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191 Victory Is Not This Deadly

 Day 8: 9:50 PM

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower: Barricade

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 Hours left

Melee: Naginata, Brass Knuckles, Kukri, Wakizashi, Kitchen Cleaver(Repaired and Enhanced), Wooden spike

Guns: AR15(Scope and Suppressor attached), Colt 45, Beretta M9 Pistol,

9mm ammunition: 19 boxes

5.56 ammunition: Half box left

.45 colt ammunition: 20 bullets

Grenades: 1 piece

Gas: 4 liters


(Kyosei's View)

The Juggernaut snarls at me with utmost fury. I didn't falter and moved on the broken vehicles one by one and used them as stepping stones from the undead. The Juggernaut slams the ground and charges forward, ready to deal attack on me with the dangerous and slimy arms. I stood on the top of a van and opened the canister of the gas. Pungent smell of gasoline wafted on the air and just smelling it for a bit makes you a bit of dizzy. Now my only goal is to take this canister to the Juggernaut and pour the contents to the humongous body of this freak.

The other undead are being dealt with by the soldiers and their numbers are not as threatening as before but if carelessness kicks in, they can still deal damage.  I glance around the area but before I could get a good scan on the place, the Juggernaut charges forward to me.

"F*ck..." I cursed and leap away from the van.

The charge is strong enough that the Juggernaut that lunges itself to the van caused a slight shockwave in the air. The van also exploded in impact. Shards of metals started to rain down from the vicinity. The Juggernaut is alive but it is weakened. I was surprised to see the Juggernaut made an attack that turns out to be lethal to itself. The explosion is not enough to give a painful death to the big one but it's enough to deal with severe damage to the Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut is kneeling on the blasted area as it clutched its chest. The explosion is strong enough because it's left arm is missing in which the part the Juggernaut used to charge forward to kill me. Only a few damages left and this Juggernaut is gone for good. The other undead were also blasted away from the explosion which is beneficial for me.

While the Juggernaut is weakened and the undead is a bit far, I held the canister and sprinted forward. The Juggernaut noticed me and tried to do something but with the injury that was inflicted, the undead seems to be unable to attack for the time being.

"You need to take a bath first. You are already covered in slime," and throws forward the contents of the canister. The Juggernaut was covered with Gas and the slime on its body is reacting to the gasoline. I emptied the contents of the canister to the Juggernaut and after doing so, I quickly run away from the Juggernaut. The latter stood up once more. From the looks of it, it recovered the energy on its body to fight.

However, what is so good about recovering energy if energy will also start killing you? When I was around 10 meters away from the Juggernaut, I pull out the gun filled with the Incendiary bullet from before and pulled the trigger.


The bullet traveled fast. There are no effects like slow-motion and other stuff. There was only the typical explosion.


The explosion caused a wave in the surroundings that even the undead with frail bones and muscles cannot withstand. And after that strike, the rain stopped. The soldiers noticed that the rain had already stopped. Grins in their faces reappeared and pulls out their own flamethrowers.

"Burn them all to death!"

The soldiers rallied up the troops and started releasing tongues of flames. The blob undead might be dangerous during the rain but once they are dealt with, death only awaits for them due to the Flamethrower.

I glance into the burning body of the Juggernaut. The pieces of its body are scattered on the ground, still flaming up. However, the battle is finally over for now. I yawned while watching the soldiers cleaning up for the remaining undead on the surroundings. I just remembered that I have been awake for how many days without so much rest. I guess I had to head back and sleep for now...


Day 9: 6:21 A.M

Osaka: Tennoji Area: Tsutenkaku Tower: Barricade

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 39 minutes left

(Miyuki's View)

We didn't notice the time has already hit the 6 A.M mark which signals the end of the Night Rage. Although I didn't see the actual battle, I can see that many casualties and death occurred during the battle. It was a horrifying thing and we did not expect that the rain we have been relying on so that the Night Rage stop became one of the times we have to prepare.

