would help a bit if there are fewer casualties later on. It would be troublesome dealing with blood and wounds from soldiers all the time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hahaha, well, what can you do? It's now one of your job to heal others. We are counting on you as always."

"Ha... just spare me the sweet talk. Anyways, does the monitoring with the other squadrons going fine?"

"Yeah. Not much there to happen since it is still very early. The trucks can deal with enough damage to them."

"Ah, yes indeed. However, monitoring the occurrence is hard. You didn't know whether an enemy might appear all of a sudden. You already know that this new world has already packed up surprises waiting for everyone. The new mutated no longer appears at night but also in the morning!" Miyuki exclaimed.

Miyuki has a point. There are some times that mutated enemies appeared in the morning and although it was more common to appear at night, there are still some that appear in the morning.

Just as we are discussing, a few rings appeared on my laptop. These signals are something given whenever there is something dangerous that is currently residing in the area.

When I checked, I realized that the signal came from one of my drones. I opened the camera feed from the drone that gives out a signal and finally saw some of the lurking enemies on the attack squadron's side. I frowned before opening the video chat program I created for this specific purpose.

As soon as the call connected, I saw Sgt. Haru appears on the screen with a calm look on his face. I did not wait for him to respond and quickly reported my findings.

"Reporting a sighting of a bear on the loose near the Lecture room of Tennoji Zoo. Upon zooming the video, I confirmed that it was an infected bear running on the loose. Please warn the others before they meet their demise."

Sgt. Haru bit his lip in agitation before he nodded in a rush. "Thanks for the report. Please continue the support here."

I nodded and continues to scan the camera feeds. Looks like Miyuki is right. Not all the time it is safe to assume they can do it, it will be hard to deal with if they have no support.

Just as I was hovering over the camera feed, I noticed that the bear has arrived near the monkey cage. What made me very surprised is that Kyosei is currently in a shed. I watched and saw that Kyosei is struggling at the battle. Without further ado, I contact Sgt. Haru again and reported.

"Reporting! The undead bear is currently engaging combat to the fleeing Kyosei near the monkey cage! Send assistance!"


Day 9: 12:14 P.M

Osaka Streets: Tennoji Streets: Tsutenkaku Tower

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 46 minutes left



(Chie's View)

One of the beakers that I have been testing the slime of the Behemoth popped and the shriveled slime appeared on the bottom. I didn't expect that this substance can really rival acid. It absorbed the acid I put inside the beaker.

I wiped my forehead before I take a match and burn the remains of the beaker that contains the infected slime. After doing so, I pull out the pocket notebook in my drawer and scribble all the findings.

From what I know, the Behemoth's weakness is fire and presumably, electricity if used properly with fuel but this would really take a lot of time and resources. From further research, it is the main weakness of this monster and no new weakness can be added. If this behemoth can only be killed in a headshot, it would be already dead by now but no.

I already know that this mission can be considered very similar to a suicide mission and if not done properly, it would result in severe casualty and an uncertain outcome. I sighed as I imagine that very outcome. It is a scary thought and I hope it won't really happen.

It would be good if there was a weapon to use in this situation but I know that is not something that will appear out of nowhere. But I hope that there is something that can help us out in this situation even if it was a slight fluke.

Just as I was about to be finished by my job, a soldier came running in.

"Chie, the scavenger team is looking for you. They are asking to examine an item they managed to get from an infected."

I frowned hearing this, an item from the enemy? That was the first I heard about it.

"Let them inside. I am curious about this item you are talking about."