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195 Scavenging Squad Second Part: Confrontation Against the Behemoth of the Dead

 Day 9: 12:49 P.M

Osaka: Tennoji Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 11 minutes left


Melee: Sledgehammer, Combat Knife

Gun: M4 Carbine, H&K USP

(Souichi's View)

What was that?

I am pretty sure I heard something growling at me. Just as I was wondering if it is something I am just imagining and hearing things, a big dog with rotten flesh jumps forward, attacking me.


A very loud bang from the side causes my ears to ring which made me clutch it in pain. I look at my side and I didn't expect the thing that I have seen. My legs shook as I saw the big dog's corpse. It was a pretty horrifying sight since it is already dead with its brains splattered on the ground.


That isn't right. This monster did not resemble a dog at all when looked closely. Instead, it has two hind legs that looked similar to a spring and front legs that looked like hooks. What is more, they looked like dogs being skinned alive.

"What the f*ck was that?!" One soldier shouted and pointed to the direction where the dog monster jumped from.

On the horizon, we saw a clump of several moving creatures creating a wave of panic to us. The soldiers aimed them on the moving figures ahead of us.

Then, all of a sudden, they started jumping, no, to be precise, they are springing their legs up as they started to hop.

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Now that someone pointed their resemblance, they really did look similar to bunnies. They are no longer the cute looking bunnies I ever saw last time. They are all just mutated monsters that will devour humans without hesitation.

Soon, all of the figures started springing very fast that they manage to cover a huge area already and are currently a few meters away from us already.

"Fire! Open Fire! Kill them!" The commander shouted.

The soldiers click their safety lock and started releasing a barrage of bullets. I also did and started shooting without stopping. The snipers on our teams are hitting many of the monsters but for some reason, it seems like we can't just kill them without predicting their movements. They are just so agile that hitting them with a bullet is proven difficult.

One of the soldiers no longer has the patience in aiming that he grabs one of his grenades and pull its pin off.

"Fire in the hole!"

An explosion occurred after the grenade was thrown but to our surprise, the monsters were able to dodge and avoid the fatal explosion.

"What the f*ck..." the soldier sweat as he never expected a miss from a grenade that has a wide explosive range. It was an unprecedented result.

"Keep firing! Don't let it get near us!"

I sweated as I keep on shooting the undead with my M4 carbine. I signed on this team to scavenge supplies, not to fight. And now, here I am, dealing with another horde of monsters.

Okabe and Steven did not flinch and also continue the barrage of bullets, even Kaito did not stop. So, why would I either? This is no time for cowardice if I don't want to die, I had to deal with these monsters too.


The monster bunnies leap off and now lands to the broken cars' roofs. They landed with force because the broken cars we're all flattened like scrap metals easily. These monsters are able to breach our 5-meter radius.


The gunshots rang out continuously. I doubt we can even siphon some fuel with this state. One gets really close to me and snarls me with its sharp bloody teeth. I almost f*cked up with it that I pull out the sledgehammer on my back and give it a swing.


Maybe the force I released is just too much or might be due to an adrenaline rush but when the sledgehammer hit the monster's face squarely, the body of the monster we're sent far away with blood still spraying from it's crushed skull.

That was a close brush. I almost started hyperventilating. The fear seeps through my bones and I didn't really have much courage left. This is insane. This is not the same as fighting an undead. This is pure danger. The Night Rage might be able to throw us in a turmoil every time it unleashes its mutated monster but during the morning, it's not even safe to rest. Getting a bit relaxed in this environment always spells out death.

Okabe pats my back as I try to recover my breathing.

"Are you alright man?"

"I feel awful..."

"Don't push too much man, we can't risk having another casualty. Rest a bit before going again, " Okabe said and helps me stand up straight.

"...Thanks, man, " I said.

"We still have to get out of this sh*t. Don't ever die, Kyosei would be furious."

"Ha... indeed. We can't disappoint our leader, " I smirked.

We continue to deal with the enemies. Although they are fast, they don't have much defense in their body and once you hit either their legs or body, they would automatically die by exploding whenever bullets kill them. If it is melee like my sledgehammer, they are either going to stay the same. No wonder the monster that Kaito killed last time is exploded its brains out.

Within an hour, the monsters we're annihilated. The SDF did not fail to its title. They don't fear the enemies and they never back down from a fight. They can attack with a rationale mind without being clouded by confusion and fear. We are in good luck because we don't suffer a casualty.

When the monsters we're all killed, their bodies disappeared all of a sudden and some sort of metallic substance appeared on the areas where their bodies were currently at.

One of the soldiers was quick-witted and grabs gloves and wore them before interacting with the metallic substance.

"What is this?" he asked as he lifts it up for everyone to see.

The soldiers shrugged, seeing the item and threw a strange glance on the metallic item. Without good info about the metallic item, the soldier showed it up to the leader and the leader started thinking before he issued a command.

"Gather those items that looked similar to the item with our soldier here. It might be useful to us when the time comes by."

While the soldiers were all busy collecting those items, I am here wondering how the heck did those metallic things from inside their bodies. Are those items going to be something that we can use?