Most of the casualties from the soldiers are burns and lost limbs after the blob undead grab them or if the liquid that came from the blobs came in contact with them. But the good thing is that most of my friends are not harmed during the battle of the dead.

After the rush of casualties and dead bodies, we ended up not sleeping for the entire night though I am already used to it. Still, many of us are having a hard time staying awake. Most of us are barely able to open our eyes. Eve is already sleeping on the chair while waiting for me to finish my job. I also slumped in the chair due to the severe tiredness I felt. I have not been able to take a good rest for quite a while now. It's not mandatory for us to stay awake but with all of these things happening, we had to adapt or we would be dying in our sleep.

I grab the energy drink distributed by one of the female medics in the base as something to give us a boost. The bottle is still cool to the touch and it's enough to jolt me awake. I opened the bottle and drank a bit on it. I don't really drink energy drinks like Redbull and other kinds but it is indeed true that they gave a slight energy boost to my body.

The shouts and screams since earlier, along with some explosions and other stuff no longer cause noises. According to one of the combat medics who are helping on retrieving dead people, the battle already ended around 9 in the evening. But with the dead bodies littered around the place with so many soldiers who barely managed to stay alive, retrieval is still a meticulous job.

Snow, Nanami, Chie, Cindy, and the others already returned to their respective rooms and rested but I did not go yet. I have not seen Kyosei for quite a while now. I heard that he made a lot of contributions to the defense and he is the one who tasked us to make Incendiary ammo with the help of our old friend Kato. I get the urge to look for him to take a glance. I thought I would find Kyosei in the battlefield's aftermath but there is nothing to see there except bodies of soldiers being lined up and blessed by Pastor Shi before being cremated.

"Strange, he should be still here," I muttered.

I pace around the place but aside from some soldiers, no one else is there. Luckily, I found Okabe-kun helping in the area.

"Okabe-kun, have you seen Kyosei?"

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"Kyosei? I saw him return to the tower with a tired look on his face. I guess he went there to rest. Ask some of the personnel around, they knew Kyosei already. They might be able to know where his current location is right now," Okabe answered.

"Oh, thanks."

I glanced at the bunch of corpses of several soldiers that are lined up. Who would have thought that the victory we got is one where there is a deadly result. The soldiers were either too weak or tired to fight but after the Night Rage, it turned out to be one of the nightmares for them. I shook my head this time. After experiencing a few days of seeing corpses straight, I am already immune to it. It was like my mentality adapted to the current situation.

After bidding goodbye to Okabe, I made my way to the tower. I have no idea where he is right now and searching the whole place is just hard enough because I am already tired. Luckily, at the entrance, I saw Kato once more. He is talking to a tall and buff man who he calls Father. That guy must be Mr. Matsubara. When he saw me approaching, he smiled at me.

"Hello, Miyuki. Are you going to your room now?" Kato asked. Then his eyes landed on Eve who is sleeping on my back.

"Have you seen Kyosei perhaps?" I asked.

"Kyosei? I saw him last on the third floor. I guess he would be sleeping because he entered one of the residential rooms we made."

"Oh, thanks a lot. Good day, Kato, Mr. Matsubara."

Then, Mr. Matsubara saw Eve who is sleeping behind me. But Kato is the one who initiated to ask me.

"Who is that little girl? This is the first time I have seen her."

"Oh, this Eve, my adopted daughter," I said.

Kato was surprised but Mr. Matsubara grinned.

"You are already responsible enough to have taken care of a little girl like her in this situation. Most young people during the apocalypse won't be concerning for this girl at all. Are you taking care of her all alone?" Mr. Matsubara asked.

"No, actually, I am just one of the acting parents of her. Kyosei is the other one. They call us her mom and dad."

Kato grinned mischievously. "Ohhh, I see. How mischievous Kyosei is. Having a daughter and a wife to boot. I thought he is not interested in having a love life, but now he got one here."

'Ugh, I wish.'

"I won't be holding you then. If I remember right, the room that Kyosei entered is room 3."